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Grabbers Reviews

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Super Reviewer

August 8, 2014
Monster films are a blast to watch. Watching a creature create havoc on-screen is always thoroughly entertaining. However, add the comedic element to the story, and you have something really special, and that's where Grabbers comes in. This one of the funniest horror comedies I have seen since Shaun of the Dead, and the balance of monster carnage with well thought out humor makes this a must watch film experience for genre fans. The film is very well done considering it's a low budget feature, and while using a somewhat proven formula displayed in countless monster films such as Tremors, Attack the Block and even the Sci Fi drama, horror thriller Super 8, the filmmakers were able to create something refreshing as well. Grabbers can be reminiscent of Tremors in a way, and I found myself thinking of that film as I was watching this film, and it embodies perfectly what a good Horror comedy should be. I really enjoyed the cast, and each actor brought something quite unique to the film. Grabbers is one of those movies that is destined to become a cult classic, and with the concept, comedy and horror, the film deserves be viewed by a much bigger audience as this film is very entertaining from start to finish, horrifying and very funny. If you enjoy Horror comedies, Grabbers is a perfect choice to watch, and it's one of the most memorable horror comedies I've seen in years. Simple, yet engaging, Grabbers is a film not to miss, even if you don't enjoy horror, the balance of both genres, will surely appeal to non genre fans, and it's a film that shouldn't be passed up.
Spencer S

Super Reviewer

January 10, 2014
This little Irish indie darling is actually surprisingly good, given its lower budget, Syfy level cover art, and love of the grotesque. The closest comparison I can make is 2006's "Slither" which relied on grotesque imagery, heralding back to the monster movies of the fifties, and delving into the trend of alien invasion movies coming out lately. The one thing that sets "Grabbers" apart from other monster movies of today would have to be its pastoral charm and wit. While some of the characters may be too kooky for many people's tastes, I found the deliberate turn to kitsch and cheesy antics of the police officers charming, if a little misplaced. The monster itself is obviously a throwback to the productions of Ed Wood. Its origins are interesting, though I would say that the methodology behind keeping it contained was a little too heavy-handed. They figure out a lot of what makes the monsters tick through trial and error rather than scientific data, and instead of asking for help from any organization or scientific institution, they take on an island-ful of alien prodigy by themselves. The team even leaves the town in the dark, supplying them with alcohol, which dulls their senses, and leaving them to wonder in the pub's upstairs. The use of alcohol as a deterrent to the aliens, in the same way that oxygen killed off invaders in "War of the Worlds," was inspired, and gives the film the much needed publicity it deserves. The romantic relationship was a little shoehorned in, but it is too obvious to ignore. The chemistry between Richard (O'Shea) and Ruth (Nolan) was actually quite touching. Using Richard's alcoholism as a deterrent was quite ingenious and drove the relationships forward. There weren't as many deaths as I would have wanted to see, in order for the film to be gloriously bloody, but I was happy to see it became a survival film by the end. This is really a good watch, and even with its somewhat clichéd problems, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves monster movies and awesome small town Irish humor.

Super Reviewer

October 27, 2013
Jon Wright's Grabbers takes grabbing to a comedic sci-fi drunken journey.As a monster movie goes, there isn't much, if anything, that stands out; however, it's the humor that gives this picture its identity. At just under 90 minutes of screen time, there isn't much mind blowing going on with the story, but it's the final 30 minutes that saves the earlier part of the picture from complete mediocrity.Despite the hint of disappointment in the opening sequence, the CG and creature effects turn out quite well with a unique design, which is both disturbing and funny at the same time.While the Irish accent shrouds some of the dialogue from clarity, Richard Coyle and the lovely Ruth Bradley pull off some amusing performances. The latter more so in the second half.The lack of seriousness in Grabbers is what makes it a watchable sci-fi piece out of Ireland. Bring the nail gun.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

January 30, 2013
Grabbers is a delightful one joke film, but luckily that one joke has legs, unlike the legless cast. Grabbers sees alien squids turn on an Irish island. They're here to suck the blood of humans, but also have an intolerance to alcohol. This can mean only one thing, lock in. Other than this idea, the film is pretty standard B-movie material that sometimes subverts the genre. For example, instead of arguing over who should be the hero, they try and push others forward for the role. Seeing the actors stagger around is quite charming and funny, and the CGI aliens are astonishing looking. Coyle and Bradley have some natural, if rushed, chemistry, and overall it's a cool little movie, which will probably go down well at drinking parties.

