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January 4, 2009
I had somewhat low expectations going in but Will Smith again proved to me he can carry a movie with his acting and charm. He has come a long way from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. A good movie with good laughs good action.
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May 6, 2013
A superhero movie that lacks its potential form of "super". Hancock is a predictable film that has the spark but doesn't have the fire. No doubt, Will Smith, as well as the special effects, is outstanding in every way, but the film's familiar storyline and lackluster twists is just as a bummer and mess as the protagonist himself. 3/5
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½ May 21, 2012
Hancock is an interesting type of superhero film, a new type of superhero film. This film is better than what most critics have claimed it to be. Directed by Peter Berg, Hancock is a great action drama comedy that surrounds a superhero that's hard drinking and is shy to the public eye. Hancock is a fun action film that has a good cast of actors. Will Smith delivers his best performance since Pursuit of Happyness. I felt that the film had a great story that had just the right amount of elements to really make it stand out amount the various superhero films. The film is very entertaining from start to finish, despite its minor flaws, this is a must see film for anyone that loves a superhero flick. With a cast like this, Hancock deliver top notch thrills from start to finish. There are things that could have been improved upon, but as a whole, this is a film that delivered something refreshing in the superhero genre. There are things that could have been done better, but as a whole, this film is a well done action flick with good comedic elements and drama. The effective cast make this film work well, and it's a film that is lots of fun. I felt that Hancock was underrated, and though far from perfect, it definitely is a film worth watching. Peter Berg has directed a great action flick and the good cast make this film succeed. Expect a different film with this one, and it's a welcomed breath of fresh air as well. Hancock is a flawed, but very enjoyable film, one that should appeal to super hero buffs everywhere.
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October 28, 2011
I was suprised that Will Smith could execute bad guy to be honest. Although there is bad chemistry between Will and Charlize and the dull ridiculous plotline following the two of them "discovering" each other, it wasn't that bad.
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October 5, 2011
Although this movie was a pleasure of the senses, there was little or no real sense to it. The beginning of the film started out hopefully, as a slap dash comedy of a generically unique origin as the trailer led us to believe it would be. Then the heart came in and I was a little confused, but by the end of this I was utterly exasperated and quite frankly just wanted it to end. Seven movies rolled into one, but unfortunatley not one of the many concepts covered in this film was strong in its own right, so ultimatley this mixed up little number meant nothing to me. Disappointing.
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July 12, 2008
Tricky, Hancock is a reasonable film, nothing special. The spoof type superhero thing is kinda old now and the effects are nothing special as we see things like this in films ALL the time now, big deal. There are some nice sequences and afew funny parts and the way Hancock is being presented the film is trying to get u to relate and feel for Hancock, what would it really be like to be in his postion?

This does work to a degree but it just annoys you cos you really want to have his ability and you want him to actually be a villian maybe haha I would say the first half of the film is good but the second half is not so good, the plot goes AWOL when he finds another 'superhero' person and things just get naf. It gets too serious near the end and loses it genre, is this a comedy, spoof or something to think about? a serious comedy?
The plot also becomes alittle odd and if you don't listen you lose it easy haha I'm still unsure myself but it seems the further away from the other superhero person the stronger their powers? is that right?

It's a lost chance for me, I dont like Theron, she's very overrated, same for Will Smith, highly overrated. Could of been much better and funnier.
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March 21, 2011
Although it has an interesting premise and cool effects, this movie feels dull and out of place with real superhero movies. Will Smith was cool, but maybe the wrong choice. But I think people will care more that its a cool looking movie, but for me I cared what happened during the cool movie, and was not impressed.
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July 31, 2011
Ehhhhhh, unnecessary.
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½ July 21, 2011
The premise was promising and the first half really delivers significant intrigue. But then we're given an absurd flimsy "twist" that lacks the character driven properties from the film's beginnings.

What we're left with is an extremely bitter second half that I just couldn't bare to watch. Such a disappointment :/
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June 30, 2011
Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Somehow, Charlize Theron makes the movie charming for a quick second, and then it gets terrible again. Now, I love some bad action movies, but I was very close to getting up and walking out of this one.
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June 23, 2011
Will Smith was excellent in this film and played a different sort of superhero. It was refreshing and funny.
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July 6, 2008
Reprobate superhero in the style of Superman (with fleas) discovers he is not the only one. Bateman goes a long way towards grounding this fantasy in reality. Smith is good as always and Theron is simply one of my favs no matter what she does.
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½ July 6, 2008
He is saving the world whether we like it or not.

