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June 13, 2013
A man falls in love just as he realizes that all his exes immediately find happy relationships after they date him.
I find the premise of this film interesting and engaging. However, the execution leaves much to be desired. Rather than crafting a character who has some special insight or unique effect that allows his girlfriends to be emotionally prepared for a real relationship, the film resorts to some voodoo bullshit and devolves into a cliche sex comedy. There are a few moments when Charlie seems to have depth, but throughout most of the film his as plastic as Dane Cook's comedy act.
Cam's character also deserves comment. She serves as a vessel for male interest. And that's all. She has quirks, demonstrated by her klutziness, but she's only klutzy when there's a bit; at all other times, Jessica Alba plays her as cute girl with a confidence and charm that belies the rest of the character. So as often happens, women in romantic comedies are devoid of personality, reduced to objects of male desire.
Overall, this film could have been so good in the right hands, but it's not.
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½ April 3, 2013
Good Luck Chuck is a bad comedy that has a few minor laughs, but ultimately fails in being an effective comedy. Dane Cook is a horrible comedian, and aside from his minor role in Waiting is definitely not funny. This film lacks anything original, interesting and truly entertaining. I found that this film was peppered with clichés and a poor plot, not to mention a bad cast. This is a film that is not worth seeing, and you'd be better off watching something else. Dane Cook's career as a comedian is a mess and he is one of the worst comedians that I have seen. He was humorous in Waiting, and aside from that, he never did anything worth seeing. His routine is just stupid gimmicks where he makes irritating noises. It's no wonder the guy fails as an actor, his delivery just doesn't cut it, and it becomes tiresome. Good Luck Chuck was a painful experience to sit through and in the long run, it is a highly forgettable film that is probably now sold in bargain bins. This might have been a film that could have worked if the cast would have been better, and it definitely needed a script rewrite with emphasis on writing better jokes. Dane Cook sucks and this film proves it yet again. The film like I said only has minor laughs, with most of the jokes falling flat and are unfunny to begin with. Skip this pointless, uninteresting comedy; you'll be glad you did. Good Luck Chuck is a horrible film that just doesn't deliver the comedy goods that a film with this sort of idea.
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½ July 22, 2007
[My predicted rating: 2.5]

This one was a great surprise to me, I was all set to watch a passable RomCom, but this was definitely a funny, albeit pretty crude Comedy. Dane Cook (not heard of before) was of course the star of this film, it was easy watching, cringeable in parts, corny but quite original.
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January 15, 2008
I watched this? I rated it but don't remember. Obviously a forgettable movie.
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June 23, 2011
One of the best romcoms ever made! Dane Cook is amazing! He's so hilarious and Jessica Alba thrives off him. A must see!
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½ February 17, 2010
I wasn't sure about this movie. I liked the previews but was expecting to be let down by the actual movie. It was funny, the fat sidekick guy really got on my nerves and the end was over the top in the cheesiness factor, but other than that I enjoyed it.
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January 18, 2010
I would give this movie 5 stars for trying to be a porno and succeeding! This was way to dirty to have even went to theatres, it's almost in the category of adult!
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½ August 7, 2009
Has some good lines but is unnecessarily dirty.
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May 30, 2009
Charlie is chased by women because they believe he is a good luck charm. After they sleep with him they find true love and get married to the next guy. But Charlies loves Cam and he wants to be with her, so how can he break the curse and not lose her to the next guy?
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April 29, 2009
Charlie is cursed. The next man you meet after sleeping with Charlie becomes her true love. So women are lining up to sleep with Charlie -- and the movie takes full advantage to show snapshots of Charlie having intercourse with many different women - so many they have to use split screen to fit them all in.

Of course the issue is that with a curse like that, Charlie will never land up as the true love to anybody, even if he loves her. Actually there are some pretty disgusting parts to the movie. His best friend for one. The 400 pound women complete with a shopping bag of donuts who Charlie "seduces" to attempt to prove the curse has been lifted. Plus Charlie is not that funny. This movie is not that funny for that matter.
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October 8, 2007
Not a bad film really i found it quite amusing so its a good romcom but an easy to follow nice film!
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½ October 10, 2007
A pretty decent comedy with more than a fair share of laughs. A real mix of sex/romantic comedies that it is like most rom-coms and predictable but also similar to the likes of American Pie in many ways. Overall quite funny at times and enjoyable enough to watch if you like these styles of comedy films.
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April 8, 2009
Dane Cook actually pull's off a pretty decent character in this one, but it's Jessica Alba's hot innocent look, and Dan Fogler that truly makes it worth watching.

The plot was a fairly good one, after being Hexx Charlie Logan cannot seem to tie a women down, everytime he sleeps with one she falls in love with the next man. When he falls for a women for real, he understands that sex is meaningless without any true feelings behind it, and has to overcome the hex as well as his best friend trying to convince him to take advatage of all the hot 'vag' available to him.

The movies halarious, there's funny parts from the beginning to the end, and while I've heard some bad reviews from others - I personally found it very entertaining.

Negatives: The only real negative in this film is the fact that it is something we've seen a million times before. We've already seen the "Loves better then Sex" routine done and in this comical chick flick it's not really hard to predict the always happy ending.

Overall: It's predictable, you've seen it before, but if you like to laugh and you've liked watching these types of movies in the past - it can be a great flick.
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May 13, 2008
Good Luck Chuck: the comedic equivalent of watching Danes poor standup, which is a bit more entertaining than Algebra 1... so in conclusion, Good luck chuck is like a live-action Algebra class... with alot of boobs. and atleast boobs are good... the only time i laughed was when he was in a duck costume, because his outside finally matched his inside!
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½ January 5, 2009
In what universe is Dane Cook actually funny?
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November 15, 2008
Dane Cook's first really big starring role falls flat on it's face with this film about a dentist who is "cursed" because whoever he fornicates with ends up finally their true love after fornicating with him. He meets Jessica Alba, falls in love, and attempts to break the curse while being Robin Williams creepy, thusly turning her off.

But this is a male romantic comedy so you know that they get back together in the end. What is an interesting plot becomes a mess and turns the film into one cliche after another (yes, there's even the non-supportive best friend).
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½ October 1, 2007
I laughed a few times. I don't understand why these movies always have to have an obnoxious best friend that is super vulgar.
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October 5, 2007
Decent romantic comedy, for what it is. Dane Cook was pretty good in it, but came off a bit disposable. Jessica Alba is cute, albeit slightly obsessed with penguins. Would make for a decent rental and a laugh, but I don't know if it's purchase-worthy. Not unless the movie has some killer side-features...
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January 20, 2008
If it wasn?t for the presence of leading lady Jessica Alba, Good Luck Chuck would be lucky to get even a DVD release.
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July 2, 2007
So sexy, lots of fun and really silly, weird and riduclious I ever watched. I love watching beautiful woman who are affecting with a guy who has a lucky charm and I couldn't stand by watching an ugly and fattiest woman - URGH!!!! Sicko. And Jessica Alba is so funny as a lovely 'jinx' woman in this sexy comedy movie.
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