Who's Ready for Another Trip to "Haunted Hill"?

Bloody-Disgusting.com (arguably the best horror site out there) is reporting that Dark Castle Entertainment (the guys behind "Ghost Ship," "Gothika," and "House of Wax") are planning to make a movie called "Return to House on Haunted Hill," which (of course) is a sequel to "House on Haunted Hill," which (of course) is a remake of "House on Haunted Hill."

From BD.com: "Victor Garcia, director of the award winning short film, 'El Ciclo', writes in: "I'm in talks to direct Return to House on Haunted Hill, sequel to the 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill. Offical word about it and about the cast is yet to be done and I guess that it's going to happen in the next weeks. Shooting is scheduled to begin in Bulgaria late August."

William Malone's 1999 "House" starred Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen, and Taye Diggs. (William Castle's 1959 "House" starred Vincent Price and nobody else you'd remember.)



Ricky Rodriguez

I'm looking forward to another outing... the remake was deff better than the Vincent Price origonal (even though it is a classic) and if done right with the same dark undertones, this sequel could prove to be quite creepy.

Jun 20 - 02:01 AM


Renny Abraham

Enjoyed the first one. Definitely don't mind a sequel

Jun 20 - 05:03 AM


Khim Lo

we needed something more than Saw and Hostel, so this comes as great news.

Jun 20 - 08:02 AM


Mike Shaw

[b]No thank you.[/b]

"The House on Haunted Hill" stands at 22% on the Tomatometer.

Jun 20 - 08:10 AM


Robert Kimberlin

The original was a better film. This new shit sucks. Why can't they come up with an original idea these days? Hollywood has gone way down hill.

Jun 20 - 08:20 AM


Cory C

Hmm. As if the first one wasn't enough.

Jun 20 - 09:15 AM


Nathan Wells

I'm surprised we had some positive comments towards this news. I was hoping I wasn't the only one that thought this was complete garbage. Although I will say, the elevator to the roller coaster was the best part of the movie, and made me wish there was a ride like that.

Jun 20 - 09:35 AM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

Hollywood thrives on the retarded.

Jun 20 - 10:53 AM


First Last

there were parts of the first one that were just ok, like the beginning (someone said that above) and the ending was just awful. laughably awful.
this new one should be straight to vid. i can't see it being very successful. but what do i know

Jun 20 - 12:14 PM


Brian Bara

The "House on Haunted HIll" remake was certainly a thousand times better than the "13 Ghosts" remake. Now if only they'd do a remake of "The Tingler..."

Jun 20 - 08:54 PM


Ricky Rodriguez

Oh come on... the origional is actually considered good? I like (slash that... LOVE old black and white films...) but this one was complete trash... complete with a vat of acid conveninetly located in the basement? It may have been shocking for its day... but give me The Haunting (origional) over this crap... and yes, I really enjoyed the Vincent Price version of "The House of Wax".
So, I think this one show promise of being semi-good... as long as it maintains its R rating and doesn't skimp on the blood and guts... and it best have a better ending!

Jun 20 - 11:55 PM



Money and the hope that people will remember (liked it) or forget (hated it) the first remake is why they will make a sequal. I can only remember parts of it...little parts......it was something about a house and death. I must be repressing something.

Jun 21 - 07:53 AM

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