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March 22, 2007
Not the worst comic adaption ever but not bad. Decent action film nothing more.
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½ January 26, 2014
four stars
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½ July 5, 2007
Someone here thinks there's enough parallels between Elvis' latter day performances as a unitard wearing, kung fu signifying, daredevil cartoon (I recall only utter embarrassment) and a Marvel superhero damned for eternity, to go ahead and make a movie out of it. It actually almost works too. Nick Cage throws in every Presley nuance he can think of except: "thank yah verry verry much!"
michael e.
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½ December 21, 2010
And here we go into the controversial end of the pool (That seems to be a theme whenever someone brings up Nicolas Cage.) Now I hate Nicolas Cage as of now (Pre 2000s Cage is the only good Cage) and having him cast as a superhero, especially someone like Ghost Rider, is some of the most bizarre casting I've seen in a movie, and yea he doesn't do the best job as the character of Johnny Blaze but he's passable. Most of the acting in the movie overall ranges from cheesy, to straight up stupid (that bit with the Legion quote from the Bible being one.) But the movie at least tries to be entertaining so I'll give it that, and a couple of the actors really aren't that bad in the movie, Sam Elliot doing his usual awesome performance even if not given that much to work with and while not really in the movie that much, Peter Fonda does a decent job as Mephistopheles. Also the action and CG looks just awesome in this movie, and the stuff all involving the Ghost Rider character, while all being usually brief scenes, is just badass, especially all the crap he does with the flaming chain. Overall, while the film may not be that amazingly good, and it does have a few flaws, it is entertaining enough and it does have some amazingly awesome effects and fight scenes. Just don't see the sequel unless you want to self lobotomize yourself.
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December 7, 2012
This demonic Marvel adaptation is visually groundbreaking, no doubt, but is not an easy ride. Ghost Rider's exaggerated tone and dialogue and hell-driven sequences provides many speed bumps on this less-than-anticipated ride. 3/5
The Gandiman
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½ October 8, 2012
There's something about Nicolas Cage that just saps the energy out of a film. Even a film about a motorcycle-riding man with a flaming skull. Even a film inspired by a well-loved comic book. Even a film where stunts are part of plot, where crimes are avenged. Hell, the dude even has cool flaming chains that he uses as whips. How did "Ghost Rider" go wrong?

Well Cage has a lot to do with it. His dead eye performance alongside Eva Mendez's dead eye performance and Peter Fonda's wild-eyed performance make "Ghost Rider"'s a ridiculous mess.

Redeeming qualities are hard to find in "Ghost Rider". It just never manages to grab hold of you and by the time anything begins to happen, you just don't care.

"Ghost Rider" is surely a ride you do not want to get on.
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February 25, 2007
much better than I thought it would be. incredible special effects and nic cage was a better johnny blaze than I thought he would be. eva mendes is always a good thing as well. one of the aspects of the ending was very disapointing which came to a conclusion in the second to last scene, but this was a small thing.
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April 21, 2012
Growing up, I read a lot of comics. Mostly Marvel(DC just kinda sucks compared to Marvel), but I never really read "Ghost Rider" much. I knew of it, and had read one or two, but really never cared much for the character. But anytime a Marvel movie comes out, I gotta watch it. I watched this in the theater the weekend it came out, and thought it was horrible. Revisiting it 5 years later, it is still bad. The effects are OK. Some are cheesy as hell, some are neat, but nothing really special to write home about. The story is kind of lame too. A young stunt driver(Johnny Blaze, played by Nicolas Cage), sells his soul to the devil to save his father from cancer. The devil cures the cancer, but kills his father anyway and then uses Blaze as his bounty hunter. By day he is a famous stunt driver, but by night he becomes the Ghost Rider, a daredevil,motorcycle riding demon with a skull head that is on fire. He fights evil(even though he is suppose to work for the devil) and he tries to win back his long lost love(Eva Mendes). The acting is bad, Cage is his usually hammy self, and Mendes is just a pretty face. This sits next to "Elektra" as one of the worst Marvel movies, and makes me glad I passed on the comic.
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August 13, 2007
This really is modern day cgi crap, the whole thing is very weak, no balls about it and some dreadful dreadful effects that look laughable seeing as its a major release. Aimed at the teens it lacks any grit or realism and even looks plastic and tacky.

There isn't really anything done correctly here, even the makeup looks bad on Bentley! The cast is good and shows this could/should of been kick ass but its so watered down its embarrassing to watch.

Cage is wrongly cast as 'Blaze' simply because he's too old, sure he's wild enough to play a crazed demon possessed biker from hell but he doesn't look the part in any way.

