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January 10, 2011
Director John Anton is a genius, his editing of this movie is like a fine brush stroke on a canvas. Great action film, with some humor sprinkled in. The drug scene is very graphic. The flatulence scene is very humorous, my favorite scene.
January 10, 2011
Johnny Anton's amazing direction of this non-stop action movie, keeps you on the edge of your seat, while the timing of the strategically placed comedic elements has you ready to piss yourself.

I found that all of the stories characters were deeply intriguing and kept me wanting more. However, none grabbed me as much as Big Gom (Jason Waugh) and Charlie (Cal Somers). Waugh's portrayal of Gom was amazing, he made you laugh, then broke your heart. (great acting!) Somer's made you just love Charlie... It was great to watch their progression through the life of the story.

Goteri's portrayal of Billy "Mad Dog" Fontaine was so real, I forgot I was watching a movie and felt like I was looking through a peephole, into a back room of old Greektown.

If actor Alex Safi was born to play only one role, it would be that of Jimmy Andre; the same goes for Anthony Moscato as Nino "Papa Bear" Capazo. Though I know both these men as actors, I lost the sense of Alex and Tony and only saw Jimmy and Nino on screen. The actors that Anton cast in this film, were like a great jigsaw puzzle that fit perfectly together. With a great bookend provided by none other than the great Eric Roberts Who's portrayal of the storyteller was the icing on the cake.

In the tradition of Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and John Woo; Johnny Anton wore many hats during the making of this film... That's why in my books, he is a true filmmaker that took a lot of chances with his own pocket to put this film together. This is evident when you see how Anton paint's with peels of light, sound and emotion, translating the words
that he and Waugh penned in the telling this story of Guns Drugs and Dirty Money.

Mike Mili
December 15, 2010
amazin lovein the film makes me horn dog
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