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Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour Reviews

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August 19, 2010
Not a fan of Hannah Montana and this movie. This 3D concert is funner to watch in 2D.
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March 4, 2008
Not a life-changing cine-musical experience or anything...BUT IT ROCKED! Now, I know Miley Cyrus isn't the most talented teen performer out there but she just exudes this goofy fun-loving attitude that charms me to heck. I need to see her live! Didn't dig the backstage portions that much and Nick Jonas is seriously the only worthwhile Jo-Bro. Another drawback is that I paid an extra $2 to reserve tickets on Fandango only to be the sole screaming fangirl in the theatre. Fave songs: Start All Over, Girls Night Out, Rockstar, Let's Dance, If We Were A Movie
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½ March 17, 2008
Not a fan, never watched the TV Series. First 3D movie i've seen and for a first it was pure excellence.
July 27, 2011
I was a big fan of Miley Cyrus. I still am. But when I was younger she was my idol and I actually went to see this movie. It was actually nice and my mom enjoyed it too.
February 1, 2008
OMG it is going to be so good everyone did see her in the concert has to watch this and it has Jonas Brothers some state are already sold ot. Can u believe that. I can't wait!!!!
January 4, 2009
Miley Cyrus, the 14-year old singing sensation and star of Disney Channel's hit series Hannah Montana, will perform as both a solo artist and as her hugely popular television character, Hannah Montana...( read more ) on a 54-city tour with special guest, The Jonas Brothers
½ March 5, 2009
Yep, I watched this. And I donned the 3D glasses during the movie. What can I say about this. It's a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert. 'Nuff said.
November 29, 2008
this was just amazing to have my own tour for the first time and the jonas brothers were esppecilly amazing
January 18, 2009
Yeah I like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus! So for me I loved this and all the music. The 3d part was not all that special, but it was good and funa nd had me singing along with it. I just wish they had more of the Jonas Brothers in it, but what they were in was very good.
November 8, 2008
miley and jonas?!!!!!
what more could you want!!!!

m,iley and jonas!!!!can't get any better!!!!
½ February 1, 2008
It was okay, but I watched it on my TV && my 3-D glasses kind blew so yeahh. But I wish there were more Jonas in it! XD
October 4, 2008
Hate to admit it but I couldn't find anything else so I watched this one day. It wasn't as bad as I feared it was going to be.
September 24, 2008
My niece loved it. The songs seem to stick in your head after you've had to watch it a dozen times.
September 9, 2008
glad i didn't pay to take my daughter to see it. even she didn't watch the whole thing on disney channel.
½ September 9, 2008
In the IMAX, it was AMAZING!!! But on TV it sucks, not the same experience. But it was still AWESOME!
½ February 9, 2008
This Movie was pretty good cause I like miley's music thats all I like about her besides some of her clothes & her show
½ October 26, 2007
The Jonas Brothrs were fantabulous and amazing as usual but miley kissing nick was sooo unecessarry........ disgusting!
August 24, 2008
This movie so good but the red& blue glasses bother me I wish they let us use the re@l D glasses from the movie theather cause i still have mine & i loved All the songs except i dopn't know why they didn't show Old Blue Jeans & East Northumberland High!!!!
August 19, 2008
it was kinda stupid. there wasn't a whole lot of 3D, so that was dissapointing. well, miley/hannah was dissapointing...the only reason i put 3 stars is because of the jonas brothers being in the concert. they were awesome!!
August 19, 2008
exploitation, this young lady has grown up way to fast, Shame on you Billy Ray!! Be a real father for once!
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