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August 18, 2009
3 stars for what it was. A Disney extended TV show. 4 stars because my girls loved it and started dancing to hoedown throwdown!!! Classic!!!
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½ October 23, 2011
I really dislike Hannah Montanna, I dislike Miley Cyrus as she's been made into something she's not (an idol and a brilliant singer/actress). I really hope she goes away as she's a really poor role model for children. Won't bother seeing this.
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August 15, 2011
One of the worst films in history.
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July 7, 2010
Summary of my expression throughout the movie ---> What is this? Is it a movie? Like seriously?
Anyway, I did watch the TV version of Hannah Montana (well 2/3 times and just to see what it was all about). It's pretty similar except she wasn't the only one on the screen. The ending (where the whole audience were promising to keep the secret) was the cheesiest part I've ever seen. Like really the whole lot of them? Honestly I've never understood why she was so famous. Now by seeing her audience (where the majority was young and can be easily hypnotized with anything sparkly or more like "Hello Kitty"), I understood. In conclusion, I just want to give one star because I did liked her song in the end "The Climb" and I truly adore it. It was really touching and inspiring. Other than that, this movie was a crap.
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½ August 9, 2010
Surprisingly, it was better than what I had anticipated. It was somewhat interesting and kept me watching, however it seemed unrealistic, especially at the end. Hundreds of people go to the Hannah Montana concert and none of them bring a camera?? And all those preteen girls with huge mouths won't say anything about Hannah's secret? That was a joke. It might have been heartwarming to some, but it really destroyed it for me.
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July 21, 2010
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February 19, 2009
Charming, irresistible and a ton of fun! This is my first time to watch Miley Cyrus' family fun movie adapted on TV series. I kept laughing to see Hannah Montana vs Tyra Banks make shoe shopping fight in the store.
Music is good, likable, catchy and somewhat emotional, that song 'The Climb' isn't bad at all. Cyrus was at start kind of shaky and not so likable in my opinion, but later on everything was alright. Everyone else pretty much fit in good, as in any other higher-rated chick flick. Their acting on the other hand is silly, exactly on level of newer chick flicks.
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½ May 8, 2009
This one's dedicated to two people. Little Miss Edwards, who loves Ms Montana, and a certain Flixter friend - who shall remain nameless for fear of being tainted (Or maybe he's just a closet fan??)

The premise of Hanna Montana is utterly preposterous - that all this girl needs to do is put on a blonde wig and no-one, including those closest to her, will know it's her? (even the dumb lug in a cowboy hat who falls for her). Though, to be fair, it?s certainly no less credible than Bruce Wayne or, even more so, Clarke Kent - who only has to slick his hair and remove his glasses and even Lois doesn't know him?! But maybe it's just because those stories are for the boys?
Granted the characters are annoying beyond belief , the songs are the equivalent of someone screaming "LaLaLaLa!" down your lugholes for 90 minutes and the fictional alter ego creation, Hanna Montana, really doesn't cut the mustard as a stage presence at all. But it really isn't THE most awful thing I have had to endure on the screen. And (gulp) Miley Cyrus is actually almost likable (give her a few years and she may even have 'something'!). Either way, it was all worth it for the fun of seeing all the 6-10 year olds getting up and headbanging along to the songs - especially Little Miss E. Trashing this one really would feel like turning the music off at a school disco.
Anyway, maybe it's in my genes but I have to admit to having a bit of a closet glee that kids are getting into musicals again. And Hanna Montana is harmless fun. But don't expect me to sign up to the Zac Efron fan club just yet
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April 26, 2009
OK.. I had no interest in seeing this movie what so ever. But I have an eleven yr old niece I take care of who is a huge fan. I know I am gonna sound like a bad Aunt, but I refused to go to the theater and see this movie. I didn't think I could set through it.. But after weeks of her begging me to rent it or buy it I decided to rent it.. lol.. I can't believe I am gonna say this, but it wasn't awful as I had thought it would be. It was funny actually. I will end up buying it for her.. I am not that mean.. But I didn't wanna waste my money..lol.. So there.. I watched it and lived to talk about it..LOL..
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April 8, 2009
I Absolutely loved it, im a huge fan of the series anyway and i love the film!
I think this film was a good way of gettting rid of her childness and prove that she has grown up since the start of hannah montana, i think it shows you that she's Miley cyrus and no one else and its brilliant!
Its still got the reat humour as the series and then all the problems she encounters but unlike the series it has more meaning and seriuosness i swear i nearly cried a few times as it did tear at the heart strings! Fantastic music and taylor swift gust stars! The Hoedown dance is bloody fantastic and so catchy!
Its about miley going to tennesse but wanting to be in new york but as tim goes by she realises that its hard trying to live both worlds and isnt shore any more whether she wants to be ahnnah anymore !
This is a good movie not just for children at 16yrs i loved it!!
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½ April 18, 2009
To my new Flixster friends: please don't disown me, but I really enjoyed this movie! It's just a lot of fun! Jammin' tunes, decent performances, all around goofy, romantic, and nice. There are actually a few interesting cinematic moves too: the zoom-pan Travis reveal, the revolving door sequence, the acoustic vamp of "Rock Star." I'm pretty much over Miley Cyrus' down-home diva attitude but her songs still get me dancing and singing along in my seat.
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½ November 26, 2012
For those of you reading this, you are probably wondering why on Earth would I see something like this? It's very simple indeed, I just wanted the 12 year old boys I was babysitting to be quiet. After getting over the shock that 12 year old boys watch Hannah Montana I saw the movie and YAWN!

