Box Office Guru Wrapup: Harry Potter Enjoys Monster Opening


This weekend, wizard fans united and sent the much-hyped fantasy sequel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 soaring to the number one spot with a massive opening weekend of $125.1M, according to estimates, making it the highest-grossing debut ever in the seven-film series. Launching ultrawide in 4,125 theaters, including a record 239 IMAX locations, the dark PG-13 adventure averaged a sensational $30,332 per site and ranks as the sixth best opening weekend of all-time behind The Dark Knight ($158.4M), Spider-Man 3 ($151.1M), The Twilight Saga: New Moon ($142.8M), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ($135.6M), and this year's Iron Man 2 ($128.1M). Back to Article



KateBeckinsaleLover Clarke

Part 2 will definitely have the best opening and legs (hopefully) of them all.

Nov 21 - 08:34 PM

August M.

Agustin Macias

Enjoy it WB because it might have a huge drop next week. As for me, it was alright with great character moments and that's it. The action was not as "epic" as many state(There are better out there). Just wait until the second half for the real epic action scenes.

Nov 21 - 09:19 PM

Cole R.

Cole Ruster

Deathly Hallows was incredible... even my non Harry Potter loving wife loved it.

Nov 21 - 09:42 PM


NOTHING SHOULD OF OPENED! Against Potter that the stupidest thing to DO In other news glad to hear potter made over 125 million dollars can't wait to see Part 2 buzzing about it being the last one EVER Will Break it to make opening weekend of July More money. But my theory is that Potter movies in the past make less money in the summer no Idea why it basically a fall movie!

That new cartoon from Disney looks funny as hell and can't wait to see Faster with the rock and getting closer to the two final huge movies of 2010 Tron 3d and Chronicles of Naria

Nov 22 - 01:45 AM

Geoff O.

Love Stallion

No surprises with Deathly Hallows. I thought it actually might make more. The movie was solid all around and I think the best of the entire series. It was the first one that felt like it captured the full depth of the wizarding world from the books, not just random bits of magic that is supposed to wow us. I will gladly shell out money to see it a second time. It was extremely satisfying, even if it is "incomplete."

Congrats to you, Warner Bros. You continue to release hit movies.

Nov 22 - 01:55 AM

Rash Hunt

Rash Hunt

Skyline cost ten million? Shitty film or not that is pretty impressive considering the special effects.

Nov 22 - 01:59 AM

Lumbergh Phucter

Jamie Eakins

It's still undetermined whether that FX team used Sony's "Battle: Los Angeles" resources for "free" or not. And why that budget was released is also a mystery.

Nov 22 - 07:31 AM


'schak Attack

I predicted HP would make between 50-200 mil during opening weekend.

Boom! It made right in the middle of my perfect predictions.

I am awesome.

Nov 22 - 05:45 AM


Big Brother

Definately the most loyal to the books of the series and they did an amazing job re-establishing lagged plotlines. Maybe not as faithful as the first two Chris Columbus versions, but the story has become much more complex since those days so it doesn't even really compare. Only complaint is it could have used more Voldemort.

Nov 22 - 06:05 AM


Daniel Klein

The Good: HP was DAMN solid and tracked the book so well that I almost started getting nostalgic for three years ago (when I read it). I agree with the guy who said this movie was supposed to get me pumped for Part 2 and it DID. The Potter says: JUST BRING IT.

The Bad: This isn't even so much the movie as the book- the only down-side to tracking the book so slavishly was that the parts of the book that dragged took up a lot of screen time. I remember thinking 'damn, do they really have to-- oh, yeah. They DO have to because it's in the book...'

Finally, I haven't ranted about spelling or grammar in a while, so in the spirit of the holiday: to the (at least two) people who apparently don't know:
IT'S FUCKING SPELLED d-e-f-i-n******I******tely.
Fourth grade was a bitch, I know, but let's get passed it, aye?

---END RANT---

Nov 22 - 07:13 AM

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