Will Smith Adding "Pharaoh" to List of Accomplishments

The "Willennium" apparently started sometime around 690 B.C.

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If anyone in Hollywood can make a movie whose soundtrack has room for "Walk Like An Egyptian" and "Kung Fu Fighting," it's Will Smith.

According to an article published in Sunday's edition of Jam!, he could be getting ready to do just that. Pointing out the glaring lack of "a sword-and-sandals epic" in Smith's oeuvre, Jam!'s Jim Slotek and Kevin Williamson report that Smith has commissioned a script titled The Last Pharaoh from Carl Franklin. The film will tell the tale of Taharqa, the, um, last Pharaoh of the Nubian Dynasty.

Franklin has apparently "already banged out" the script, which is now being "polished" by Chris Hauty, who wrote Never Back Down ("so look for some mixed martial arts to excite the masses"). As Hauty tells Jam!, "it's an open writing assignment from Will's company. It's something he's taken a big interest in."

As we've seen repeatedly, when Will Smith takes a big interest in something, millions of people are willing to pay to see it. Anybody want to bet against this making crazy money at the box office?

Source: Jam!