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2012
Off the west coast of Ireland are a group of islands that would seem made for a horror movie. When you arrive the first thing you notice is the absence of cellphone coverage. Couple this with the lack of any local police and it's a screenwriter's dream. Unfortunately the people behind "Grabbers" are more interested in generating cheap laughs from Irish stereotypes than creating any atmosphere or tension.
It's a shame as this is quite a competently made film, certainly by the low standards of Irish cinema. Director Wright does an impressive job, showing a Spielberg influence in his camera movement and blocking. The cinematography makes rural Ireland look as good as it did when John Ford filmed "The Quiet Man" here. Films shot in my country are generally visually incompetent but this will do the tourism board no harm at all. For it's budget, the FX are quite good, far better than a SyFy original movie and on a par with most Hollywood blockbusters.
Ireland has never really taken to the visual arts, we're much too busy patting ourselves on the backs for a literary and theatrical tradition which has been dead for well over a century. Not counting second generation emigres like Ford and Huston, we've never produced a great film-maker. We do however manufacture many fine actors and the ensemble cast is by far this movie's strongest point, featuring some great craggy-faced character actors to complement the two charismatic leads. Bradley is a real find, one of those performers that instantly makes you feel you've been watching her for years. Coyle is actually an Englishman but his Irish accent is probably the most authentic I've heard from a foreign actor.
All this good work is in vain as the script is dull and cliched and frankly quite insulting if you're Irish. The "comic" twist is that the sea monsters are allergic to alcohol so the locals all end up getting sloshed in the pub as a means of survival. Apparently this is considered funny enough in itself so the writer excuses himself from giving us any witty dialogue or situations. It's bad enough that the rest of the world portrays us as drunken clowns, do we really need to enforce it ourselves?
Mark C.
Mark C.

Super Reviewer

August 18, 2012
We all know that various film genres tend to recycle the same story lines. And that definitely seems to be true for "Creature Features": A small isolated community (lets say a town or rural village) is tormented by supernatural or other worldly beings and the films unlikely protagonist has to rise to the occasion and quash this alien threat and save his town,village,local beach community or other. Throw in an obvious love interest and a self aware tongue in check style and you've got yourself a movie. So,that being said is their anything about "Grabbers" that makes it stand out from the likes of Gremlins,Tremors or even black sheep?......well no.

The "creature" here is a bloodsucking Alien with tentacles(hence the name "grabbers") that lands on a remote Island of the west coast of Ireland. It begins to pick off the locals left,right and centre and it's up to a drunken guard and his new dubliner lady guard partner to save the day. As I said the films main problem is with the clichà (C)d story and a lack of innovation and new ideas. We all know exactly how it's going to play out. This wouldn't be such an issue but it's just not all that funny,albeit it does have it's moments. The dialogue isn't as fast,chippy and clever as it thinks it is as it doesn't hold a candle to last years "the Guard",which it's desperately trying to be. The aforementioned "grabbers" lack the personality of the gremlins in "Gremlins" and the banter between the townfolk just isn't as good as it was in "Tremors".

Now it's not entirely a lost cause. I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh at some of the films funnier moments. The characters themselves are eccentric and likeable . The special effects,both the CG work and the prosthetics, are some of the best I've seen in an Irish movie. The performances range from fair to excellent , most notable of which being Ruth Bradley's lady cop. Bradley is the stand out in this film, especially when playing the intoxicated sections as only an Irishwoman could(I'm Irish so I can say that).Dare i say she may be one of film's greates drunks. Even though I said the film lacks new ideas, the concept of the villagers having to drink intensely to keep the monster at bay is clever,even if it's not fully utilised. What is well utilised however,is the Irish countryside which is given a dreamlike and serene quality through it's natural beauty.(which is more than can be said for "The guard")

"Grabbers" is far from a terrible film,but nor is it a great one. It's a film that seems perfectly content to sit right on the line of mediocrity. It's has a familiar feel that forces you to compare it to others that it just doesn't stack up to.
Lane Z

Super Reviewer

July 9, 2013
You may not understand every word. Heck you may not understand what's even going on. However you will enjoy everything about Grabbers in the short 90 minutes you watch it in. A great combination of horror, science fiction and comedy, Grabbers gives you plenty of laughs to go along with its absurd plot of people needed to be drunk in order to survive an alien attack for a night. This plot line is perfect, but unfortunately due to budget constraints (most likely) and a small audience, its potential isn't fully recognized. It had a real Shaun of the Dead feel to it. Great laughs with absurd killing and gimicky action. Slow to start and decent enough across the finish, worthy of a watch after a few drinks yourself with some buds.
Henrik S

Super Reviewer

March 9, 2014
A brilliant little indie gem that takes all its inherent weaknesses into which is has been constrained due to budget purposes and a general wearyness towards the genre and turns it into a delightfully self-aware monster chase in a setting that lends itself both to hilarious characters (rural Ireland) and a breeding ground for vicious monsters (murky waters and hollow caves!). The film has the charm of an Irish Off-beat comedy with very strong rural tones being painted across the silver screen through the dialogues, characters, humour and imagery. Yet, the beauty of the emerald isle is torn apart when some monster spawn drops from the sky and starts feeding from the villagers. Alas, the monster is lethally allergic to alchohol. So yeah, Ireland might be the worst place for the aliens to set their tentacles upon and so, mayhem and fun go their merry way. The structure of the film follows the classic monster movie dogma: Irritation, Disbelief, Realization, Determination, Despair and the leap of faith in the grand finale, perfectly executed with a string of surreal sense of a hangman's humour ever accompanying the angst that strikes the village. The acting is brilliant, mainly due to the casting which fits all the "roles" with real life counterparts of Irish talent. Lalor Roddy is the secret star in the film while Ruth Bradley plays with so much vigour and fun, it is a shame not more horror films opt to create female roles that are actually interesting and multi-dimensional. Tovey proves his comedy talent whily Coyle is as rugged an Irishman as they come. The SFX is surprisingly good and the film does not shrug away from showing off the monsters, something I loathe in recent shaky cam - low budget productions. Even more so, considering that the monsters must have been quite a complicated one to animate and create, but enough of that, here be spoilers .... Fantastic B-movie in the spirit of Hammer and giant monster movies with some rural Irish charm thrown in for good measure.
David S

