Weekly Ketchup: Godzilla Returning to the US


The new year at the Weekly Ketchup gets started with a column that plays catch up with not just the last seven days, but the last three weeks. The previous two columns were dedicated to the Fresh Developments and Rotten Ideas of 2010. Among the movies that took advantage of the slow news cycles of the holiday season were The Dark Tower, Godzilla, The Hobbit and new movies starring George Clooney, Barbra Streisand and two of the costars of Knocked Up. Back to Article


Sean Y.

Sean Y.

Really looking forward to a good American Godzilla movie. Sound like, with The Hobbit, they're going for a similar introduction as in the extended edition of Fellowship. And it'll actually be good, I think, to have the intro described here, it'll help make the tie-in between The Hobbit and LOTR.

Jan 7 - 04:57 PM

And The Answer Is 42

VJ Perry

the madden curse? seriously? that can't be real. it has to be fake.

Jan 7 - 05:04 PM

dyl p.

dyl perron

Godzilla sounds like a good movie,but Bakugan does not.

Jan 7 - 05:30 PM


Porkenstein the Great

I love that they've decided on Frodo as the opening narrator for The Hobbit.

Jan 7 - 05:56 PM


Porkenstein the Great

But a Bakugan movie sounds like garbage.

Jan 7 - 05:56 PM

Lumbergh Phucter

Jamie Eakins

Maybe... but if, just if, they load up the movie with strobe light CGI monsters, have the kids shout inane dialogue at the top of their diaphragms, and repeat plot points to the degree of insanity, then maybe... just... may............be.................

Jan 10 - 08:40 AM

General Wiz

Carlos Flores

Godzilla sounds good, I hope they don't make it 3-d.Bakugan sounds terrible. What I would like to see is a live action pokemon movie, Call me crazy, but I think if they make it more realistic like Nolan's Batmen films it could be pretty cool.Considering they already brought dinosaurs to life in jurrasic park and gone beyond that in movies loike avatar,I think they could pull of pokemon. Then again it could end up crappy like the last airbender.

Jan 7 - 06:36 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

I'm not sure that it would be a good movie to pull off, but I have to admit that I'd like to see if they can pull it off. It could look pretty cool.

Jan 9 - 03:39 PM

Matt Alex S.

Matias Sabaj

new Godzilla : good
Bakugan Movie: does anyone really watch that? it's like a rip-off/fusion of Pokemon,Digimon and Yugioh

Jan 7 - 07:21 PM

M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan

If I could get my hands on the Godzilla project, the big revelation would be that it's not really Earth, and the humans have invaded godzi's planet. What a TWIST!

Jan 7 - 07:21 PM


Doomz Davo

Or it could turn out that Godzilla was really dead the whole time. Maybe he could be unbreakable or leave signs. Stomp into a village and eat a lady in the water. Nothing could stop that from happening. Not even the last airbender or the devil.

Jan 7 - 08:38 PM

M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan

I like your thinking. My comeback is happening, the signs are everywhere. Studio heads try to discredit me, but I'm unbreakable, not the village idiot they think I am. I may not be number one these days, but in 2010 Airbender was like sixth, since there was 3D prices. I'm devilishly clever, and will soon be riding high again, not floating aimlessly like a lady in the water.

Jan 7 - 09:08 PM




Jan 8 - 08:43 AM


Daniel Raimondi

haha the funniest guy on here

Jan 8 - 09:43 AM

RJ Smoove

Ryan Rutherford

You make me laugh. I wish your movies were good...

Jan 8 - 12:53 PM


Doomz Davo

lol. yea maybe you and mel gibson can make signs 2,, two comebacks. TWIST!

Jan 7 - 09:42 PM


Zac Hunn

I love this entire conversation. All of it.

Jan 7 - 11:22 PM

M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan

And jaoquin Phoenix, three comebacks. Bitch tried to mimic my TWISTS (it's a real documentary --oh, no it's not!) And failed hard.

Jan 8 - 12:30 AM


Doomz Davo

LOL. you know. i was gonna add Phoenix but i figured it might be stretching it a bit.

Jan 8 - 03:11 AM


The Watcher

00 - Loved Monsters so I have faith in Godzirra.
01 - Viggo all the way! Dude was awesome in everything he was in, Eastern Promises, History of Violence, Road etc...
02 - Didn't like Knocked Up, but I did like Sarah and Greek so maybe this will be good
03 - Read all about the way they are shoe-horning Frodo into Hobbit, and it sounds lame. It would work a lot better with Sam, it would even be in continuity. But I loved all 3 LOTR movies so I do have complete faith in Jackson
04 - Monster sounds great, Clooney is always awesome. Except as Batman.
05 - How the hell is Hansel a Fresh development? It sounds like Van Helsing.
06 - Streisand is someone I have no interest in whatsoever, movies, songs or otherwise.
07 - Madden Curse. It sounds....well, do I need to explain myself? Also, why the hell is it called FOOTBALL? There is almost no contact between the ball and the foot. Manchester United WHAT! Football >>> US Football :p
08 - McG is a hack. Ouija will suck.
09 - I have never seen Bakugan, or heard of it, but I feel for the fans...this movie will suck.

Jan 7 - 07:29 PM

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