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March 16, 2013
Godzilla vs. Mothra again delivers effective thrills for genre fans and has a pretty good plot. I really liked this entry because it put the two monsters from one of my Favorite entries the franchise again in a new entry that nonetheless delivers what you want in an effective monster film. The plot is good. However the effects kind of lack and look a bit cheesy and obviously fake. The film works well and is fun despite its flaws, it's a must see for fans of the series. The film is entertaining, and has some memorable moments. Although nothing new is going on here, and even though it lacks in originality, fans will surely enjoy the traditional elements going on. The film is entertaining from start to finish and boasts all the elements which make for a good Godzilla film. Genre fans will surely enjoy it, and if you've enjoyed the previous outings in the revamped franchise, then you're sure to be entertained by this entry. Monster films tend to be basic and they always are entertaining despite its imperfections, diehard fans will enjoy it, and with so-so effect, they will most likely appreciate the camp value of the picture. The picture has a few parts were it could have been better, but as a whole it is a fine little monster movie that retains all the ingredients of what makes an effective film. The film is thrilling and is a must for genre fans.
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November 23, 2011
The special effects are far from the quality of the previous entry (with some model sets looking like something from a 'Thunderbirds' episode) but the fun factor is turned up high. Battra is a very interesting creation and the way his motivations clash with Mothra's adds rare dimension to the monster action. The tone is much more playful and light than in 'Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah' but this is un-avoidable considering this is a movie involving a giant fluffy moth. The human melodrama is also surprisingly engaging and has a lot of nice comedic moments that never feel overly cheesy. Overall, a great entry in the franchise.
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½ April 12, 2011
The 90's series makes way for Mothra. This time she's from the cosmos, as are her mini-twin lady friends. We're also introduced to Battra. One of the best things about this film is way each monster teeters between hero and villain. Each has a mission of their own, but they aren't exactly evil. It makes for much more interesting fights, and even a little depth to monster smash ups. The film begins as a strange Indiana Jones adventure film. Crumbling temples, rickety bridges etc. It adds for a little bit of unexpected fun before entering the world we are familiar with. Almost like if a Bond film started with a monster attack. Sure it's cheap and unoriginal, but for a film that has some boxes to tick, it's nice to have some variety. There is a heavy feminine touch to this movie. Toho trying to bring in the ladies to push up the box office receipts. The monsters have a lot more love and care, and we see a broken family at the heart of all this. This film really made me sit up during the destruction scenes. In broad daylight, it still looked real. The filmmakers now confident to compose images of monsters in the background and people in the foreground. It allows for some tremendous shots of absolute chaos, and stops the streets from seeming too empty.
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October 25, 2012
Godzilla vs the moth, a remake. There is another antagonist introduced in this film that is more interesting, Batra. Sadly Batra isn't used as much as he should have been, and the end result is another mediocre "human element" film with a few minutes of uninteresting Kaiju battles.
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December 27, 2007
It was cool because it reintroduced Mothra and gave birth to Battra. The epic battles between good and evil resulting in a two against one match is good.
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March 18, 2008
The 90's remake of Godzilla versus Mothra is exciting and fun.
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June 1, 2008
A favorite! Classic!
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January 17, 2008
Awesome Godzilla movie that is quite beautiful too.
July 18, 2014
In the 4th installment in the second Godzilla movie series, Godzilla is up against one of greatest foes- Mothra. While this is going on, the earth is in utter chaos and is being destroyed by mankind and a new monster has awakened, named Battra. This entry is a descent and entertaining flick that has great monster action and an interesting story. It also has a good message in the end and is fairly executed. Unfortunately, the movie has flaws. The first thing is that some of the special effects that are bad or lazily done. Mothra is a little to puffy and looks worse than in the original movie and in some of the action scenes you can see the strings that are holding the monsters. The second flaw is that the two main human characters are horrible. They act like teenagers and are so immature that is like watching a bad love drama.

Final Verdict- Although it has flaws with it's special effects and characters, the movie is still entertaining to watch and is a descent Godzilla movie. If your a Godzilla fan, than you'll like the movie. If your just an average movie goer and want to watch something entertaining, then you'll might be entertained. I give it 3 stars out 5.
½ April 16, 2012
Pretty boring, really. The human subplot was among the least interesting I've seen in Godzilla films with the possible exception of "Godzilla's Revenge."
November 22, 2011
Godzilla continues to get his ass kick by the giant butterfly hasn't won a battle yet, come on man! Well at least he killed the big Moth (Battara).
November 23, 2007
Its tough to call a film with feminist and environmentalist themes "boring as hell" but really, it is.
July 6, 2007
These movies are worth watching if you need a good laugh or are severely inebriated. Whichever comes first.
July 15, 2007
It was cool because it reintroduced Mothra and gave birth to Battra, one of the wickedest-looking creatures Godzilla ever faced.
½ April 8, 2007
This is a great Godzilla movie, but for me, I'm not a huge Mothra fan. Mothra just gets used way too much in the Godzilla universe, where as guys like Anguirus and Rodan haven't got the same respect recently.