A great comicbook character with a very poor almost made for TV film, it feels rushed and aimed squarely at toy sales and other merchandise, nothing more, complete waste.
Directors Cat
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½ November 6, 2011
Ghost Rider is essentialy why I dont like super hero movies. You get Nicolas Cage, a very talented actor not being able to do what he does best. Create thrills and excitement for his audience. Ghost Rider was steaming. A steaming pile of crap.
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November 2, 2011
Okay, I'm just going to level here, don't expect a good plot from this movie. I mean, it's decent, but not great, basic premise is the devil kidnapped Ghost Rider's (Johnny Blaze) girlfriend and now he needs to fight the demons and save her, that's pretty much it. It does have a pretty exiting climax though, and it does take an occasional twist and turn, but not enough to fully immerse you. The main reason anyone watches this knows, is for its action scenes, they are fricken awesome. When you see the Ghost Rider shooting fire and whipping chains around (that are also on fire), riding his motorcycle at breakneck speeds, ramming into people (did I mention the motorcycle is on fire), and shooting fireballs (FIIIIIIRE!!). The action scenes are awesome, plain and simple. Nicholas Cage does a surprisingly good job of acting out the part, although some deliveries are a little "iffy" at times. The dialog is cheesy with a capital "C". It contains a bunch of one liners and puns, which at the right times are actually pretty funny. The cheesy puns and one liners actually does do a very good job of making it feel like a comic book, think about it, how many times has a comic book hero said something like "Stop villian!", or "That was shocking" (according to that cliche were the villain punches an electric box conveniently behind the hero), or even "You're out of your mind!". See? If you want an engrossing story and amazing acting, look elsewhere, but if you want an action packed, fast paced action movie with a cheese factor, then this is the right pick for you.
Marc L.
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May 26, 2011
I am a huge Ghost Rider fan. I honestly believe he's one of the coolest heroes out there. That said, this is the biggest dissapointment to a Ghost Rider, Mark Steven Johnson and Eva Mendes fan I've ever seen. The fight scenes are horrible, the special affects are something out of an 80's video game and the acting has about as much emotion as a rock.

Let me clear up by saying I like Nicholas Cage. He's not amazing, but he's an alright actor and there have been a few performances he did that I really liked. Unfortunatley, he was the absolute wrong choice to play Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is an exciting, dark thrill seeking anti hero out to deliver justice to the wicked. Cage conveys none of that. There are times where he seems to be falling asleep.

But Cage was not the real problem with this film. That would go to Peter Fonda, whose performance as Mephisto is pretty much the exact opposite of the real Mephisto. His acting was horrible, with absolutley no emotion or effort. As for his appearence. He looks pretty much nothing like comic book Mephisto and is about as intimidating as Jack Black.

The plot holes in this movie are numerous. Why is it that the police target Blaze? Why suspect a celebrity who was nowehre NEAR the site of the murder for murdering someone? So what if he had a motercylce, so does a lot of other people! And why is it that Blaze is not even REMOTLEY affected when he finds out he sold his soul to Mephisto?

The fight scenes were pretty awful two. They lasted about 2 seconds! To think this was based of a comic book with downright awesome fight scenes.

Luckilly, not all was bad however, Wes Bentley did a fantastic job as Blackheart, the devil's son. He was cruel, malicous and a great villain. Eva Mendes did a great job too as Roxanne, even if the real Roxxanne was just a dumb blonde. Sam Elliot was pretty good too

Bottom line, this is by far the worst comic book movie I've ever seen. I have got to write a reboot someday.
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March 30, 2011
Ghost Rider is not a terrible movie, but many terrible things happen in it. The plot was not very fun, I saw it about a month ago and i alkready have forgotten it, it never is able to go the full step when it tells a story. The actors were okay, i'm a big fan of Nicholas Cage but having Eva Mendes was just a way to have a hot co star. The effects and action worked well for me, a lot better than I thought it would have been. It is a fun movie, but it never was able to take the full step into beng a great comic book movie like Spiderman or Iron Man or The Dark Knight.
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½ July 15, 2011
Ghost Rider is one of the biggest, most disappointing super hero film that I have seen along with X-Men The Last Stand. Ghost Rider is one of the worst super hero films as well. What's really sad about the film is that it the potential in being something truly unique, but sadly, it missed the mark on so many levels. Nicholas Cage is a very hit and miss actor, and when I say he misses, he really does miss the mark. Ghost Rider is just another one of those misses for Nick Cage. Don't get me wrong, he's made some really good films, but with Cage is that he has bad films than good films. Ghost Rider could have been a terrific film, but instead it becomes crap with it's poorly developed characters and storyline. What's really stunning is that some real talent such as Peter Fonda and Sam Elliot are wasted here, and Ghost Rider is just a boring film. I felt that the film was a missed opportunity and the filmmakers could've done something great with, but it feels like they took the easy way out and made something very bad. If you're looking for a bad superhero film, then Ghost Rider is that film. Another Nicholas Cage dud. Hopefully the reboot won't suck, but it doesn't look promising considering that Nicholas Cage is reprising his role as Johnny Blaze.
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June 10, 2007
An ok movie but it didnt keep me interested. i liked it when the horse and bike were together and also nicks face when she said "is something burning?" ahahahahaha
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December 7, 2009
How do you follow up the hurricane of Daredevil? By making Ghost Rider into a complete cornfest that doesn't utilize its main attraction, Nicolas Cage. While this is a lot more entertaining than you'd expect, it's in no way so bad it's good. There's a few good moments, but that's it. The twenty minute prologue is just ridiculous, as is the main plot. It's just so happy go lucky and colorful, you'd swear it was Spider-man half of the time. Next to that, the terrible cgi only makes things look worse.
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½ May 21, 2007
The trailer was better.
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August 9, 2010
Not enjoyable and barely entertaining. This film is so odd.....
Movie Monster
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½ January 8, 2011
"Ghost Rider" would've been awesome if the script was better and Nicholas Cage was not casted as Johnny Blaze. I have my fingers crossed that the sequel will be better.
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August 5, 2010
Unfortunately, I seem to fall asleep every time I watch this movie. I've attempted to watch it 4 times, and I've fallen asleep every time. It has an interesting storyline, but it just seems so incredibly boring, I have a hard time going with it.
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