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Violent updated classic could be too intense for young kids.

December 24, 2010 Full Review Source: Common Sense Media | Comment (1)
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Tommy H.

Tommy Hatcher

I completely agree with you.

As a huge fan of Toho's Godzilla franchise and other kaiju related to the franchise, I was very insulted by this movie. After the movie was released, Roland quickly changed his story. He claimed it wasn't Godzilla, it was Zilla, and the movie actually had nothing to do with Godzilla. Now you know he's just trying to cover up his failure after realizing just how insulting Godzilla was to the fans. If you ask me, what Roland did is the same as if I made a movie with a serial killer at an amusement park who wears a clown mask and I called the movie Friday The 13th. Then I came out and said: Oh, sorry, it's not Jason, his name is Jayjay and he has nothing to do with the Friday the 13th movies, so is all forgiven? Nice try, but the answer is no. Why call it Godzilla in the first palce if it isn't Godzilla and has nothing to do with Godzilla? It makes no sense. It's like if Michael Bay's Transformers had Power Rangers in it, but no Transformers. Stupid. He should have made a remake of The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, which Zilla basically is. That would have been acceptable. I wouldn't hate the movie then. It would still suck, but at least it wouldn't be so insulting. I thought 2012 sucked hardcore, but I still like it only because of the CGI destruction. And then there's Jurassic Park, which had great CGI, but so much more than that. Jurassic Park is far superior to Zilla and one of my favorite movies. That was a better tribute to Godzilla than Zilla was. When will Hollywood realize that people don't like it when they try to make fantasy characters more realistic? I mean, it's interesting when they do it right, but they rarely ever do. Sadly, these movies still sell and they're effortless to make, so this pathetic trend isn't going away any time soon. It still blows my mind that in 1998 they failed horribly at something they got right in 1954. Well, at least Godzilla kicked Zilla's ass in Godzilla: Final Wars. That was so awesome! "Oh, no, they say he's got to go. Go, go Godzilla! Oh, no, there goes Tokyo. Go, go Godzilla!!! lol

Sep 13 - 05:49 AM

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