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½ July 8, 2011
Just rewatched this.
What could have been a pretty amazing film, falls a bit flat due to some bad editing.
But I still love it to spite all of it's flaws.
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½ May 11, 2011
I like the original story and if it were done in a more serious and dramatic way (with a fair amount of light-heartedness) this could have been a briliant film. It was simply too weird for my liking although it was made very well. Good acting.
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½ September 21, 2010
Crazy-ass movie. Ken Russell is a freak.
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½ July 14, 2008
The poets Byron and Shelley, along with FRANKENSTEIN author Mary Shelly and other guests, spend a night drinking laudanum and holding a seance to conjure up their worst nightmares. The non-linear horror story gives Ken Russel a chance to do what he does best--produce lurid, phantasmagorical visions (including a woman with eyes in her breasts)--resulting in one of his better films.
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December 15, 2009
Well this Movie has a messed up Story. A lot of Nudity guaranteed, but there is a less point in the Plot and then the clossing as "Mary Shelleys Frankenstein?
I dont deny that I enjoyed it, but I still missed the main thing: what is it all about?
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½ November 24, 2009
Another bizzare & over-the-top nightmarish ride by Ken Russell, Explores the main characters' psyches in an intriguing way and the film's campy style makes it more enjoyable
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½ April 30, 2006
*** or ****-, I can't quite decide.

An atmospheric, nightmarish and trippy recount of the night when Byron, Shelley & co. gathered together to tell ghost stories. Wonderful music and awesome automatons!

Steer clear of that laudanum, kids! ;)
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½ August 14, 2008
Rather surreal fictionalisation of the night Frankenstein was thought up. I particularly liked Timothy Spall as Polidori, and all the creepy-cool automatons. The film plays up Bryon's evil reputation to a slightly ridiculous degree - though Gabriel Byrne seems to enjoy himself somewhat playing it. It being a Russell film there is the obligatory nudity (male and female).
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February 3, 2008
a typical Russell head-trip, not for uneasy stomachs, but also not particularly memorable
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August 18, 2007
A wild night at a gothic mansion with three famous writers. The events which transpire cast a spell. I didn't really get into any of it.
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January 28, 2007
Director Ken Russell made this worst horror film bag of tricks: insane hallucinations, group sex, scenes of gruesome murders, and much, much more.
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½ May 4, 2009
The whole thing reeks of amateur, from the acting to the editing and continuity, and on to the sheer boringness of the whole thing. Unwatchable.
½ November 1, 2015
Weird film, obscure in its meanings but an interesting take on romanticism, presented here as a kind of sick monster that we have never exorcised. Byron is depicted as an evil madman, part genius but mostly a nutter.
November 9, 2010
Finally got around to checking out this bizarro, surreal film from Ken Russell and I can say that it's definitely worth the watch if only for the sheer weirdness of it all.

Dreamy visuals really sell this one, as there's not just a ton of narrative to hang onto, but for fans of stylish imagery, this is definitely worth a look.

Give it a rental.
June 23, 2010
Typically Ken Russell, visually interesting, emotionally aloof and hopelessly pretentious. Nicely produced, good art direction and costume design, the cinematography is expressive. I have never been a fan of the director and has his usual pointless and bizarre touches, which I find a turn-off, as well as the characters that spark no involvement in the story whatsoever. It dragged on endlessly for me. Released in 1986, not 2002 as stated here.
March 1, 2009
A lurid, hypnotic tale of one fateful night where Mary Shelley and friends experience a galore of bizarre sights which ultimately lead to the creation of Frankenstein.
July 13, 2008
Very cool. The "Movie Info" is right. It's kitchy, over the top and the dialogue is not so great, but the themes are awesome (especially if you've ever studied horror films) and some of the images are pretty awesome. I find that Gabriel Byrne can do no wrong. Like the way I feel about 'The Church,' but perhaps a little less so, I think this movie aims way higher than it is able to achieve, but has too much awesome stuff in it to totally disregard. I'm going to go re-watch 'The Church' right now.
½ November 13, 2007
haven't watched this one for awhile but i remember it to be a somewhat "hallucinogenic" type film..trippy...
½ May 30, 2007
Lush and sometimes confusing, the remarkable story of remarkable people taking a trip (!) that would change literary history. Worth a gander
March 18, 2007
One of the more bizarre films I have seen about Mary Shelley and her inspiration for Frankenstein. Byrne is excellent as Lord Byron.
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