Five Favorite Films with Sienna Miller

Star of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra talks about shifting genres, theater vs. film, and My Little Ponies.

Sienna Miller

Before she made the leap to film, American-born British actress Sienna Miller was a successful model and sometime stage thespian. Once she found her footing on the big screen, however, she went on to play roles opposite established and up-and-coming actors such as Daniel Craig, Jude Law, Heath Ledger, James Franco, and Steve Buscemi. While her career has remained decidedly within the realm of smaller, independent cinema, she makes an explosive debut this weekend as the formidable Baroness in Stephen Sommers' blockbuster Summer actioner, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Speaking to RT from New York where she was wrapping up two weeks of press for the film, Miller briefly gave us her Five Favorite Films and went on to talk about the progression of her career, the differences between acting in theater and on film, and what it was like doing a huge action film after so many arthouse roles.

All About Eve (1950, 100% Tomatometer)
All About Eve

All About Eve. Bette Davis is just extraordinary in that film. I can't really give more insight; it's just an incredible movie and, I think, incredibly evolved for its time. I think with any good performance, it's inspirational in some way. I just think it's an amazing movie. You know, it's hard for movies to last, and there's something really timeless about that story and the performances. There's something really modern about -- and really antiquated as well -- but it's just, I think, a really powerful film and performance.

Once Upon a Time in the West (1969, 98% Tomatometer)
Once Upon a Time in the West

The opening is second to none. And the music, and everything about that film, I think is superb.

My Life as a Dog (1987, 100% Tomatometer)
My Life as a Dog

I think it's just touching and heartfelt and really poignant. I just remember when I first watched it, it stayed with me and it's kind of never left. These are all quite artsy, aren't they?

October (Ten Days That Shook the World) (1927, 86% Tomatometer)

Eisenstein's October. Because it was obviously groundbreaking, and, you know, it's not something I would sit down on a Sunday afternoon and watch, but as a piece of filmmaking in its time, it's revolutionary.

Some Like It Hot (1959, 97% Tomatometer)
Some Like It Hot

I should do something that's a little more contemporary, maybe. Some Like It Hot. Marilyn Monroe in that film was one of my first memories of film. That's why I love it. I remember watching it when I was really young and singing along.

Well, those are really artistic choices, but I also love modern films. I love Chaplin films, and I love French films... But off the top of my head, those are the five. It's quite a pretentious list in hindsight. [laughs] I mean, they're not my favorites; I could go on for ten hours. That was just off the top of my head. But I've never been good with favorites.

Next, Miller talks about her theater experiences and what it was like working on a big budget action film for a change.



Big Brother

What? No G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra? Color me disappointed.

Seriously though a unique list if not totally unexpected based on her known taste's. Can't argue with Once upon a time, Some like it Hot and All About Eve. Haven't seen or don't remember the other two.

Aug 5 - 04:43 PM


Big Brother

"[laughs] It's very hard to say no to a beautiful five-year-old boy."...Taken out of context a frightening declaration :)...Nice, Niiicccceeee.

Aug 5 - 04:48 PM


Nate 2709

Great list, nice to see a beautiful woman who wouldn't make her man watch The Princess Bride or Harold and Maude.

Aug 5 - 04:54 PM


Matt Willmott

I was pleasantly surprised by this, too, except that I assert that Ms. Miller does not actually like "Ten Days That Shook the World," because NOBODY actually LIKES "Ten Days That Shook the World." This is more an intellectual pick than one from the heart, methinks.

And by the way, what's wrong with either "The Princess Bride," OR "Harold and Maude"??

Aug 5 - 05:17 PM

Jimi G.

James Gingerich

I do like silent movies and I love all of Eisenstein's filmography. If you don't, keep it to your self, but don't apply the same immaturity and lack of patience that you obviously have to the rest of us, idiot.

Aug 7 - 08:04 AM


Big Brother

Yeah, I was thinking that too. Never honestly been a fan of Harold and Maude, but I always thought of The Princess Bride as more of a dude's movie.

Aug 5 - 05:39 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Great list. Hot babe. Bad movie.

Aug 5 - 06:31 PM

He's a Cockapoopoo

Michael Harto

I wish my girlfriend would make me watch Princess Bride or Harold and Maude, or be real enough for me not to comment on Sienna Miller's top five

Aug 5 - 06:53 PM

Gordon Franklin Terry Sr

Gordon Terry

With a nice smile like in the above photograph, Sienna Miller looks like a true Steven Sommers survivor
Now in Steve Sommers' 3-D remake of the 1974 cult hit FLESH GORDON
we can rest assured Sienna Miller will think hard before filling Suzanne Fields' role s Dale Ardor.

