Scorsese, DiCaprio Reuniting for Shutter Island

Duo bringing Lehane adaptation to theaters.

Their first three collaborations netted copious amounts of Oscar love and box-office receipts, so it isn't surprising that Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are in no hurry to stop working together -- or that 2008 will find DiCaprio starring in his fourth Scorsese film.

Variety reports that for their fourth act, Scorsese and DiCaprio have chosen to bring Laeta Kalogridis' adaptation of Dennis Lehane's Shutter Island to the screen. Paramount and Columbia will co-produce the film, which Variety describes below:

Drama is set in 1954, with DiCaprio in final talks to play U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels, who is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding on the remote Shutter Island.

Lehane's books have been popular sources of inspiration for filmmakers in recent years -- Sean Penn and Tim Robbins earned Oscars for their performances in Clint Eastwood's adaptation of Mystic River, and the Ben Affleck-directed Gone Baby Gone, released last weekend, is currently enjoying a 93 percent Tomatometer rating.

Source: Variety



Andrew Raine

I don't care if the movie's about the Muppet Babies and some missing cookies, if Scorsese's directing and DiCaprio is his clay to mold, I'm in.

Oct 23 - 08:09 AM


Chris Stevens

Same here, the screentwriter does not have the best track record, but it doesn't seem to be her fault. Oliver Stone screwed up Alexander, the screenplay wasn't actually that bad. And Nightwatch was awesome, despite it's Rotten percentage.

This probably wont be classic Scorcesse, but neither was The Departed. But like the Departed, it will still be better than most other films out there.

Oct 23 - 08:43 AM


Arend Anton

In other news, DiCaprio is growing out his eyebrows to portray the role of Martin Scorcese in "Scorcese: The Martin Scorcese Story" written and directed by Martin Scorcese.

Oct 23 - 08:58 AM


joe shmo

no you idiot, it's an auto-documentary by scorsese called "Kid Marty."

Oct 23 - 09:21 AM


Chris Turner

That was pretty funny, thanks for the laugh.

Oct 23 - 12:46 PM


joe shmo

no you idiot, it's an auto-documentary by scorsese called "Kid Marty."

Oct 23 - 09:21 AM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

Actually you are both wrong. He's not growing his eyebrows at all because his next role is a young Jimmy Conoway in the prequel to Goodfellas, Goodfellas: The Beggining of The End.

Oct 23 - 10:43 AM


First Last

When Scorsese remakes "Taxi Driver", DiCaprio will be a shoe-in. I just hope they can get Britney Spears for the Jodie Foster role.

Oct 23 - 11:11 AM


Arend Anton

Actually, it will be called "The Last Waltz: Still Waltzin'".

Oct 23 - 11:17 AM


Albert Ibarra

A. The Departed was a classic
B. This film will be great
C. That's all

Oct 23 - 11:27 AM



The Departed wasn't that great. The original Hong Kong's Infernal Affairs was a classic.

The Departed was a good film but overrated.

Oct 23 - 11:43 AM


Andrew Raine

While we appreciate your enthusiasm for Asian cinema, I can assure you OLDBOY, The Departed is owed another viewing by you. Set aside a few hours for the brilliance that is last year's Best Film.

Oct 23 - 12:19 PM

blank blank

bob jones

the departed was great, but obviously it doesnt match up to raging bull. its nice to see marty get an oscar but the weak field and the sympathy led to the oscar more than the greatness of the film. it was a kickass movie but not best movie worthy i think. some years are just weaker than others.

so far, i think the scorsese-leo union isnt exactly THAT great. gangs of new york was just ok (daniel day lewis was the real show stopper in that one), the aviator was a fine biopic (with some nice artsy directorial touches here and there) that had a little too much "shooting for the oscar" thing going, and the departed was a great, yet slightly overrated, gangster movie (i dont think it will be an all time classic like raging bull or taxi driver).

always looking forward to a scorsese movie though

Oct 23 - 12:21 PM


jonathan edwards

/shrug I enjoyed The Departed more than Raging Bull for sure.

