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Gladiator Reviews

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March 13, 2008
too long and i had to do it for GCSE - not good.
August 18, 2014
Gladiator (2000) Movie Review!

Well, this was a long film. It was good to see Russell Crowe on the screen again, I'll tell you that.

This story consists of a roman warrior named Maximus who fights in the name of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and Rome. We can see he is betrayed by people he once trusted and he is sentenced to be killed. Surviving, he tries to once again reclaim his name and avenge the death of his family.

The picture is beautiful. It wasn't complicated to follow the lore or the story, so that's good. The acting was great. I loved Crowe doing what he does best. As always, there may be some inconsistencies but no movie is without them. Even if it's a small one.

All in all, great movie, great acting, and it's pretty long! So have fun watching it. I know I did.

9 out of 10. (4.5 stars)
July 27, 2007
A testament to the classic sword-and-sandals epics before they got filled with heavy gore, sex, stylized violence, and slow mo scenes.
Ethan Perregaux
July 25, 2011
A good performance from Russell Crowe, but overall Gladiator was not the film it could've been and unworthy of a Best Picture win.
September 25, 2007
It's R rated isn't it...
February 16, 2014
A well acted and well made movie with great visuals.
August 11, 2014
I'm not a fan of brutal Roman action movies, but this movie is great.
September 2, 2007
My first Russell Crowe film and will probably be the only one movie of his that I like. Clearly remember I was utterly astonished when seeing it in cinema when it came out. Hans Zimmer had yet again done a perfect job in his music score work. Joaquin Phoenix has got a pleasant career life in Hollywood ever since this one got released because he was really pure evil. Derek Jacobi's cameo delights me, too. Another fabulous work from Ridley Scott.
April 17, 2014
Visually one of the mos amazing motion pictures ever filmed, great performances by Crowe and Phoenix, brilliant score and as said before, amazing Cinematography/photography.
July 8, 2007
Not Ridley Scott's best, but still damn fine. I miss the days when Scott could rely on the physical world and brilliant lighting to get his perfect shots, but the CG here is admittedly well-used. Crowe's such a dicksmoke I hate to admit he's a powerful lead here, and his foil, in the form of Joaquin Phoenix, always makes interesting choices. A good transition between traditional and modern epics.
Alaina R.
August 1, 2014
One of the best movies of all time. Outstanding cast, with unforgettable performances. Joaquin Phoenix should have won the Oscar that year (he was nominated). He was phenomenal as the wicked Commodus. Also one of the best musical scores by Hans Zimmer.
February 7, 2010
(First and only full viewing - 1/26/2011)
January 28, 2010
Not a bad film, but not a great one either. The story is okay at best. While Crowe turns in a good performance, I just didn't find myself caring about the character. For me, this was the least deserving of "Best Picture" that year and one of the weakest films in recent memory (along with the Hurt Locker) to win the prestigious award.
July 25, 2014
The action scenes are some of the best, Ridley Scott directs everything well, and, the plot is also good but it's very lucky that Joaquin Phoenix is there to keep things interesting or else the plot might have lagged. Historically inaccurate but great nonetheless.
Drew B.
February 20, 2014
While Gladiator is beautiful and has dazzling cinematography, the overlong running-time and boring battle-sequences are dull and uninformative. However, there are still fine performances from Russell Crowe, and Joaquin Phoenix.
July 16, 2014
Russell Crowe turns an average movie into an above average movie.
July 15, 2014
Though extremely overrated, this tale of revenge is a must see. More for the action and performances than the somewhat bad storyline.
July 14, 2014
Well written and well acted. Almost every conversation foreshadows what happens later, or else is a conversation about more than one thing. Some of the characters are a little flat (particularly hero Maximus), but they are bolstered by good relationships with more interesting supporting characters. Commodus, in particular, is almost cartoonish in his supervillainy and Freudian issues, but the character is written with such sincerity and performed with such fervor that he comes out as a prime example of how to portray such a villain. Strong action sequences will bring in some of the crowd, and strong plot and characterization will bring in the rest. A cloud-pleaser all around.
January 10, 2013
For the longest time I've wondered what it was about this film that so instantly both clicked with me as much as it has. To the point that I hold it up as one of my all time favorite movies. I only saw it for the first time at the beginning of 2013 (in a double feature with "Braveheart" which clicked the same way for me, but is not the subject of this review) but watched it quite a few times over the following year. I guess it's just because for me it does have it all as a movie. Wonderful production values, a superb cast, viscerally exciting action scenes, and a great story to back it all up. Like in the case of other acclaimed Award Winning films of the time that preceded it like "Braveheart" and "The English Patient" the filmmakers have a clear affinity for the grand epics of Hollywood's Golden Age. Feeling like love letters to that era so to speak. One critic calling this film a "nostalgic synthesis" of all those that came before. There is some truth to that, but the way it's all put together is masterfully done in such a way that it stands on its own two feet and comes off as its own tale. Particularly how it in part tackles a theme/subject that none of those other films touches on. Which is essentially the power of entertainment.

