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August 28, 2015
It's a really great film, sometimes a little bit to much monological, but you can see the attention to detail in the production. Carefully constructed, is also a great cathartic film for those intelligent enough that despise modern stupidying tv shows.
½ July 31, 2015
This movies concept I think is excellent and the trailer looked awesome but unfortunately the movie did not live up to my expectations at all. All the inconsistencies in this movie ruin it for me. The individual shots and scenes are not all that bad just they don't fit together as a cohesive movie. The scrip is bland and unrealistic and the actors don't seem to portray the right emotions for each scene. Its centre focus was around the killing of the "bad people" with no background information to give the story any depth. It felt like a bad remake of Super trying to be quirky and amusing but failing at both. Very disappointed.
July 19, 2015
Well when you are really angry and people are costantly annoying you I must say this movie is a good entertainment.
July 1, 2015
Draws you in at the beginning, but as soon as they start killing it feels like a cliche. Joel Murray is great to watch, Tara Lynne Bar is irritating.
May 29, 2012
The Trailer sets the pace for me. It's twisted and satirical. If I could only tune out the 'noise' in the world around me, things would be better. This movie should be one that I enjoy, again and again. Can't wait!!
½ May 23, 2015
esta película es particularmente satisfactoria, lamentablemente inviable y patéticamente verídica.
May 15, 2015
The message of showing respect and being decent is the main concept here. The idea of harsh, but fair revenge is what attracted me to this film. The relationship between Frank and Roxy is key as well. An uncommon but endeering one at that.
½ May 13, 2015
This is directed by that annoying dick from Police Academy who's one gag was talking with a croaky voice, it's probably therefore no surprise this is so bad. We're going after exceptionally low hanging fruit here, celebrity TV and the Evangelical right and yet we still miss spectacularly. A film that is so stupid it doesn't understand the irony of asking everyone to 'be nice' whilst blowing them away with an AK47. Or of moaning about the objectification of young girls whilst giving the heroine the sole motivation of wanting to be considered pretty. Terrible.
May 1, 2015
Good if you feel like some gratuitous violence.
½ May 1, 2015
Read the synopsis and don't bother watching, there's nothing more to it. Unfunny and uninteresting.
April 11, 2015
Biting satire on American culture, not to dissimilar to 'Super' just without the superhero/vigilante angle and the awkward teen-girl raping middle-aged man moment. Will divide its audience with its pitch black humour. As well as 'Super' also brings to mind 'American Dreamz' with its attack upon the idolisation of pop-culture figures. Goldthwait is constantly proving he is a director to watch,he's never going to direct anything big budget or mainstream and he and is audience is all the better for it.
½ March 29, 2015
Undeniably hard to swallow at times, but at the heart of this satire that attacks modern American culture is strong performances from Joel Murray and Tara Lynn Barr. 3.5/5 Good
½ March 28, 2015
Some dialogues in the film are great but there is not much overarching storyline to follow. The actress was also awesome.
March 26, 2015
A bloke loses his job, informed he has terminal cancer and becoming angry with the attitude and values of modern day america goes on a killing spree of anyone who annoys him and finds a willing accomplice in a 16yr old girl.
March 22, 2015
GOD Bless America and GOD bless this funny fressh and off beat delicious dark black comedy from Bobcat Goldwaite. I loved every scene and could have watched more. A terminally ill man starts a shooting spree with a teenage girl choosing targets at random.
March 20, 2015
wow what a hugely enjoyable film! ridiculously dark, twisted n funny. But certainly makes a point about how stupid this world is becoming. loved it.
"Taking out the trash, One jerk at a time". great tag line!
March 11, 2015
Bobcat Goldthwait gives us here one of the most vicious, scathing comedies of the decade. The film begins with a man fantasizing about shooting a screaming baby with a shotgun. If this doesn't sound like something that would appeal to you, stay away. It might not be the most penetrating, thought-provoking piece of satire even made, but it's certainly one of the most satisfying in terms of pure wish-fulfillment. The standout performance here is from Tara Lynne Barr, who portrays the gleefully psychotic sidekick to our main character.
July 22, 2013
"Guys I have a great idea for a movie: a pathetic old man gets fed up with how the far-right has corrupted the USA so he manipulates an approval-seeking teenage girl into aiding him in his mass murder of people that annoy him!" "Wow, great idea, Bobcat Goldthwait, that would seem quite deep to angsty 15 year olds who think the world's done 'em wrong." This movie is hypocritical trash , appealing solely to the moronic dregs of American society.
February 6, 2015
Can't believe I had never heard of this. It's Heathers of the 2000's. Awesome movie, darkly humorous and well acted. Also reminded me of "Falling Down" a bit. Quirky and wonderful.
½ September 9, 2012
I can't get myself to like this movie because I don't think there are compelling reasons to be sympathetic or empathetic to the protagonist. The protagonist's rationale for killing people is that they are uncivil, impolite, barbaric, nihilistic, and lack good manners. Notice that he *kills* people because they are *uncivil*, *barbaric*, and lack *good manners*. The very act of killing people because of their vices ironically tells us that the character, in his own way, possesses those same vices too. There's nothing civil, good mannered, reasonable, and mature about killing people too. On the contrary, it is uncivil, ill-mannered, irrational, and barbaric. If this were to happen in real life, we would all think that the protagonist is some kind of psychopath and extremist than a profound social critic. Now, I know this is just a movie, so perhaps i'm overreacting. But consider this: it appears that the maker of this film wants us to *listen* to the protagonist's message; he wants to convey his message through this protagonist. But It's not obvious if there are any good reasons to listen to him if he is denouncing the very vices he has throughout the entire film. Moreover, there's more of a reason to ignore him.

Now, this doesn't mean I disagree with everything about the movie. On the contrary, I agree with the underlying message behind the film: society is becoming decadent. There's a decline of civility, rationality, and quality. Any debate is vulnerable to partisanship squabble that takes away those virtues quite easily. People are becoming more inconsiderate, self-entitled, and narcissistic. And yes, religious extremism on the right is at least tolerated by our society despite their abhorrent behaviors. What this movie probably does best is it reveals our secret desire to just beat up or terminate these people who cause these problems. But notice that you can't have it both ways: you can't have a character satisfying our latent blood thirst and preaching the message we all want to hear. Because that would be a contradiction and a hypocrisy; irrational and immoral which are the very vices the character is preaching against.
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