But seriously STEVE SOMMERS' penchant for wacky-humor may FIRMLY install STEVE SOMMERS into the CULT MOVIE hall-of-fame SHOULD he go from Directing GI JOE to directing FLESH GORDON to directing ANDY WARHOL'S FRANKENSTEIN to directing ANDY WARHOL'S DRACULA each in 3-D and AW's DRACULA setting the Guiness Book of World Records of having 250 GALLONS OF BLOOD swriling towards the camera in SUPER 3-D!!!!! STEVE SOMMERS' CULT MOVIE DIRECTOR of the 21st CENTURY.

ok ok ok I PROMISE
I'll pipe-down from yaking about STEVE SOMMERS becoming the director of potentially 3 of the most wakiest movies ever made. But STEVE SOMMERS is the only director who could grasp the CRAZY-COMEDY in FLESH GORDON and the two ANDY WARHOL monster-movies.

Hollywood is about dreams coming true

a dream of mine is seeing STEVE SOMMERS--who CAN direct overcome "bumps in the road;" steve better be a nice guy with a nice spirit because I totally foregave him in my heart for the Van Helsing junk--I've been a horror movie fan since the age of 5 and Steve Sommers TOTALLY insulted and offended me with Van Helsing; but I'm thinking that "that's just Steve's way" of doing a film. God Bless You Steve

(after being attacked by a commentator last evening . . . )
MEAN-SPIRITED CRITICS if you don't like what I have to say, why read what I write aND INSULT me?
overlook my stuff and be mean to somebody else!

Aug 5 - 06:55 PM

The NewHampshire Database

Kirk McCarty

Good God, Gordon, stop ****ing posting. Seriously.

Aug 5 - 07:47 PM

The NewHampshire Database

Kirk McCarty

Good God, Gordon, stop ****ing posting. Seriously.

Aug 5 - 07:47 PM

Premo Beat

John Noto

The only reason I could imagine someone would hate on Princess Bride is because they haven't seen it and are judging it based on the title and maybe the movie box which depicts the two protagonists embracing, which could lead one to believe it's a cheesy chick flick instead of one of the all-time great fantasy/comedies.

This list seems meh to me. Some Like It Hot is a good movie but I think vastly overrated due to Monroe's presence alone. It's got its share of funny moments, but I was never astounded by it or anything.

"Well, those are really artistic choices... It's quite a pretentious list in hindsight. [laughs] I mean, they're not my favorites; I could go on for ten hours. That was just off the top of my head."

I didn't think they were that pretentious (it's not like she listed five french new wave films or anything), but when someone asks you for your five favorite films, that generally means you should give us your FIVE FAVORITE and not bs. Even the most hardened movie buff could pull out five favorites if asked without much hesitation, I believe. In this case she just blurted out five good films that came to mind first. Which is a copout IMO.

Aug 5 - 08:09 PM

Jon L.

Jon Luptak

Monroe is in All About Eve as well. Would you consider that film overrated as a result of her presence?

Some Like It Hot is definitely overrated in my opinion due to it showing up on the top of every "Funniest Movie of All Time" list that comes out, notably AFI's. Monroe was a much better actress than people gave her credit for at the time; even now that people appreciate the subtleties of her performances, it is hard to see how she is overrated.

Aug 6 - 08:36 AM


Lana Donald

Marilyn Monroe is not the reason Some Like It Hot is a fantastic movie. SLIH is a buddy film, like Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. the women in these films functioned much like poultices -- they drew out the toxins in the men, whose relationships drove the films. I enjoy most of SLIH--the first act especially, the first half of the second act next. But once the gangsters come to Miami, the film gets too slapstick, 3 stooges-like for me.

Marilyn had her best roles in Niagara, Bus Stop (who can forget Cherie!), and the Misfits.

Sep 2 - 08:32 PM


Arend Anton

Once Upon a Time in the West?

Will you marry me, Sienna Miller?

Aug 5 - 09:05 PM

Gordon Franklin Terry Sr

Gordon Terry

The Princess Bride = WHITES ONLY!
I hated it.

Aug 5 - 09:46 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Huh? Are you trying to weird people out? Still, we'd all rather have you than the Captain.

Aug 5 - 09:55 PM

C S.


Doesn't Rotten Tomatoes have a policy against racist remarks like:

"The Princess Bride = WHITES ONLY!
I hated it."

Aug 6 - 08:02 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Huh? Are you trying to weird people out? Still, we'd all rather have you than the Captain.

Aug 5 - 09:55 PM

Nine Oh Two

Nine Oh Two .

That's terrible, they asked her to name her five favorite films and all she did was list Spiceworld 5 times over. Now I understand what Jude Law sees in her...

