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July 4, 2008
great concept executed by Tarantino....first episode goes wayyyyyy over the top with gore and violence...second episode more realistic to say the least and a more satisfying conclusion...the intermission previews are a blast!!
June 18, 2012
2 amazing directors. 2 movies that just are not worth it.

planet terror - to over the top with stupid ways of killing people (leg gun)

death proof - the better of the 2, but so boring its unbelievable. the car chase scenes dragged to much.
½ May 28, 2010
Death Proof was like awesome, but the Planet Terror was the stupidest crap Tarantino could have produced"
March 16, 2009
This was cool to see in the theatre. Planet Terror is non stop action. The time flies by. Death Proof starts well but drags in the middle before ending with a great car chase. They should've switched the order of the movies. After the fast pace of Planet Terror it is hard to sit through parts of the slower Death Proof. The fake trailers were great. I hope they make an actual movie out of Machette.
April 19, 2008
Death Proof is so bad that I can't honestly recommend watching this as a double feature. Planet Terror on it's own on the other hand...
July 24, 2008
The theatrical release of both films (Planet Terror, Death Proof) together with the fake previews as a suture (featuring my favorite guy in the whole world, Nick Frost) was my preferred version of this film experiment. As separate entities, they are still fun and effective, but I enjoy this three-plus-hour overload the slightest bit more. A love letter for true genre buffs.
July 6, 2008
I didn't like this at all - either movie! I'll give it a star just for Kurt Russell, even though he looked yucky and was an evil dude. I'll give it one more star for the gun leg. I would never have thought of something like that! That comes out to one star per movie.
June 30, 2008
these are some helluva movies..... the graphics are vintage and I like the look. It reminds me of old days, with todays special effects... its a helluva ride
June 4, 2008
i've been wanting toi see these two movies in the double feature for quiet a while now. and i finnaly did. Well the whole movie was amazing and awesome. Planet Terror was so fun to watch and kept me interested during the full movie i loved it. As for Death Proof well... it wasn't that great at all. The beginning was pretty good but as it moved on it was just plain talking and shit also the ending sucked. As for Planet terror i give it 5 out of 5 stars as for death proof i give it 2 out of 5 stars. but with both together it gets a 4 out of 5.
½ June 3, 2008
top notch film-making from a dynamic duo. a bit self-indulgent at times, but unbeatable soundtracks, casts, and photography can't be held back by masturbatory scripts and excessive send-ups. the guest trailers seal the legend and ensure that any cinemaphile worth two cents will import the R2 as (the) god(s) intended.
June 2, 2008
Okay, this double-feature is not for everybody...but it was for me. This is a bad couple of movies. The kind that you alternate cringing and laughing, and then cringing that you're laughing. For people who really love cinema, I mean really, really, love cinema, the Grindhouse theatrical experience cannot be topped, including, and maybe especially, by the two DVDs that were released last year. If you missed it, I'm sorry.
June 2, 2008
Grindhouse presents itself in the format of the old style double feature splatterfest. I saw the "R" rated version "double feature" version. The show opens with an excellent preview of an upcoming Bronsonesque film called "Machete" (Danny Trejo) which employs most of the vengeance movie cliches within just a couple of minutes. Tarentino catches the glory of all the craphole moviehouse film prints throughout Grindhouse, complete with frame jumps, print lines, missing reels (at particularly strategic points), faded frames and even a reel stall and frame burn. Since it's Tarentino, there's a lot of killing. The violence is so generally so ridiculous as to be cartoonish and is clearly descended from the sort of Peckinpahesque cinematic ballet of death one sees typified in The Wild Bunch, but some of it is a little icky-over-the-top (e.g. the splits on top of the knife in particular and the repeated genitalcentric/sexualized violence).

The first "feature," "Planet Terror," is a quintessential zombies vs. the world short flick. The humor (if you call it that, I do) is pitch black. Even the sex scene has its moments e.g. the "stump" rising in the air. Tarentino, in his cameo, has gets some of the great lines, of which this one is representative: "I've seen me a lot of weird sh*t in my day, but I ain't never seen a one-legged stripper. I seen me a stripper with one breast. And I seen me a stripper with twelve toes. I've even seen me a stripper with no brains at all, but I ain't never seen a one-legged stripper. And I've been to Morocco." The character to watch in this first segment is Cherry (Rose McGowan from "Charmed").

After another great round of short previews (how'd he get Nicholas Cage to do that?) it's time for the second feature, "Death Proof," a tale of a psychotic, road-based killer of women. It's a cat and mouse story. And, eventually, some of the mice get pissed off.

