Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus Reviews

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stonecoldjohnnymetal stonecoldjohnnymetal March 9, 2007
I didn't think I"d enjoy Johnny Cash's music until I learned of his faith. This movie shows that and more.
John B September 2, 2013
the music was good, but, sadly I though it was poorly done
starlett2005 starlett2005 January 2, 2012
Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus is an entertaining film about the gospel of Jesus. It is about the life and death of Jesus which Johnny Cash appears in and narrates. The music is excellent and suits the film. Robert Elfstrom gives a good job as Jesus. The script is decent even though it has some historical inaccuracies. Elfstrom did well enough with directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture but it is not one of my favorites.
Jen H. Jen H. ½ January 4, 2010
Johnny and June gave it a good shot. It was an honest storyline of Jesus' purpose, but failed to paint an accurate portrayal of the cultural context. But who knows, maybe Jesus was a blonde haired blue eyed hippie? Gotta love the 70's..
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