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A movie that's more sci-fi than semper fi -- and possibly the most proudly mindless epic of the year.

August 7, 2009 Full Review Source: Newark Star-Ledger | Comments (16)
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floyd f.

floyd fox

Mindless... Dumb.. Do you guys use a cookie cutter for your reviews. I think the Movie just went over your head. There was nothing dumb about it. It is called fiction.

Aug 7 - 12:41 PM


Adam Odell

I love how desperately you want this movie to get a fresh rating, that with every rotten review a piece of you dies inside.

Aug 7 - 01:00 PM

floyd f.

floyd fox

It's painfull to see the critics always get it so wrong. I know everyone will not like it . Everyone has an opinion. This movie was enjoyable. That is what counts. Not some witty retort or criticism. Why do people want things to fail so bad ? The movie will have the last laugh. Cookie cutter reviews are common in a bought off industry. It is like The Phantom Menace. Jar Jar sucks blah blah blah... Cookie cutter. Boo.
You are right though, if this doesn't get a fresh by the end of the weekend, concider me on suicide watch.

Aug 7 - 01:24 PM

K K.

K Kurt

I tend that critics reviews, especially on this site, tend to average more towards a films quality based on entertainment, writing quality, social relevance, and probable longevity.

While lovers of Transformers and GI Joe will berate critics because they "had a good time", they're ignoring that in 5 years nobody will remember these films and the films do nothing to stimulate our social conscience as a whole.

It's unfortunate that these types of films get so much financial backing for producing so little substance... but that's just the way it is. I still believe quality films will continue to be produced, just not at the pace that so many of us would hope.

At the end of the day, films are little more than art. Hopefully society won't reflect the crap stuff too much.

Aug 7 - 02:27 PM

dj Mark

Mark Marquis

"It's unfortunate that these types of films get so much financial backing for producing so little substance..."

KK you are preaching to a public that in large part embraces fast food as nutrition. Does a $200 million dollar instant-gratification junk food fix of a movie really surprise you?

Aug 8 - 08:32 AM

Sebastian F.

Sebastian Forte

floyd, these critics have more credibility than you. seriously, get a clue pal, the movie sucks.

Aug 7 - 03:12 PM

floyd f.

floyd fox

Sebastian, someones' credibility isn't important to me when they're reviewing a movie. No one is going to fully agree with a person 100% of the time. So what makes someone credible. I don't completely agree with most of the real critics all the time. The problem is not all people enjoy all genres. This is a G.I. Joe action movie. When it comes to G.I. Joe I think I know what I'm talking about. Of course some of the bad reviews bother me. I'm sure they were made mainly by non fans of G. I. Joe. I know they have the right to hate it, though. That's fine. The movie is an awesome G.I. Joe movie. It succeeded on that level. On just being a movie, I think it also did a great job. It's for G.I. Joe fans. Just like X-Men is mainly for Marvel fans. If you don't like G.I. Joe in the first place, common sence should dictate you may not like this movie. If you don't care either way you may like it. The point is see the movie for yourself. Don't let someone decide for you. Entertainment is a very important factor here.

Aug 8 - 09:14 AM

Sebastian F.

Sebastian Forte

"This movie was enjoyable. That is what counts"

to you it was enjoyable, but most people see clearly that it was cheesy with no depth at all. It ruins a once beloved franchise that many of us (myself included) grew up with.

Aug 7 - 03:14 PM

Brent M.

Brent Meske

Guys, seriously, did you go into the theater expecting that there would be any depth to this movie? Come on...go watch a few of the cartoons. You'll see an astonishing lack of depth. People go to this movie for the explosions, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow. Plus the guys saying 'Yo Joe'. You can't take this film seriously, and shame on you if you went there expecting such depth.

Aug 7 - 11:33 PM

Kevin R.

Kevin Roberts

I haven't seen the movie. In my heart of hearts :), I knew it was going to suck because of this fact: Marlon Wayans is in the movie. Brendan Fraser is in the movie.

I'm a huge G.I. Joe fan. I grew up with every action figure, every comic book issue, and I'll probably still see it.

Can I call the next movie that will be made because it draws on our childhood instincts? : He- Man

Aug 7 - 04:18 PM

Jamie G.

Jamie Guzman

Not every movie has to be the "Godfather". If they were then you wouldn%u2019t appreciate the great ones. Sometimes a movie is just a movie and entertainment is just entertainment. I don't think they were trying to make an Oscar worthy picture. Movies don't always have to be deep and extremely thoughtful. Do I think this movie will be remembered in 50 years? Probably not. You should enjoy this movie for what it is instead of what it isn%u2019t and allow yourself to have a good time for a few hours!

Aug 7 - 05:57 PM


Chris Eaton

There's a middle ground between "Oscar worthy" and "completely brainless." It's called "good".

Aug 8 - 05:43 AM


Raymond Ogilvie

And sometimes a movie is not entertaining, like when you've seen a hundred other movies just like it and seen movies that do the same things much better than this one. You just like the movie because the marketing campaign told you to like it, and because you're too stupid to know any better. Believe it or not, the critics evaluate movies on their own terms. They don't ask every film to be Ingmar Bergman. When a good action movie like Star Wars or Terminator II comes out, they go wild for it! The reason they slam movies like G. I. Joe is because, in comparison to similar movies, they just aren't very good.

Aug 8 - 10:30 AM

Jamie G.

Jamie Guzman

"You just like the movie because the marketing campaign told you to like it, and because you're too stupid to know any better."

Harsh words for a 40 year old fanboy, critic wannabe, who is probably still living in his mother's basement! Grow up. People are entitled to their opinions without being called "stupid".

I was merely stating that the movie is fluffy entertainment and doesn't have to be the most important movie of our time. It's a movie about a toy for Christ sake! What did you expect from a film based on a Hasbro action figure? At least it wasn't like Michael Bay putting testicles on a robot or stereotyping African Americans by giving his "urban" robots gold teeth and having them speak in Ebonics.

Aug 9 - 07:14 AM


Kenneth W.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Who are these people who are supposedly expecting "The Godfather"? I don't get it. Are there walking into the theater expecting a masterpiece? No, they don't exist.

The majority of critics were expecting passable fun--and since 'entertaining' is subjective, MOST critics did not find it entertaining.

Likewise, if the critics WERE expecting a "serious" order of filmmaking with every movie, they wouldn't have praised "The Hangover". They wouldn't have given "300" a fresh.

They're expecting GOOD movies. That's it.

Oct 17 - 07:35 PM

cold ice

cold ice aka claude pace

people like u should be hanged. get a life ! go fishing or something..u cant enjoy a good movie like gijoe, probably u waste your time watching nonsense like baseball!!

Aug 13 - 05:35 AM

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