Rex Reed (top critic): did you even watch the movie?

by the look of his review he didnt or just didnt pay attention (at all!) his whole review is filled with mistakes about the movie. I know reviews are just people's opinions but if your gonna give your opinion on something atleast get the facts right! And I know its just a movie but I think it should get a honest and right review.
Ashes Romero
01-31-2013 06:18 PM

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Christoph Brinkmann

Christoph Brinkmann

Make no mistake, though, it's still an awful movie.

Mar 6 - 08:00 AM

Linda W.

Linda Ward

Agreed. Reading that review, I can only guess that he idiotically went in expecting some kind of historically accurate send up of the original fairy tale. As if the poster with a freaking pump action shotgun and form fitting leather clothes on it didn't give it away. Of course, then he insists there was gang rape (there wasn't), pedophila (there /wasn't/), rival witch hunters (sorry, again, no), and flesh eating dogs of all things. He also makes claims that Hansel couldn't keep it in his pants and he has /no/ concept of the timeline of the movie. All of this combines to make me think he got /some/ of the story second hand from someone who actually saw it and then just made the rest up. Bah.

Feb 1 - 09:33 AM

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