New Ghostbusters Games Coming Next Year


It won't be in the form of the sequel that Dan Aykroyd has been trying to get off the ground all these years, but Ghostbusters is making a comeback. Back to Article



idle one kenobi

Looking forward to the Games, But Im still praying for a live action movie! If they can all get together to do voiceovers why not go one step further and bust out them proton packs?

Ghostbusters 1 & 2 are legendary, and a Ghostbusters 3, IF they stick to the right formula could be awsome.

Fingers crossed this will happen.

Nov 15 - 05:13 AM


Justin Quarterman

Yeah No doubt.....first two were so flipping awesome, and it seems like mr caddyshack is only one holding things up....he will wanna do a movie when its too late...and its almost that time... :(

Nov 15 - 07:04 PM


Marcus Kennedy

amen bat fink. get on the ball Bill Murray!!

Nov 15 - 05:57 AM


Paul Wulff

I loved the first two films. Ghostbusters was my first drive-in movie ever and I will always remember how scared I was with Vigo in the second one. Ghostbusters 3 will not happen because of Bill Murray. He will only agree to it if it is all voice overs and computer generated like his "wildly successful Garfield movies" (note sarcastic comment). If this is a way for the gang to get back together, then so be it. I just often wonder how this franchise would have turned out if John Belushi would not have died and taken the role that Bill Murray had accepted all those year ago.

Nov 15 - 05:58 AM


Paul Wulff

Did Rick Moranis have something better to do? Why isn't he in the game?

Nov 15 - 06:00 AM


Jakob C.

Another Honey I Shrunk the Kids probably hahaha

Nov 16 - 11:34 AM


Daniel Klooster

I'd love to see Akroyd and Ramis to take a stab at Ghostbusters 3. With Ernie Hudson involved, Murray would be the only Ghostbuster missing, and they should be able to lure him into it somehow. It would be cool to have Sigourney Weaver reprise her role also. I love Rick Moranis, but I don't think he'd have to be involved. I too wonder why Moranis isn't involved in the voicework for the game. It doesn't seem like he's been up to much except voicework anyways.

As far as the game itself, I'll wait and see what they do with it. Could just as easily be great or crap.

Nov 15 - 06:17 AM


Gimy Moo

i don't want another live action Ghostbusters...Murray isn't that funny anymore and seeing these guys old and...fighting ghosts? doesn't sound good. i would hop on board a CGI movie though. i could see that working.

Nov 15 - 06:28 AM


Mega Mann

About a year ago there was a short video of footage from a GHOSTBUSTERS video game that was going around. It was only a sort of demo to pitch the project but it looked absolutely amazing.

If this is what's coming up I'm really looking forward to it.

Nov 15 - 07:12 AM


J'rome Holmes II

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Nov 15 - 07:20 AM


Jeremiah Rancourt

I would like to see a Ghostbusters film pass the protonpacks onto a new generation. Perhaps their sons or something. All the original Ghostbusters then wouldn't have to be in it, and you could bring new talent on board like Chris Rock and Kevin James. Make it like a Star Trek Generations, bridging the gap film. You could then set the original cast to bed (all those who want to participate), and if its wildly successful, have the new cast carry on the tradition.


Nov 15 - 07:53 AM


Tim Higginbotham

I've been waiting for this since I was a kid when I saw GB 1

Nov 15 - 08:03 AM


Brian Lorenzen

Harold Ramis weighs about 270 pounds. I'm not saying a script can't address it and perhaps utilize that for comedy and some good quips... but damn... Egon cannot bemorbidly obese. He is a scientist.

Maybe they should have Wes Anderson direct it so that Bill Murray can look disaffected and miserable the whole time. Mix with a sweet pay check and Dr. Venkman may actually physically show up to play a role.

Why am I even saying this? They don't need more Ghostbusters movies, and if they make them they should just recast everything. The "old magic" is dead and none of these
men are funny or energetic anymore. The cast didn't even want to make the second one.

In a remake, Dave Chappelle = Winston Zedmore. HAH. "I'm bustin ghosts bitches! HAve some pancakes!"

Nov 15 - 08:46 AM


David Baril

Ghostbusters and Dave Chappelle would be hilarious. They'd have my money secured. guaranteed blockbuster.

Nov 15 - 09:02 AM


Tyler D

Hamboner: Dave Chappelle as Winston Zedmore? Pal, you crossed the streams on that one...

Nov 15 - 01:23 PM


David Baril

Ghostbusters and Dave Chappelle would be hilarious. They'd have my money secured. guaranteed blockbuster.

Nov 15 - 09:02 AM


Eldorado shwankers

Shatter24, that is probably the worst idea for this franchise I've ever heard!

You want a 'son of ....' treatment that has ruined so many others?

And Chris Rock?? I've heard enough black man jokes..

Nov 15 - 09:44 AM

Xavier Telouran

Drew Demorotski

Now THIS is a comeback I can get behind. Not the remakes, the games. I think if you actually WATCH what the guys have done the past few years, they're still pretty sharp comedy-wise. Just watch Ramis in Knocked Up and tell me you don't want to see him again.

Nov 15 - 09:46 AM

blank blank

bob jones

im all for anothter ghostbusters... but why is this a big deal, its just a game... big whoop

they nshould make an r rated ghostbusters remake with new people. vince vsughn bill hader dave chappelle and i dont know, steve carrell? owen wilson? get a funny cast and make it not kid friendly, and it would be awesome. get ramis to direct if you want

Nov 15 - 10:29 AM



Well the footage shows scenes that take place in the first movie, as well as the second (court room scene). So I'm wondering if you will get to play through the first 2 movies events before entering a whole new script's worth of gameplay. THAT would be the way to do it. I have a looming feeling that the studio will make them split it up into 3 separate games to capitalize on multiple releases. But it'd be sweet if you could just play straight from from the first movie to the end of the new story being developed.

Nov 18 - 02:06 AM

High School With Money


[b]Looks like the studios just found a way around the writers' strike![/b]

Now THAT is spooky. Think that the WGA will issue proton accelerator packs?

Nov 15 - 11:14 AM


idle one kenobi

Shatter24 .... Bad idea! A son of ghostbusters is bad, and is a cop-out. "Dont cross the streams man"!

People bitching about the cast being too old, and unfunny, and talk of having them replaced by ANYONE, is a crime to movie making!

The script has to be funny, not the actors. Dry wit! is what Ghostbusters is about. And OLD TUBBY Ghostbusters, well that sounds like a comedy set up right there! In a way, this could almost work out to be the best one. Dont forget, Ghostbusters is about COMEDY not fx and youth.

Seeing 4, overweight, 50 somethings trying to squeeze out of Ecto-1, sounds hilarious, bring it on!

Nov 15 - 11:56 AM

Dane Cook is NOT Funny

Jennifer K

I'd love to see another one if it was going to have that same magic. But they are all too old now. Maybe do a new generation or something? With all the other crap Hollywood does wiht remakes and sequals, it can;t be any worse than Dukes of Hazzard, right? I don't know, probably best to leave it alone.

Nov 15 - 12:18 PM



Dude! A good Ghostbusters game that pays homage to the originals with the original cast, considering the new techniques, graphics, and console capabilities, sounds like the best thing ever!!!

I just wanna run around in 3D with my proton pack blasting the hell out of dining halls trying to trap a Slimer.

Nov 15 - 01:05 PM


Tyler D

Hamboner: Dave Chappelle as Winston Zedmore? Pal, you crossed the streams on that one...

Nov 15 - 01:23 PM

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