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May 18, 2009
May 18, 2009

Wonder why Aamir went for it. He mimicked Surya (original Ghajini's lead actor) for most of the part, which was something I never expected from Aamir. Also, the movie was hardly interesting or entertaining for me and certain things were overdone and repetitive. Really a bad one which did pretty good at the B.O.!!!

The concept of Memento could have been far well utilized for an adapted plot if the makers weren't willing to go with it as it was. This Ghajini has some fine songs, but then is full of cliches and conventional execution. The dialogues and dialogue delivery are terrible. Seems like watching some B grade romantic action film. Don't ask.
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½ February 4, 2009
Much more than just a Bollywood version of ?Memento?, it offers a much more in depth background story which builds nicely to a revenge plot. The occasionally songs throughout the film were entertaining and fit well as do the soundtrack songs.

The flashing back and forth in time provided a good order in which to tell the story and is much different to ?Memento? in that respect also.

Aamir Khan played a an impressive lead role here, with a quite a transformation in character, who with a very athletic physique, provides some enjoyable fight scenes and moves.

Lengthly, but a very enjoyable watch and has instantly become part of my favourite films list.
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March 20, 2012
Ghajini is a movie that instantly became a favorite of mine after watching it. While I'm certainly no expert in the drama genre, I will say this movie provide an experience anyone could enjoy.

Ghajini is about a student who is endangered after she warns a wealthy male that a crazed recluse with short term memory loss is out to kill him, not knowing the reason behind the recluse's actions. If you watched Memento than you know what you'll be getting into with this movie. Ghajini borrow heavily from Memento, but it has enough original ideas to have it own identity. It has everything you could want in a well told story as it has a hateful villain, deeply developed characters, a fascinating hero, and finally a balance between the light hearted and serious scenes. It's truly a masterpiece in storytelling and it's certainly something I won't forget anytime soon.

From a technical standpoint it's visually appealing and poetic creating the right emotion for our characters and the story itself. I'm also going to give praise to the cast, especially Amir Khan who stole the show as Sanjay. I especially loved Asin Thottunkal who isn't another pretty face as a love interest, her character is very likable and well developed that she's easily one of the best love interest ever written for a movie.

I'm no stranger when it comes to giving a perfect rating for a movie, but there are some things that viewers won't get behind as not everybody shares the same opinion on movies. Some will probably hate how it goes from a serious drama to a love story out of nowhere, the random musical numbers, and finally the length of the movie. Now I welcome it creative storytelling (I even liked the musical numbers) and it length wasn't a problem for me as I got behind Amir character and the more I got to see his story revolve the more the movie grabbed my attention. Now while these flaws may be a problem for some viewers, I personally had no problem with these flaws.

Ghajini is a movie that provides a emotionally deep fascinating story, visually stunning cinematography, a great cast, and gives you a memorable experience. Ghajini is a must watch movie that provides all the goods you could want in a good movie.
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½ April 18, 2012
Ghajini (Hindi: गजनी) is a little bit different from the typical Bollywood movies. This psychological thriller very well written and directed in a "CIS style" by A. R. Murugadoss has its share of singing and dancing (they could fit anything in over 3 hours)... but this remake of Murugadoss's own Tamil film Ghajini (which was inspired by Christopher Nolan's Memento) is something different - from the style of directing to the details and, I'll say, HUGE budget. The star Aamir Khan spent a year at the gym, training for the role but sometimes the results were visible only because he was dressed as little as possible! I've never seen a businessman dressed like him in my life - with sleeves rolled up to expose the muscles... but somehow the director wanted us to make us believe that in India that is OK?! Not sure about it.

It is nicely explored story of a rich businessman who develops anterograde amnesia following a violent encounter in which his love and wife to be, sweet girl Kalpana, was killed. He tries to avenge the killing and that is not easy with only few aids like Polaroid Instant camera photographs and permanent tattoos on his body...

Most of the characters were very well developed and there is no surprise that Ghajini is currently the seventh highest grossing Bollywood film according to worldwide gross collections. On release it became the highest grossing movie of all time until it was beaten by another Aamir Khan movie - "3 idiots" in the following year.

