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Give My Regards to Broad Street Reviews

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Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
This is barely a film, it's more like a bunch of prolonged music videos, and a flimsy story holds them all together. Not good.

Super Reviewer

August 14, 2009
Paul McCartney tries to recreate the lovably scatterbrained antics of the Beatles in Hard Day's Night. The closest we get to "lovable" is Ringo telling some female reporter the he smokes weed.
June 4, 2010
Paul needs to stick to songwriting, and never even think about screenwriting again! If he wanted to make a film of his band Wings with Ringo and Linda and everyone, just make a band video, he didn't need to add some silly storyline to make it seem like a real movie. The movie is mostly songs anyway, but once in a while there's some stupid little scene about this guy stealing the band's tapes or something. I didn't even understand what was going on until I read the film description on the back of the tape.
June 23, 2008
While it's one of the worst movies ever made, it's also basically the most awesomeest movie ever created ever.
June 16, 2012
The story is okay but the music is excellant :)
November 5, 2013
The best version of this movie is the promo film for the single 'No More Lonely Nights' and it's as 'the most expensive music video in the world EVER' that this movie's future legend shall be built.
From this moment forth.
Because we can.
January 7, 2013
The single greatest cinematic achievement of all time.
July 22, 2012
Paul McCartney writing a movie? NO WAY! And hes bringing Ringo with him!? Awesome! What do we get?! A Movie with a weak screenplay and music performences that feel to many to often. Paul McCartney has a busy day, he has interviews, rehearsles, meetings and much more music performences. Also a plot involving a bootleg copy of McCartney's new album being stolen as police try to get it back. If they dont then a bunch of people will stop the recording company for good. You know how the beatles were funny? Well McCartney and Starr are not at all in this movie funny. The movie has lots of musical performences that you might want to skip just to see the weak storyline. Which is pretty bad for a movie about one of the co members of the beatles. The movie has this one scene which is a period piece which goes on for at least 8 minutes. What is the point? To show that he has no chance against the evil overdoer? Well that doesn't help the movie at all. The movie has a high budget with all the sets and stars. The songs are great but the score is uneven with the theme of the movie. It sounds like film noir instead being orchestrated normally. Bottom Line: Paul McCartney Writes Songs, Not Scripts.

68/100 C+
April 29, 2012
don't get me wrong, I love Paul. But this is hideous.
March 15, 2011
Paul, you have failed me, but only this one time
Monsieur Rick
January 20, 2010
This is all about Paul and Linda, make no mistake about it. Writen by Sir Paul McCartney himself, this film purely SUCKS. I hate to write that. I like Paul and Linda and anything Beatle or post Beatle, which the tunes are Wings mostly.

Under the musical supervision of George Martin, Paul McCartney invited top rock musicians from Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin to join him and Ringo Starr (now 70) in the film's musical numbers.

While a flimsy plot, the film does include 14 well staged McCartney tunes including Beatles classics Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby and Good Day Sunshine. Starring McCartney, his wife Linda, Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Bach, as well as Bryan Brown, Ralph Richardson, and Tracey Ullman, the film details a day in the life of McCartney

I hoped for so much when I bought this on vhs cassette, but it failed big time. I couldn't watch it to the end.


1.) After a sensational media build-up, the film- with its less-than-exciting plot- was ravaged by critics upon its November unveiling and Give My Regards to Broad Street ended up as one of 1984's most notable cinematic FLOPS.

2.) Despite the film being a flop, "No More Lonely Nights" was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA Film Award for Best Original Song-Motion Picture.


Directed by Peter Webb
Produced by Andros Epaminondas

Written by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Bryan Brown
Ringo Starr

Music by Paul McCartney

Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox
Release date(s) 23 October 1984 (USA)

Running time 108 min.
Catherine S.
March 2, 2010
Give my Regards To Broad Street has plenty of great music and even some interesting visuals, but its story and characters are so bland that it makes the lead up to the songs and visuals so boring that it's close to unbearable.

Give My Regards To Broad Street has a similar premise to A Hard Day's Night, minus two of the Beatles and all the charm and wit A Hard Day's Night has. The story stars a well off musician (Paul McCartney) as he learns the master tapes to his newest album have been stolen by a worker with a seedy past. He must get these tapes back before midnight (seriously, it's always midnight in these movies) or all buisness interests are turned over to a big evil record company. The movie is less about finding the tapes and more a day in the life of Paul McCartney during the 1980's. And boy, must it be boring!

I really think Paul McCartney thinks he can get away with everything, it's the only answer to this movie's creation. The plot of the movie is a thinly made excuse to showcase McCartney's songs, and even most of the songs are only mediocre. The only two stand out sections for me are the "Silly Love Songs" and "Eleanor Rigby" sections, mainly for the visuals. The characters are given little to work with, with Paul receiving the most of the dialogue and Linda, Barbara, and even poor Ringo mostly wandering around the sets, with lines that sound ad-libbed (poor Ringo, can't you win? Even in a movie made by another Beatle, your talents are squandered. Sigh.)

Overall, Give My Regards to Broad Street is a boring and unnecessary film that even the biggest Paul McCartney fans shouldn't watch. In the words of other critics, "Skip the movie, but certainly listen to the sound track." It's the only redeemable part of the movie. (Real rating: 44%)
Luc L.
October 26, 2010
Mediocre story which doesn't interest.
Catherine S.
March 2, 2010
Though not the worst movie I've ever seen, it certainly isn't the best. Though many might not agree with me, in a way I enjoyed this movie. It's odd, I can't quite explain how. The plot was quite ridiculous (the story development almost beats "Help!" in weirdness)and the lines were pretty marginal. But when it comes to music, The Beatles and former beatles never seem to fail. The music was exsquisite, though the videos they were paired with didn't always seem to match up. (For example: the "Silly Love Songs" sequence which weirded me out.) It was still enjoyable nontheless, and it had its very occasional funny moments. I am torn between giving it a 50% or a 60%, but I'll give it a 50% for the fact that the characters seem flat and that it isn't the greatest addition to rock and roll movies. The worst part about it? The ending, it really bummed me out.
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