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Ghosts Reviews

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michael e.
michael e.

Super Reviewer

August 28, 2011
Fun entertaining and one of MJ's greatest songs of all time, and one of his best music videos.
Phil H

Super Reviewer

December 2, 2010
Short film/musical video which is along the same lines as 'Thriller' but not quite as good to be honest. Directed by Stan Winston so you can imagine I'm not lying when I say the whole thing looks damn good plus any video MJ tended to do always did have allot of good imagination/fantasy elements which usually looked great and kinda pushed the boat that little bit in terms of special effects. This isn't as much of a earth changing short film but it still has some fantastic horror makeup, costume design, a great set and the standard MJ musical dance routines with many dancers backing him up. If you like MJ you will like this (I enjoyed it as a fan) and its worth seeing if you like Winstons work also as there are some really nice sequences eg. a skeletal MJ doing his famous moves.
Jani H

Super Reviewer

August 6, 2010
"Did I scare you?"

I wouldn't actually categorize this as a film. 'Ghosts' is a genuine music video and in fact holds the record of the longest music video ever made. And what a music video it is!

I have to start by saying that I've recently started to listen to Michael Jackson's music. After his death, he became more covered in the media and I just became interested. Don't get me wrong. I've known his music since the late 80's and I've even tried unsuccessfully to copy his moonwalkin'. Never managed to do it... Not a dancer. Now I've started to listen to his music and I'll say this from the heart: Michael Jackson is an Entertainer.

I saw 'Ghosts' back in '97 when it was shown on the TV. It was promoted as the biggest video ever and they were right. 'Ghosts' was fantastic and, now 13 years later, still looks amazing. What I've learned from MJ is that everything he did, he did it thoroughly with great focus and ambitions. Think of it, 13 year old SFX's and they hardly seem out dated.

There is a small hunt-and-banish the freaky guy out of town plot but that's not the point here. It's all about MJ's dance and music. He is the greatest single performer that has ever lived. The timing of his music, the usage of his body... The background dancers. Everything is guaranteed MJ. Just as the fans like it.

There are small things that bothered me a bit. In '97, MJ had already reached the peak of his career. The songs in 'Ghosts' aren't just not good enough. They're ok but like so many other artists, MJ made his best songs in the start of his career. Another thing was the obvious "twist" that I figured out instantly. It kinda weakened the whole experience.

'Ghosts' is no "Thriller" but this I can say... 'Ghosts' is the biggest (and probably most expensive) music video ever made. It also works as a short film and it's definitely worth a look, especially if you're a fan of the late legendary visual effects and make-up artist guru, Stan Winston.

Super Reviewer

November 23, 2007
Saw it once. That was enough. I'm an MJ fan, but this music video just derailed from the get-go.

Super Reviewer

July 6, 2009
Michael Jackson is a genius. He loved to entertain. He mixed music and film and magic together. He didn't see his music videos as just videos to go with his music, but rather short movies that tell a story - as you have seen with 'Thriller'. Now 'Ghosts' tells the story of a man who lives in a haunted house whom the townsman want to run out of town.
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

June 29, 2009
As a life long fan of Michael Jackson, you could argue that I am bias. But one of the reasons why Jacko's career is so amazing, is his music videos. No artist in history has created as many fantasical music videos as he. Billie Jean, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, Black or White, Remember the Time.... This list goes on, Jacko is a quality entertainer!

The dancing is spectacular, The soundtrack is awesome, the melodies and rifts are vintage Jackson and the special fx are superb.

Sure, it could be seen as Thriller of the 90's, but who else could produce such a thing? Madonna? not a chance! anyone? not even close!

What suprises me the most is its limited release and promotion. If the music was publisised more and the short film was given its deserved air-time, then people would have to stand back and watch in ore of a true genius at work.

10/10, As music videos go, Ghost is spectacular and only the true King of Pop could produce such a masterpiece!

Super Reviewer

July 9, 2009
Not as good as Thriller but the dancing is still hot! :)
June 4, 2013
Thriller this definitely isn't. While the Stan Winston makeup is good when Jacko is the mayor, this is just stale and pretty stupid. I think this is when I stopped caring about his videos.
July 2, 2009
Michael was very creative, he knew what he wanted in his videos, He always did things the way he wanted and that was the way he was. He had his own vision, his own ideas inside his mind.
October 24, 2008
As a showcase for Michael Jackson's spectacular dancing abilities, 'Ghosts' certainly delivers the goods... unfortunately, it's also a showcase for M.J.'s penchant for embarrassingly hokey, cheesy storytelling. Stan Winston's stylish visuals and impressive makeup effects provide some slick thrills, but the gooey wraparound story (about a group of local kids who love hanging out with 'freak' M.J. despite the vehement disapproval of their parents) is not only weak in an afterschool-special kind of way, it also distressingly serves as a glaring examination of Jackson's bitter self pity. Bottom line, the far-superior 'Thriller' not only had better music, it was an affectionate tribute to the horror genre that Jackson grew up loving. 'Ghosts', on the other hand, seems to be little more than an elaborate, self-indulgent persecution fantasy that just happens to have music and dancing in it.
March 8, 2008

What? I was seven when I watched this.

Michael Jackson is a better actor than James Franco and Josh Hartnett (who should not be in movies at all)

I can't help it. I love it!
September 8, 2007
I love this movie!!!! I haven't seen the whole thing, but I saw most of it, and it's really good!! MJ ROCKS!!!!!
August 9, 2007
so great!!!1 hits on all the keys points off all the rumors about him and all the stero mtypes about him, he is soooo sexy in this video too.
February 5, 2007
A good video, but I wish the moral wouldn't be so emphisized. It makes the video seem childish...oh, I'm sorry. That's what Jackson was aiming for.
December 5, 2006
This is Michael Jacksons' best short film EVER!!! I just loove it! Ghosts is even better than Thriller!=D
Loove the moves, the songs and...I LOVE MICHAEL!!!
July 24, 2013
It beats the video of thriller, the best Michael jackson music video ever and one of the best music videos ever made. 4\5 Very good.
August 5, 2012
As cool and as exciting as a Haunted house movie can get with an impressive performance by Michael Jackson with the result of the best Haunted House short film ever made. A pure flare of Entertainment. 10/10+
September 10, 2011
An other proof that the pop music scene lost a big talent... long before his death.
michael e.
michael e.

Super Reviewer

August 28, 2011
Fun entertaining and one of MJ's greatest songs of all time, and one of his best music videos.
Teddy N.
January 2, 2011
As an original MJ fan since the mid 80s' I thought that the story line is what Michael Felt was happening to him, and it was. It was good, not amazing, not bad, just good.
I praise MJ's acting style.
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