Everybody has talked up the film's action scenes, cast, and sumptuous production values before. But what often times gets lost in the shuffle for some is its story, which as I implied before I think more than matches everything else around it. The film touches on how the entertainment medium has been and is still used by those who seek to misdirect and manipulate the masses. As Commodus does here with the gladiator games. Hoping to win the adoration he has felt deprived of (particularly by his father) and also to consolidate his power by subsequently dissolving the senate. Leaving him unchecked by anybody. But the thing that I think is disappointing that many people gloss over is Maximus' character arc. The reason potentially being that it is not presented in a for lack of a better term "in your face" sort of way and is surprisingly understated but present for those truly looking at it. His story is of a great man of strong moral character who loses everything and is torn down to one of the darkest of places. He wavers, struggles with his humanity, trust (in both others and himself), and faith. He goes from a great leader (in terms of skill as well as character, given that he's willing to put himself in the same danger as any of his followers as displayed in the opening ) who disdains death (but fights when he feels it's for the greater good), is popular with his peers, and has a loving family waiting for him. However, Commodus out of jealousy and spite takes it all away. Resulting him in being nothing more than a slave who has to fight and kill for mere entertainment rather than a true cause. Becoming (understandably) jaded, cynical, and antisocial. Even starting out with the plan to die. However contending with the task of trying to save Rome given to him by his father figure and mentor still hanging over his head. When many (if not most) people talk about this film, even those who like it, they say Maximus' story comes down to nothing but essentially "revenge is sweet".

And I personally feel that that is missing the point and shortchanging the story, as his arc does say something more meaningful than that. As I was laying out before while the film does not condemn him getting his revenge, as happens in the end, but the factor that's often forgotten is that it is also about him staying true to himself, and ultimately not putting his revenge before the greater good of Rome or those around him. He has opportunities to get his revenge earlier on, but ultimately relents for one reason or another in how it would hurt other things. Which is all naturally connected to the "stay true to yourself" and "don't let terrible circumstances get the best of you" facets of his character progression. He slowly but surely opens up to life again, begins trusting in others once more, as well as proves he can retain his ethics and be true to himself. He manages to become the great general once again in the arena to his fellow gladiators, befriend men whose people were conquered by the very empire he serves (and was betrayed by), and ultimately through his actions inspires others to carry on his cause after his death. In my mind this arc is powerful, universal, and inspiring. As one should strive to overcome even the greatest obstacles they face in life and not compromise who they are because of them. It is also notable that an arc of getting over one's cynicism and helping the greater good is also paralleled in the character of Proximo as well. In a film about gladiators it would have been really easy to build a loose framework of a plot just to go from one action sequence to another. Here they went the extra mile and not only developed a great story around it all, but made it so that the action sequences furthered both the narrative and character progression. In the end his strength of character and faith are ultimately rewarded, not only with allies continuing his cause but getting to see his wife and son again in the afterlife. While it is not purely a religious film, that part of it is certainly spiritually astute.
Zé L.
July 12, 2014
Love this one. "Gladiator" is one of those films that you should never lose when you can see it. It's a powerful visually exciting adventure with an original and interesting plot mixing great performances with the Ancient Roman history and lore. This is one of the first films that made Russel Crowe REALLY famous.
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