Jordan Ladd Lives in Thanksgiving Role

But will she make it to Kwanzaa?

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When he shot his short trailer Thanksgiving for Grindhouse, Eli Roth cast a lot of his regulars, including himself. Now, if he makes a feature length version of it, he'll have to stick with the casting, including Jordan Ladd who appears in the trailer version.

"If we make Thanksgiving the movie, I'm Judy with Tucker, Eli playing Tucker," said Ladd.

While the fake trailer includes many outrageous deaths, like landing on a knife protruding from a trampoline, Ladd made it through her segment. Only Roth's character gets killed. She thinks she's earned the right to live through the end credits in the full length film.

"I don't die yet in the trailer. I have not dying to look forward to. I've died so many times in movies, if I were a cat, I think I'd have four lives left."