Comic-Con 2006: "Grind House" Preview

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...Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have collaborated on other projects before, most visibly on "From Dusk 'Til Dawn," and, of course, "Sin City," where Tarantino directed a segment of the film. But the collaboration on "Grind House" a "true" double feature, seems to go beyond any previous attempts, into the territory of line-blurring, no-holds-barred genre cinema at its finest. The film seeks to capture the style and allure of movies offered in 1970s "grind house" theaters, which often featured exploitation and foreign horror films.

...The films are meant to be packaged as one movie, complete with fake trailers in between. Upon hearing this, Tarantino said that Bob Weinstein reacted, "People are gonna feel ripped off when they see other movies now."

...What can audiences expect from the movie? Lots of tongue-in-cheek humor, tons of gore, great dialogue and some amazing things no one has ever seen in a movie -- including an amputee (Rose McGowan) who is fitted with a machine gun as a prosthetic leg. During the panel, McGowan stated, "If there's an amputee fetishist out there, this is the movie for them." The whole thing is drenched in Seventies genre tropes, bloody violence and oozing sexuality.

These are excerpts from an article written by Chris Carle at IGN FilmForce. Click here to read the complete article."