Anyways, this movie introduced Battra, who spiced it up a bit and made it more interesting to me. In the end, Mothra and Battra team up in the realization that they have to stop Godzilla, and even though I hate to see the big guy lose, it's a cool ending.
April 5, 2015
Godzilla vs. Mothra earns it's praise for the successful reinvention of another Toho icon, much to the enjoyment of fans of the classic Mothra. This Godzilla flick embellishes mostly in the realm of faux mythology, and sometimes overindulges in the niceties. A pair of twin prophetic fairies, named the Cosmos, serve as guides for the human characters in the film; and they face the ultimate task of convincing an entire nation to avoid the fate of their own deceased race, delivered by the devilish Battra. The film's third act combines the best special effects 1992 had to offer, with the shlock-fest that is a three way brawl between the two halves of Mothra and the king of monsters himself: eye-popping to the say the least.
October 14, 2013
Following the financial success from reintroducing the monster King Ghidorah, the powers that be at Toho decided that their next film in the series would feature an update of another one of their famous creations. The choice was of sound logic, as Mothra also appeared in what many consider one of the best entries in the series, and given that Godzilla's image as an unrelenting force of nature had been resurged the set-up was opportune. Although the project would become the most financially successful of the Godzilla films, hardly a fraction of the appraisal for the 1964 film was garnered, leading to a reputation as one of the more average outings from the 1990's. This reaction was unfortunate because, while many missteps were committed, there are a few things to be found that the Godzilla franchise has been sorely lacking.

One of the virtually inherent questions regarding a film that could nominally be called a remake concerns the balance between old and new. In the case of "Godzilla vs. Mothra" the story borrows from the original, but not heavily. The most prominent similarities include an antagonistic business tycoon and a Mothra egg; every other similarity is superficial. Much of the narrative concerns the exploits of a trio of people and their dealings with the diminutive twins that Mothra guards, who explain that continued anthropogenic damage to the Earth will eventually bring monster inflicted calamities. Of course, several of those monsters appear, leading to some conflict between monster and human and some preaching about conserving the planet. While not terribly innovative as far as the genre is concerned, the story at least moves along at a smooth pace and manages to provide all of the build-up necessary for the inexorable monster battles.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the film is, believe it or not, the humans. The aforementioned trio is comprised of two divorcees and a flunky of the business tycoon, and over the course of the film we actually see the former two demonstrate a dynamic absent from virtually all of the Godzilla films, with some reminiscing of better times and the main character musing over the possibility of turning over a new leaf to improve his family relationships. It is ultimately melodramatic, but quite welcome in context and something that I was disappointed to not see in the 2014 re-imagining.

For most, the critical point is the portrayal of the monsters, an area in which "Godzilla vs. Mothra" mostly finds success. Godzilla remains the imposing force of nature established in the previous 3 films, while Mothra is given a more modern appearance, for lack of a better term. I actually liked the slimier surface of the larva and the recoloring of the adult form. Noteworthy is the contrast in focus between this film and the 1964 one. In the latter, despite the title, the movie was really about Godzilla and the threat that he posed, while in the former there is a clear focus on Mothra, with Godzilla mainly serving as the obligatory threat to overcome. This shift has the benefit of granting Mothra a full story, but also greatly removes the general sense of awe Godzilla brought to the original. In fact, the nuclear menace feels more like an extra in a movie that is supposed to be part of his series, largely due to the absence of any real objective. He appears twice solely because Mothra requires an opponent. Fortunately, the writers were sufficiently prudent to convey that Godzilla remains the most powerful monster in the film, which allows the climax a reasonable sense of challenge as Mothra and Battra team up against him.

Yet, despite the apparent uneven integration into the plot for the combatants, the monster battles remain quite impressive and varied. Unlike the first three movies of the pertinent series, the monsters clash on land, in the sea and in the air, a variety bolstered by the fact that two of the monsters change form over the course of the story. I particularly liked the tussle between Godzilla and the Battra larva underwater, which probably amounts to the second best underwater fight in the series. The action sequences also boast a wide array of neat looking beam weapons, enabling for some of the best shots, including one where the central characters watch from a balcony as Mothra, Battra and Godzilla fire at each other in succession. Godzilla's heat ray has a noticeably higher pitch this time around, very similar to the sound effect for Destoroyah's micro-oxygen spray that would appear 3 years down the line. I liked this change as it complements the blue color.

With the recent re-imagining of Godzilla, as well as the production of such ventures as "Pacific Rim", the door is wide open for the reintroduction of some of Toho's other famous properties. I'm not entirely sure if that is the best route to take, as Mothra has appeared in all 3 of the series' timelines, including a film trilogy that starred another member of the species. Personally, I think more effort should be devoted to creating new monsters, which is a strategy that worked quite well for the 90's Gamera series. Even so, there are elements from this film that are worth incorporating into future ones, and by extension those working on the planned Legendary Pictures movies would do well to take a bit more inspiration from the rest of the series, perhaps to restore some lost opportunities.
July 28, 2014
I don't remember liking this one for some reason. It's aged rather nicely and I like it, now.
July 16, 2014
A good Godzilla film and a great way to re-introduce Mothra. The final battle is awesome!
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