Aug 5 - 10:03 PM

Gordon Franklin Terry Sr

Gordon Terry

PRINCESS BRIDE (directed by Rob Reiner):
Whoopie Goldberg EVEN confronted Rob Reiner as to why he didn't cast blacks in his films;

Rob Reiner didn't have an answer.

A year later Rob Reiner cast Whoopie Goldberg in Ghosts of Mississippi.

I love Rob Reiner's movies but Whoopie's point caused me to question every movie and casting choice henceforth

Aug 5 - 10:13 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Nope, not raciest AT ALL!

Aug 5 - 11:17 PM

Don't Tase Me Bro

Don't Tase Me Bro

Take this from someone who is not 'white'...if you want to keep seeing the world [and movies for that matter] through racial lenses...then you are only perpetuating racism.

(And even if he does marry his step-granddaughter, I have tremendous respect for this unusual and wise perspective);have a gander at this:

Q. "How are we going to get rid of racism?"

A. "Stop talking about it."

How about taking that advice and just STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

If you wanna keep singing 'We Shall Overcome'...while Obama is in the 'White' House, Oprah swims in her billions, Denzel and Halle--(and Whoopie too) polish their Oscars and Michael Jackson posthumously continues his reign at the top of all the major Billboard Charts, go right ahead. But sing to yourself, quietly, offline please.

Aug 6 - 03:58 AM


ryan dineen

Ghost of Mississippi came out nine years after The Princess Bride did, so right there your credibility is shot.

As far as Sienna Miller, "Are these too artsy? Oh my god, I can't control my own artsiness." I wish some of these actors would just be honest. Name the top five movies you would want to watch if you had to watch 5 movies today. Not something I really don't like, but it was soooo revolutionary, and so groundbreaking for it's time.

Aug 6 - 06:35 AM

Charles B.

Charles Barbour

sienna miller, you're lying. your favorite movie is crossroads.

the princess bride & harold and maude are great flicks. feel free to disagree. i don't care.

it doesn't make any sense to have black people in the princess bride. if you disagree, feel free to explain what part and what character could have and should have been black?

whoopi goldberg hosts The View. she lacks credibility.

Aug 6 - 09:24 AM


Michael Sullivan

Give me a ****ing break.

Aug 6 - 03:57 PM


Benji Engelbrecht

dont make this political, sigh

why doesnt spike lee cast whites as the main characters in his movies... you may have a point tho, i think im going to stop watching movies until they cast midgets (sorry small people) in all of them

and stop posting in caps

Aug 5 - 11:02 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Nope, not raciest AT ALL!

Aug 5 - 11:17 PM

Nine Oh Two

Nine Oh Two .

Actually, the princess bride does have Jews and Latinos cast in it, i geuss it doesn't count though unless they are black. Personally I think it is more culturally insensitive to omit all races except one when deeming something racist.

And to Spike Lee's credit, SoS had John Leguizamo as the main character, and 25th Hour had Ed Norton.

Aug 5 - 11:46 PM

Evan L.

Evan Lorts

In Response to Gordon Franklin Terry Sr.

I respect your opinion and the right you have to state it. At the same time i hope you will respect mine by me calling you an idiot..

So it's racist that princess bride didnt have black actors/actresses in it. When making a comment like that about(imo) one of the best movies ever made, you need to back it up, not quote some lame *** line from a washed up actress who was never any good in the first place like whoopie Goldberg. You cry foul about it, but seeing the stupid posts you have made caused me to look at your profile and read some of your rants. You enjoyed Transformers 2. While i dont agree with the issue, a lot of people are saying the twins were racially insensitive. So it is wrong to you for a movie to not have a black actor in it but it's ok to listen to to stereotypes with gold teeth and **** like that.

Speaking of transfomers 2 i believe you are on the wrong page to be posting. Anybody that is insane enought to call transformers 2 one of the best films ever made has no reason at all to be on a page speaking about Princess Bride or any of these movies on her list.

People like you make me laugh. You come home and jump on websites and make posts trying to sound like some seriously inteligent guy who knows everything about movies and your opinion should be taken seriously. Yet you write dated quotes, try to call foul about bull****.

Aug 6 - 12:11 AM

Vincent Rolandelli

Vincent Rolandelli

A chick that cant act talking about movies that aren't even on my top 1000 list awesome!

Aug 6 - 01:17 AM


Richard Crismore

Once Upon a Time in the West wouldn't make your Top 1000 list, yet you gave Watchmen a 90%? Bwahahahahaha

Aug 6 - 06:59 PM

Film Ninja

Toronto Dog

That says more about your pathetic list than it does about her. Didn't you notice the ratings of her choices?

Aug 9 - 07:20 PM

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