Saw it again! A very good movie yet an unfamiliar superhero film. The story was quite good and the acting was good too with a great cast. Recommended to all!

John Hancock (Will Smith) is a drunkard with superhuman powers, including supersonic flight, invulnerability, immortality, and super-strength. Although he uses his powers to rescue people and stop criminals, his activities inadvertently cause millions of dollars in property damage due to his constant intoxication and cynical attitude. As a result, he is routinely jeered by the public and is considered a nuisance by the LAPD. Hancock frequently ignores court subpoenas and lawsuits from the city of Los Angeles to address the property damage he has caused.

When public relations spokesperson Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) departs from an unsuccessful meeting pitching his All-Heart logo for corporations that want to be seen as charitable, he becomes trapped on railroad tracks facing collision with an oncoming freight train. Hancock saves Ray's life at the cost of derailing the train and damaging other cars. Hancock is jeered by other drivers for causing more destruction, but Ray steps in and thanks Hancock for saving his life. Ray offers to improve Hancock's public image, and Hancock grudgingly accepts. Ray convinces Hancock to turn himself in for his outstanding subpoenas so they can show Los Angeles how much the city really needs Hancock when they miss him fighting crime and saving lives. When the crime rate does rise following his incarceration, Hancock is contacted by the Chief of Police to help stop a violent bank robbery. With a new costume from Ray, Hancock is released from jail and makes a triumphant return by rescuing a wounded police officer, and foiling the robbers lead by Red Parker (Eddie Marsan).

Hancock is applauded for handling the bank robbery and becomes popular once more, as Ray had predicted. He goes out to dinner with Ray and his wife Mary (Charlize Theron), with whom he reveals his apparent immortality and his amnesia from 80 years ago. After Hancock tucks a drunken Ray in bed, he discovers that Mary also has superhuman powers. He threatens to expose her unless she explains their origins. Mary eventually tells him that they have lived for 3,000 years with their powers, having been called gods and angels in their time. She also explains that they are the last of their kind and are meant to be paired. Mary does not tell Hancock the entire truth, and Hancock departs to tell Ray about the conversation. The exchange results in a battle between Hancock and Mary that takes them to downtown Los Angeles, causing significant destruction to the area. Ray, downtown in a business meeting, sees and recognizes his wife using abilities like Hancock's.

Hancock meets Ray and Mary back at their house. Mary explains that Hancock is technically her husband, explaining that they were built in twos, and that they are drawn to each other over time and great distances. When later intervening in a liquor store robbery, Hancock is shot and wounded. Visiting him at the Hospital, Mary explains that when a pair of immortals get close to each other physically, they begin to lose their powers. She also tells him that she and Hancock have been attacked as a couple many times throughout history, most recently being in an alley in Miami 80 years ago. His skull was fractured during the attack, causing amnesia. To save his life at the time, Mary deserted him, allowing him to recover from his injuries. After her explanation, the hospital is raided by the bank robber Red Parker and two other criminals that Hancock had encountered when imprisoned. Mary is shot trying to defend Hancock as he is able to stop the two men, but is further wounded in the process. When Red attempts to finish Hancock off, Ray comes to the rescue and stops the bank robber with a fire axe. With Mary dying, Hancock uses the last of his strength to flee from the hospital so that their parting would allow her to heal with her powers. Hancock is now living in New York City, working as a superhero there. As gratitude to Ray, Hancock paints Ray's All-Heart logo on the moon, giving worldwide advertisement to his cause.
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½ June 10, 2011
Not the film I was expecting. Whether or not that's a good thing I can't quite say.
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January 21, 2011
Love the action. Will Smith does great as a drunk superhero!
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August 12, 2010
Was half a good movie. Idea needed expanding before making the film.
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½ July 30, 2010
Fun at the beginning for perhaps 15 minutes, but quickly fades to a poorly written, boring annoyance.
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July 29, 2010
i really liked this movie a lot. i really liked the end of it. a really good superhero movie. B+
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½ September 13, 2008
This one seemed to last forever to me, but I did enjoy it. Will Smith did a fabulous job of being unlikeable too while you actually really liked him below the surface.
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½ February 6, 2008
a hugely pleasant suprise. after all of the negative hype out there, especially about the end, i wasnt expecting much, and i loved it. the twist was actually a lot of fun for me and the movie ended perfectly for the way the story had been set up. an enjoyable film and another example of will smith suprising me with a great movie.
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