Gli specialisti (Drop Them or I'll Shoot) (The Specialist) Reviews

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½ October 30, 2010
Very well made flick from Corbucci, no idea why people dismiss this one. Sure, is not The Great Silence or Compaņeros, but what it is greatly surpasses other politically oriented italo-westerns. Corbucci takes a shot at almost everyone: burgoise, pseudo-revolutionaries, and even a band of hippies gets thrown in the mix. Which btw, Corbucci greatly hated them, so it's no wonder they are portrayed here as a bunch of childish thugs that get humillated on two ocassions.

Hallyday fits rather nice as the lead, sure, he's no Nero or Milian, but he manages fine. The new location adds some flavour, this time in the mountains. Pretty damn fine overall.
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