Jack and Mark were great.

Oct 23 - 12:26 PM

Don't Tase Me Bro

Don't Tase Me Bro

Rarely does a comment so closely encapsulate exactly how I feel about the Scorsese & Dicaprio union as"BLANK BLANK'S" has.

I think we're dealing with 2 Marty's here: Deniro/Scorsese Marty and Dicaprio/Scorsese Marty. The latter films have the stench of being made for the sake of Oscar gold, whereas the former were made to force America to talk about important social issues. People are still talking about "Taxi Driver" today...I doubt they'll do the same for "The Aviator" or "The Departed". Time will bear that out.

A Scorsese/Dicaprio film may work for you if you don't care about seeing Dicaprio play a person in a Scorsese film. Dicaprio doesn't 'inhabit' the souls of his characters in the way Deniro does. A Deniro/Scorsese film is far more interesting because Deniro literally transforms into a Travis Bickle or a Jake LaMotta.

Dicaprio just furrows his brow and speaks his lines through gritted teeth. He's a facial actor, and if you watch closely, Scorsese spends most of his shots on his face. Deniro is watchable head-to-foot...

Oct 23 - 12:40 PM


Sam Wotzka

Yeah man, to say Leo is a facial actor is just ludacris. Watch What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and then tell me he's a facial actor. And I've seen Raging Bull/Taxi Driver/Goodfellas and I've seen The Aviator/The Departed and I think that Marty's standards and craft have stayed the same, if not gotten better. He has bigger budgets, more freedom. Yes, The Aviator was total Oscar bait, but it was also one of the best movies I've ever seen. I thought Leo became Hughes just as much as Foxx became Ray that year. So I respectfully but strongly disagree. Also, I think in another 20 years, The Aviator and The Departed will be just as classic to people grew up with them as Raging Bull and Taxi Driver are to the older generations today.

Oct 24 - 12:06 PM

Don't Tase Me Bro

Don't Tase Me Bro

"I think that Marty's standards and craft have stayed the same, if not gotten better."

I respectfully disagree. One man's opinion to another.

Oct 25 - 02:42 AM

Don't Tase Me Bro

Don't Tase Me Bro

PS I'm looking forward to a Scorsese film WITHOUT Dicaprio...(recruit Pesci, Deniro, Day-Lewis, Liotta, etc...)

Oct 23 - 12:42 PM


Chris Turner

That was pretty funny, thanks for the laugh.

Oct 23 - 12:46 PM


Eric Schulze

Keep em coming.

Oct 23 - 01:06 PM


Mike Logue

Maybe this time he won't stereotype Boston so much. Excellent book, wouldn't really be my ideal choices for an adaptation even given my love for their work together thus far Teddy Daniels is a world weary middle aged man, doesn't sound like DiCaprio to me.

Oct 23 - 01:30 PM


Matthew Thomas

I love doing the, "The Departed wasn't as good as the original from Hong Kong which I saw way before you guys and is waaay better because it was the original and I saw it before you guys did" countdown. 10 posts in by my count.

I've seen both, both are good. Get a life.

Oct 23 - 01:38 PM


Teague Bates

Sorry, bro, I'm going to taste you.

Remember the scene in Departed where Dicaprio is meeting the shrink and asking for pills? You're telling me that was facial?

And the scene in Aviator where Dicaprio's naked silouhette is in a delusional freakout in the theatre. How can an actor possibly get more into character?

These aren't my favorite films. I have a weaker stomach than most. But I think LD is giving Scorcese everything he asks for and more.

What happened to Gilbert Grape?

Oct 23 - 01:49 PM


Arend Anton

Glad I made you laugh. I'm just trying to keep my sense of humor with all these fires devastating my home town (SD).

Oct 23 - 02:06 PM

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