Hannah Montana: The (YAWN) Movie is about Miley Stewart (lazy writing, I know) leading a double life as someone talented. Miley Stewart must make a "difficult" choice of whether being a successful singer with friends and family or be an ordinary girl with friends and family, but also have a boyfriend. Where to begin? First, the plot requires you have a huge level of disbelief. Am I supposed to believe someone definition of a good disguise is wearing a blonde wig has never had a fan pulled her hair? Second, the film lacks any real conflict. This is Disney movie based on a Disney sitcom and...oh that explains everything. The cliche love story, bland characters, the rude brother, a father who obviously loves his daughter more than his son, non funny slapstick, and overused of music. Third problem, a male character in the movie gets drag into the water by an alligator as a joke. For a moment I thought that male character eaten by the alligator, but he unfortunately returns. My forth problem with the movie is the lack of good acting. By no means are the cast performance Razzie Material, but they are pretty bland most of the way. Fifth problem, you'll see the ending coming miles away and you don't even need to be seven minute in to guess it correctly. Sixth and final problem is that it's boring. It's predictable teen movie formula at it most dull and you'll be yawning all the way through. The only positives about the film are the scenery, animals, and non Hannah Montana music. You can not imagine how happy I was to see Taylor Swift in this movie, but unfortunately she's not in the movie that much so booo to Disney. Hannah Montana: The (YAWN) Movie is like a current Disney sitcom; annoying, stupid, lacks intelligence, expect this has a lower budget and is longer.

Now the music I have to address since we Miley Cyrus playing a character name Miley Stewart (once again, lazy writing). The music is passable and forgettable at best. At best some of the songs are sorta decent at best. The best song in the movie not by Taylor is Miley Cyrus The Climb. It's one of the few times she sings seriously. It's not bad actually, though the writing could have used better writing since repeats the same lyrics over and over again. The rest of Miley Cyrus music either simply bad or forgettable. If you're not fan of MIley Cyrus music this won't change your mind nor entertain outside of its intended demographic. I would like to note you should mute the TV when Miley Cyrus sings Hoedown and the film. When Miley Cyrus not singing on screen you'll be happy to hear some okay music.

Hannah Montana: The Movie is predictable, cliches, and boring all the through. It's a typical bad live action Disney fair that does very little entertain anyone outside of its intended audience. This is one TV sitcom that did not cry out movie material and is an unnecessary adaption of a TV show that known for being bad.
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December 2, 2011
One of the worst films in history.
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October 18, 2011
Yeah, this movie is bad, Miley and Billy Ray shouldn't act at all. Bad story, unbelievably bad character motivations, terrible songs, worst ending ever. Still, its not marketed towards me, so really, I can't give this a the worse score....
Luke T.
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January 15, 2011
Hannah Montana.
Childishly vain, but what'd you expect?
I don't actually have a major problem with annoying movies, or even immature movies. This is obviously both, but it's also very self-aware. I'm sure anyone who's seen this (or is going to see this) has a massive set of bias and ideas of how the film will turn out...
I'll go from the basics to more intricate opinions:
-Does it suck?
Simple answer, yes. It's certainly nothing special, and brings little to the table when it comes to the teeny-bopper melodrama/self-realization genre.
-Is the story predictable?
From the overall characters arcs, to the shallow dialogue, no moment of Hannah Montana: The Movie will come as a surprise to anyone (excluding those who tear up at HM concerts).
-Does the acting make you wanna stick an icepick through your cranium.
I wouldn't go that far (this movie isn't exactly for the same demographic as the Saw films), but there are some faint bright lights. Billy Ray Cyrus seems like he's winking at the whole project, which works.

So I have to admit, I didn't see the last two thirds because I was at a friend's house and his nieces were watching it (no I didn't buy it, rent it, or watch it purposefully). I might watch the end for the sake of the review, and then I'll send the link in a message.
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July 15, 2010
There comes a time in every man's life when he admits to himself that the idea of Superman using Clark Kent as a secret identity is actually a steaming piece of Kryptonite. He just loses the cape, adds some glasses, and the lemmings of the world are supposed to buy it hook, line, and stinker, right? But disbelief is readily suspended ...because Superman is a freakin' American icon. For teen singing sensation Hannah Montana and her alter-ego Miley Stewart, however, a lot less latitude need be extended. A blond wig on a moppet cannot disguise this movie from anything other than what it truly is: a flimsy excuse to spur more music and toy sales from the Montana-obsessed kid set.

In this G-rated musical-comedy spawned from the Disney Channel series, a young musical superstar (Miley Cyrus) heads to her Tennessee hometown after her popularity begins to take over her alter-ego's life.

The plot (insert guffaw here) ultimately hinges on Montana/Stewart hanging it all up...but before her decision hits the audience with a deadening 'd'uh,' she bursts into songs, pratfalls and puppy love galore. It is supposed to have low humor and a simplistic story for a younger audience-yes, your reviewer gets it. But families deserve better than a bargain basement script and scenery-chewing cast. The film is less I Love Lucy's infamous grape-stomping scene and more just the stomped grapes. There is always a song break, however, as if to remind pint-size filmgoers that the soundtrack is available to download for a nominal fee.

Bottom line: Achy breaky crap.
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April 7, 2009
I am not quite familiar with the TV series, but tdue the hype around it I have expected something above the averagfe family movie. Instead I saw yet another very predictable and not quite notworthy film, which included some popular, but entertaining at moments music. Not really a film for you if you are more than 14 years old.
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½ April 3, 2015
Easily one of the worst films ever. I actually felt bad for everyone who chose to be a part of this film.
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½ November 20, 2009
A complete mix of terrible direction and awful acting.
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