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If you get past the retro Nancy Drew title, this is a worthwhile effort.

November 3, 2008 Full Review Source: Toronto Star | Comments (14)
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tony t.

tony tran

You know, i really hate it when critics lower their standards to give a movie a good rating. i.e. "if you get past x, and ignore y, eventually you get to something half-assed".

Nov 4 - 08:09 AM

Cory H.

Cory Heads


Nov 5 - 08:03 AM


Frisby 2007

Two words

Feb 14 - 03:09 PM


richard dye

I honestly hope lots of people take Tony Wong's recommendation and go to see this movie. NOT ONE of them will enjoy it and maybe Tony Wong will get what he deserves, FIRED. Any critic who would even half-heartedly recommend seeing this movie should not be seen or heard.

Nov 5 - 08:33 AM


John B

please fire this guy. it's like "if you get past the cruddy overused plot, the awful acting, and horrible directing, you'll enjoy the music". awful review.

Nov 5 - 11:19 PM


Jared Dawe

AS with all crap horror films- it's edited well...and has a decent, though hokey opening...

Just because it's paced well and chopped up in great ADD fashion does not make it a worthwhile effort...

...but I love how Tony T puts it. Perfect reply with the perfect words.

Nov 6 - 12:58 PM


adam ramberg

Just because one movie is better compared to another doesn't mean it's still a good movie. Crappy review.

Nov 9 - 07:08 PM


Frisby 2007

I don't see how this movie could possibly be better compared to another; hell that shitty remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is better than this.

Feb 14 - 03:13 PM


mike t

It looks like you're Wong.

Nov 13 - 04:53 PM


Doug Lane

I don't even understand why this is fresh...he gave it 2 and a half stars. Regardless, this review is so misleading. WELL DISREGARD MY STAR RATING AND IF YOU GET PAST THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE AND THE TERRIBLE ACTING AND HORRENDOUS EDTING THEN YOU HAVE YOURSELF A DECENT MOVIE SOMEHOW LOL! Moron...

Nov 13 - 09:49 PM


Glenn Cabasso

someone actually reviewed this piece of s*** good?

Nov 15 - 11:37 AM

LeKisha C.

LeKisha Cave

...did you even watch the movie?

Mar 6 - 07:51 PM

Jake n.

Jake nunya

LOL. This movie was terrible. There's no way around it. I want my hour and 30 min. back!!

Mar 8 - 05:43 PM


Frisby 2007

I almost laugh, HARD, from the commercials. This movie looked like a joke, & just by those commercials, I wouldn't even give this movie a score above 10%.

Oct 14 - 08:36 PM


Frisby 2007

I saw this movie a few weeks back, & I wish I was watching "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" instead of this shit (the only one of the Twilight franchise that sucked major-fucking dick). This is who-knows how much time of my life I will NEVER, EVER get back.

Feb 14 - 03:07 PM


Frisby 2007

Its been over 2 weeks since I saw this movie, & I'm still dead inside because of it. I'd rather FORCE myself to watch shit like New Moon (the only of the franchise that sucked hardcore dick), The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl, Chicken Little, or Cars than to ever watch this shit ever again!

Feb 14 - 03:12 PM

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