Super Reviewer

January 3, 2014
A film that triumphs with its humour and goodwill as opposed to its horror. The idea that the aliens are allergic to alcohol works brilliantly and the isolated setting and effective soundtrack are reminiscent of 'The Thing'. It won't win any prizes for originality but the cast are on top form and the special effects are very good for a low budget production. A fun film.
Francisco  G.
Francisco G.

Super Reviewer

February 18, 2013
Another throwback of the monster comedy flicks of the 80s and 90s, Grabbers is charming but doesn't go to the next level like it could've. But it's entertaining while it lasts and features some memorable enough moments, though with a premise like this, you were expecting something completly bonkers on the last set pieces but it just doesn't happen. It's just played safe like the rest of the movie.
Ina S

Super Reviewer

September 8, 2012
The four stars have to be considered in context: this is a low-budget, trashy fantasy film made solely for entertainment. And as that, it is so, so good. And so very Irish.
June 26, 2014
Enjoyable creature-feature comedy with a distinct Tremors vibe...if it took place at a Guinness brewery.
November 6, 2013
This is another one for the British humor enthusiasts as its offbeat style of humor might not go down as smoothly as some of the pints served up in the movie to general American audiences who don't always get the wit behind British comedy. On idyllic Erin Island off the coast of Ireland, strange things are afoot as dead whales begin washing ashore and entire fishing boat crews go missing. Unbeknownst to the town's denizens, a strange light that fell from the sky a few nights before brought with it an alien species that was going to wreck havoc on the peaceful island and its heavy-drinking citizenry (luckily the drinking thing plays into their favor!). Newly arrived to-the-isle police officer Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley - Flyboys) finds herself in the midst of a crises she tries to solve with often-tipsy local officer Ciaran O'Shea (Richard Coyle - Prince of Persia) and local scientist Smith (Russell Tovey - The History Boys). When Paddy, a local elder and yet another town drunk, survives an attack, it leads the trio come to the realization that the "grabbers" -- as the mysterious tentacled species are being called for their penchant of grabbing its victims before beheading them -- have an aversion to alcohol and they advise the town's citizens to get VERY sauced in the local pub (!!) to stay out of harm's way. While the party of the century (or at least their lifetimes) is being held at the pub ran by married couple Brian and Una (David Pearse [The Guard] and Bronagh Gallagher [Albert Nobbs]) some things go as planned ... while others do not as the three try to figure out how to rid themselves of these alien beasts that range from cute, little tentacled hatchlings to ginormous and hungry monstrous mother-creature. The film does conclude a bit too easily in my opinion and I could have done without the inserted moments of (very forced) romance it thought it needed; but drinking to one's health brings on new meaning in Grabbers, a small monster-comedy with plenty of laughs that is worth a watch.
August 10, 2014
Just watched it and had to say I loved it. But then being part Irish I truly enjoyed the premise that the alien picked the wrong island to land on. They should of found an island full tea teetotalers and Ireland is the last place to find one of those. :)
August 6, 2014
A lot of people and critics seem to like this one. I feel asleep (willingly) after ~47 minutes in when I realized that the comedy is not in my style (far too dry and obvious) even once the boozing finally comes into play. The monster effects are not bad but there were no scares to be had from what I saw. Maybe you have to be drunk off your rocker to enjoy this one, but it seems rather tame in most departments (in particular, the writing of the script). Disappointing.
Angelo Dean
July 31, 2014
3 Stars
Grabbers. Good Average Film, contains a little bit of everything
July 19, 2014
Suffered from the "Final Cut" symptom of great idea with shoddy execution. This one im blaming on what seems to be a non-comedy director trying to direct a black comedy movie. Everything just falls flat, ideas are made and then thrown away, etc. sad really as its a Irish drinking movie w aliens- I mean, Come on people!
Caesar B.
June 14, 2014
Nowhere near modern classic, a bit like Attack the Block, but way better. It's actually scary at times and quite entertaining throughout. Richard Coyle surprised me, I've seen him before a couple of times, but only in clownish roles, I had no idea he could act for real. Overall the acting was good and the special effects were very convincing.

Wilhelm scream @ 0.02
April 29, 2014
It starts off kind of slow, and it never reaches full-blown monster action, but it is a bit quirky and fun. The monsters are pretty cool looking, and the CGI is pretty nice. The characters have some charm, and the humor isn't too bad. The film doesn't really pick up until the last 30 minutes though, and even then it's kind of lackluster. It's still fairly entertaining however.
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