It is a movie which delivers entertainment by bucketful - there is few flaws in the screenplay, but the acting was in most cases exceptional. Maybe the movie is made for audience which has a memory loss after 15 minutes, like the main character... but at least they can have lots of fun in between enjoying in all the action, romance and drama! Of course, if your memory serves you well - 183 minutes could be a little bit too much...
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September 14, 2012
Ghajini is Memento minus the mindfuck awesomeness plus the drama.
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½ August 13, 2010
My first reaction when approaching this Bollywood remake of Christopher Nolan's 'Memento' was slight reluctance, but with my friend's recommendation, I found it to be very entertaining. At a double-long playlength, director Murugadoss provides an in-depth (sometimes funny) but quirky love story and a tragic series of events which support its action-thriller plotline.
I was warned about its intense plagiarism from 'Memento'; however, if you were to skip past the musical (song & dance) numbers and concentrate on some of the stronger dramatic elements, you may appreciate this 2nd most highly-successful Indian film to date.
As my friend (AB) put it: all the female leads are extremely gorgeous, the male leads are ridiculously muscular (with perpetual flexing), and most of the action scenes are well-planned. This seems to be one worth watching.
½ June 16, 2014
I don't know what the big deal is. It's an unoriginal and long version of Memento. I enjoyed a couple of the songs, but the first half of the movie was practically unwatchable. (First and only viewing - 6/14/2014)
April 22, 2010
I'm normally not a fan of Bollywood films. And this movie is as close as I'll come to enjoying them. Ghajini was very well made with a slightly more action packed story. Now dealing with amnesia isn't a new idea. Heck, this move is a remake. But it was done very well and I highly recommend it.
September 20, 2009
Ghajini is pretty much a remake of the film "Momento" but this is one well made Bollywood remake instead of a rehash. I personally enjoyed the first half hr and last half hr. There is a very good attempt here to finally have the editing style and raw fighting sequences that are comparable to Hollywood films. Some bad attempts come to mind are Kaante and Dhoom 2. Although this film is not perfect either. It falters when Sanjay's backstory is told and your typical Bollywood storyline comes in to play. There is a lot, I mean a lot of scenes and songs that could have been cut out, bring the movie down to a solid 2 hrs. I would've liked it much better. The one thing that stands out above all is Aamir Khan's presence and performance. I am giving this film four stars because of Aamir. For the first time it seems that a Bollywood actor has built his body because the character required it instead of merely showing off. I couldv'e easiy seen Salman Khan taking his shirt off when it was unnecessary if he was doing this role. In fact, in the ending Aamir has no reason to take off his shirt and he never does. In the hands of another egotistical actor he would've overruled the directors wishes and taken his shirt off to give the audience one final gawk at his rippling pecs. Nope not here. Besides his amazing transformation Aamir's performance is one of the best Ive seen in Hindi cinema to date. In every scene one can sense his pain, anger and confusion and he brings out minute nuances of his character. It is nothing short of inspiring and spectacular. He is known for his method acting and it certainly shows here. Instead of relying on tried and true methods of acting and what the audience responds to and doing them over and over in every movie (see shah rukh khan), Aamir is present in the moment feeling every emotion and letting the audience decide what the character is going through. Aamir is by far the best actor in Bollywood and he once again delivers! If anything else, watch the movie for his performance.
½ January 26, 2009
ok movie,,,as the comcept and all is copied from South Indian mocie,,,n also that tatto stuff is copied from Hollywood movie,,,lol,,
nice movie bt vl nt lik to watch again if shown in free too,,,!!!
January 8, 2009
A mediocre movie with great acting from the leading man & woman. Aamir Khan can pull off any movie with flying colors. I wish they had a better villain and second heroin.
October 19, 2014
Only in Bollywood would they include song and dance in an action movie. This 3-hour film could have made a passable ninety minute thriller, but the appalling script makes you wish for memory-loss early on. Watch Khan's later films instead; 3 Idiots is particularly good fun.
July 8, 2014
I am Crying.. with this sad :(
October 23, 2013
...a flashy and colorful Bollywood movie in rhythms of feel-good romance, mystery, suspense and tragedy. I know, it's elaborately mutated. The film explained its story in such great detail that either makes it engaging or exhausting. Either way, it's convincing enough as it delivers an exciting thrill-ride of emotions for the audiences to experience.
July 5, 2013
lovely songs, superb movie
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September 14, 2012
Ghajini is Memento minus the mindfuck awesomeness plus the drama.
September 2, 2012
A very long film indeed but it's actually worth the time. It's amazing how many genres were mixed in this film.
½ August 22, 2012
they need to do away with the sing and dance...
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