One of the treats in watching a Tarentino flick is in the multitudinous number of homage elements to other movies in general, and Tarentino films in particular. For example, in the second part of "Death Proof" when the women are sitting around the table talking about Zoe's superior physical skills, it's interesting because the Zoe character is played by the actress who was the stuntwoman for Uma Thurman in the "Kill Bill" films. (She does her own very good stunts in this flick too.) This gives the film great rewatch value for movie buffs. Kirt Russell's sweet smile to the camera before he gets in his car (as main character "Stuntman Mike") and goes about the business of what he does is just another genius moment in marrying great direction and wise casting. Another aspect of the superior writing is the way this second feature is inserted into the first in the hospital scenes, but at an earlier time in the first story's timeline. Finally, one of Tarentino's great writing strengths is in generating quirky, quick, and interesting dialogue between two characters. The second feature has less splatter and more chatter, and it's good stuff.

And, as always with Tarentino/Rodriguez films, the music is excellent.
May 29, 2008
Together, they're possibly one of the best combinations ever. I preferred Death Proof, if only because it didn't try to do as much and was more character-driven; but then, I prefer Tarentino's movies as a general rule. I didn't see this in theaters and didn't realize until reading other comments that I watched them in the wrong order; however, I think I prefer Death Proof followed by Planet Terror. I didn't think Death Proof dragged on too much, but I can see how it would if you watched Planet Terror first and were already primed for non-stop action and violence. So, anyone reading this who hasn't seen them already and is going to rent them: I suggest watching Death Proof before Planet Terror. There's a sort-of Easter egg in Planet Terror that doesn't make as much sense otherwise and chronologically, it's slightly more accurate.
½ May 28, 2008
Combined, it's great but inconsistent fun, and it's a little too layered with self-congratulatory irony to be truly transporting.
May 22, 2008
This was the best experience I have had in a theater, that I can remember. I hate watching these films seperately to me, them and the trailors included make up the Gindhouse package. Everyone argues about which film is better, and why. "Planet Terror" is an over top satire of Grindhouse films and zombie comedies(they were never this funny), and has all the over the top splatter and one liners that you might expect. "Deathproof" is a bit of cheat, Tarrantino tried to make a movie that was actually good in some objective sense of the word. Satire of slasher films is a bit trickeir than that of Zombie movies, slasher films and car films are primarily about macho guys and their machines, either cars or knives, and though car thieves movies tend to be about the open road or winning the race(which will in some round about way impress women and lead to sex), vs the more in your face slasher films which are about killing young women, and any men who should get in the way. Deathproof sees his Tarrantino taking the mysoginy of slashers and turning it on it's head. Both sets of girls in the film are catty shit talkers, yet one group can back up thier talk, and invert steroetypical cat and mouse game of evil old guy young crying stumbling beauty. And if you think Tarrantino is overreaching with a feminist car chase movie, is it really any worse than El Rey saluting Bruce Willis for killing Osama Bin Laden in service to our country. Admittedly Death Proof is the more controversial film, because of its unusual pacing, overly witty Tarrantino speak, and yes indulgance. If you can't be self indulgant with your Grindhouse movie when can you be self indulgant. I admit I was a little bit put off at first, I think the order the of the films should have been switched, "Death Proof" first with a slow build, then "Planet Terror" as a crescendo, but it might ask for more patience than modern audiences are willing to give. Anyway this really is one movie, trailers included, Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving", alone is worth the price of purchase. I think both films and all trailers included theres something for everyone here (if you like horror films that is). These films are flawed, but they are Grindhouse films after all, could they be anything other pretentious, lewd, trashy, funny, and violent?
½ May 20, 2008
2 Grindhouse flicks plus FAKE trailers for films. Rodriguez and Tarantino's Brainchild makes a wonderous placeement as an effective to the 70's double feature. Each film has it's diffrent taste to cater to. For Stalker/Slasher fans, Deathproof. For Zombie/John Carpenter fans, you get your Planet Terror.
May 20, 2008
This was a great double feature.

I hope Robert Rodriguez and Quintin Tarantino will do another double feature full of action and hardcore thrills like the Grindhouse.
½ May 15, 2008
My fave directors and a great concept. I loved the fake trailers inbetween the films.
PS I heart Bruce Willis!
May 14, 2008
The way these films are meant to be seen. A fantastic tribute to a long-forgotten genre. Planet Terror is Robert Rodriguez's incredibly entertaining first half, while Taratino's Death Proof is the more talky masterpiece. Together, with the bevy of fake trailers, this is one of the best moviegoing experiences of all time.
August 8, 2010
This was a great night at the movies. 2 features from 2 of the best directors for the price of one!
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