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Critic Consensus: Grindhouse delivers exhilarating exploitation fare with wit and panache, improving upon its source material with feral intelligence.

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Kill Bill director Quentin Tarantino and Sin City director Robert Rodriguez join forces to offer a cinematic tribute to the blood-soaked exploitation epics of yesteryear with this hyper-violent coupling of two full-length features punctuated by a collection of outrageous trailers. The first segment, directed by Rodriguez and entitled Planet Terror, details the violent struggle between a ravenous army of zombie-like humanoids who have taken control of the planet and the remaining survivors who refuse to go down without a fight. Freddy Rodriguez, Naveen Andrews, and Rose McGowan headline a cast that also includes Marley Shelton, Michael Biehn, Josh Brolin, Bruce Willis, and Tom Savini. In Death Proof -- director Tarantino's take on such peddle-to-the-metal shockers as White Line Fever -- Kurt Russell stars as an engine-revving psychopath who prefers to take out his beautiful victims at 200 mph. With a list of potential roadkill candidates that includes Rose McGowan, Jordan Ladd, Rosario Dawson, and Vanessa Ferlito, Death Proof takes viewers on an adrenaline-infused drive that's as sexy as it is shocking. Its tantalizing title borrowed from the term frequently used to describe the seedy, 1970s-era inner-city movie theaters that screened excessive, low-budget independent films containing copious amounts of violence and nudity as a means of offering counter-programming to the decidedly more restrained big-budget studio films, Grindhouse takes its love for these unabashedly sleazy efforts one step further by offering a jaw-dropping collection of fake exploitation trailers from such directors as Rob Zombie, Eli Roth, and Edgar Wright. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovimore
Rating: R (for strong graphic bloody violence and gore, pervasive language, some sexuality, nudity and drug use)
Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror
Directed By: , , , ,
Written By: Robert Rodriguez, Rob Zombie, Edgar Wright, Quentin Tarantino, Jeff Rendell
In Theaters:
Box Office: $24.9M
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Rose McGowan
as Cherry Darling/Pam
Kurt Russell
as Stunt Man Mike
Rosario Dawson
as Abernathy
Josh Brolin
as Dr. William Block
Marley Shelton
as Dr. Dakota Block
Michael Biehn
as Sheriff Hague
Bruce Willis
as Lt. Muldoon
Michael Parks
as Earl McGraw
as Tammy
Jerili Romeo
as Ramona McGraw
Tom Savini
as Deputy Tolo
Rebel Rodriguez
as Tony Block
Carlos Gallardo
as Deputy Carlos
Quentin Tarantino
as Rapist No.1
Electra Avellan
as Babysitter Twin No. ...
Elise Avellan
as Babysitter Twin No. ...
Greg Kelly
as Rapist No. 2
Hung Nguyen
as Dr. Crane
Cecilia Conti
as Paramedic No. 1
Tommy Nix
as Paramedic No. 2
Troy Robinson
as Soldier No. 1
Derek Southers
as Soldier No. 2
Felix Sabates
as Dr. Felix
Johnny Reno
as Sax Survivor
Danny Trejo
as Machete
Cheech Marin
as Padre Benicio Del To...
Eli Roth
as Dov/Tucker
Monica Staggs
as Lanna Frank
Nicolas Cage
as Fu Manchu
Udo Kier
as Franz Hess
Matthew MacFadyen
as Hatchet Victim
Will Arnett
as Announcer
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Grindhouse is both impressive and disappointing. From a technical and craft point of view it is first-rate; from its standing in the canon of the two directors, it is minor.

Full Review… | October 26, 2007
Chicago Sun-Times
Top Critic

Not just a movie but an event in its own right, Grindhouse is simply unmissable in its complete form.

Full Review… | October 14, 2012

A paean to the exploitation films of the 70s, built more for titillation than story-telling, Grindhouse - especially the Rodriguez sequence - is nearly impossibly silly, not necessarily a bad thing, and is certainly not for everyone.

Full Review… | March 22, 2011

Grindhouse is a great experience, packed with fun, thrills, chills and gore galore.

Full Review… | October 21, 2010

Delivers all the trashy, seat-squirming, eye-covering moments your fiercely racing heart craves. Forget about "guilty pleasures." Call it a pleasure, and leave it at that.

Full Review… | June 9, 2010

Half smirk, half transcendence

Full Review… | August 27, 2009

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Quentin looks weird. Weirder.

Bob Stinson

Super Reviewer

Top 20 of all-time.

Matt Goodman

Super Reviewer

Loved the movie as a whole; the blend of Rodriguez and Tarantino go hand in hand with each other. It really doesn't seem like it's longer than 3 hours at goes by in a flash. The acting was good, both plots were original, and the killing/blood scenes were on point as usual with Tarantino. This movie is different from anything you've probably seen before, and it uses that freshness to its advantage.

Eric Alvarez
Eric Alvarez

Super Reviewer

Grindhouse Quotes

Stunt Man Mike (Death Proof): [as he drives] Hey, Pam, remember when I said this car was death proof? Well, that wasn't a lie. This car is 100% death proof.
– Submitted by Baurushan J (4 years ago)
Stunt Man Mike (Death Proof): Ladies! That was fun! Adios! [gets shot]
– Submitted by Baurushan J (4 years ago)
Lee: I can't belive a fucking Circle A clerk carries Italian Vogue.
Abernathy (Death Proof): It doesn't. It's his own personal copy. He'll let it go for 27 bucks.
Lee: [scoffs] 27 bucks?
Abernathy (Death Proof): What the fuck do you care? We're talking about fucking per diem here. We found an issue of Italian Vogue in Lebanon, Tennessee. We're lucky he's not asking for fuckin' Krugerrands. I'm getting it, and we're splitting it three ways.
Lee: What? Me, you, and Kim?
Abernathy (Death Proof): No. Kim doesn't give a shit about Italian Vogue. But Brandy will come in with us, and if she won't, Tyson, her assistant, will.
Lee: Okay, but if anyone tears out any sheets that I want, you gotta make color Xerox copies of those pages, and I'm not talkin' fuckin' Kinko's here either. You take it to the art department and have them do it fucking right.
– Submitted by Gavin S (4 years ago)
Lee: [to Zoë] I'm sorry, but what is 'home'? Is that Australia, right?
Zoe (Death Proof): [seemingly offended] What do you mean by that, mate?
Abernathy (Death Proof): Zoë's from New Zealand. And you never, I repeat, NEVER, call a Kiwi an Aussie.
Kim (Death Proof): Not unless you wanna get your ass kicked.
Lee: I'm so sorry, I really am.
Zoe (Death Proof): [Abby, Zoë and Kim laugh] We're just taking the piss out of you, mate!
– Submitted by Gavin S (4 years ago)

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