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July 3, 2014
With a superb, fluent and dramatic visual technique (cinematography and photography plus spike's direction), He got game is one of the best or the best sport movie of all time. Visualy it's superb with some great performances by washington,jovovich and dawson and a magnificent score, He got game is one of spike lee's best movies.
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½ June 21, 2014
Spike Lee, dare I say, is the first Hollywood spokesman of black culture, and what do you know, Denzel's involved with another one of his projects, "He Got Game".

"He Got Game" may just seem like just another basketball movie but underneath the hood is a compelling story about tension between a father and son. And for the most part, the story sells itself. Coupled with the great Denzel and even Ray Allen, there's a lot of opportunity. However, because this film was made near the beginning of the permeation of black culture into Hollywood, it fails to develop a true tone that encapsulates what black culture is truly about. Don't get me wrong -- Spike Lee vividly portrays the culture through the narrative, but the writing and the score becomes extremely tacky. Raw and gritty scenes occur throughout which is, at times, shocking but it's all paired with a very "Disney" like music. It's extremely jarring.

In the end, it's all about how effective the movie was. And was it? Absolutely. With the sharp direction from the eyes of Spike Lee, to the superb acting from Denzel, "He Got Game" not only sells itself as a captivating story, but also as a solid film.
½ December 24, 2013
Great movie, My favorite Spike Lee film.. Almost made me cry and I don't cry bro.
½ May 8, 2014
Both Ray Allen and Denzel Washington are excellent in this film. The script is interesting as it takes a serious look at the importance of sports in the American culture. I would recommend this interesting drama.
April 4, 2014
Pretty good Washington basketball drama. Oh, and Spike Lee's directing style is usable here for music, pop culture reference, they all work out well. The father and son relationship that is so inspiring that others should learn from. Again, this might be one of Lee's most underrated movie, and still this guy did some of the best movies of all time (Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, 25th Hour)
March 28, 2014
He Got Game est un des film decisifs de la carriere de Spike Lee tant il represente en 2h15 le meilleur de l'auteur new-yorkais. Son talent de technicien y trouve un ecrin parfait pour s'exprimer (les plans sont tous magnifiques, pas une seule faute de gout), sa mise en scene est eblouissante (sa maniere de meler des scenes de playground avec de la musique classique est exceptionnelle), les acteurs sont resplendissants, avec un Denzel Washington qui n'a jamais ete aussi inquietant et le scenario traite de themes aussi importants qu'universels. Le plus impressionnant, ce que ce n'est meme pas son meilleur film.
November 27, 2013
Beginning-5Middle-5Ending-5= Great!
½ March 27, 2014
Denzel Washington gives an incredibly powerful performance, and Ray Allen is surprisingly good too. Spike Lee does a great job of creating characters that audiences are immediately invested in and making you care about the decisions they make in the film.
March 30, 2011
Ray Allen's jump shot? A 10. Ray Allen's acting? A 4. Like okay bro you're good at basketball.
January 10, 2014
Overlong, vulgar and graphic, still, "He Got Game" is a simple but acceptable sports drama with passion at its core from the director/writer Spike Lee.
½ January 10, 2014
É pouco menos que constrangedor reparar como Spike Lee arruína um dos seus melhores argumentos originais em "He Got Game". Se há um potencial enorme no melodrama do pai recluso, que obtém uma licença de alguns dias para convencer o filho pródigo a escolher determinada universidade (quando essa é a mais importante decisão na sua carreira de basquetebolista) para reduzir a sua pena de prisão, a maior parte das opções de Spike Lee, no tratamento dessa história, fizeram com que perdesse um excelente filme às mãos de todo o tipo de exageros. Compreende-se que Spike Lee aplique toneladas de estilo nesta ode visual ao basquetebol e a todos os sacrifícios que o desporto exige, mas nada disso obriga a que todas as mulheres no filme sejam representadas como agentes do mal ou a que a música sinfónica de Aaron Copland imponha um ambiente de ópera urbana mesmo em cenas de vulgar afecto familiar. Além disso, "He Got Game" demonstra uma enorme dificuldade em perceber quando deve terminar cada uma das suas cenas e parece que só o sempre impecável Denzel Washington (espicaçado por um argumento realmente cativante) impede que este seja outro dos joints desastrosos de Spike Lee.
September 7, 2007
1/6/2014: A pretty good movie with a good cast. Some of the acting was poor, but generally pretty good.
½ October 29, 2013
2014-01-04 pretty good but slow and quirky, and the very end was weird.
February 12, 2010
This movie was awful. I generally love sports movies too, so I was very disappointed. Ray Allen can't act, but one thing I enjoyed was the cameo appearances. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
September 12, 2013
Someone asks me today, "Joe, what is your favorite Spike Lee Joint?" I would say Inside Man, BUT this film gets a special mention in my collection. I have always been a huge fan of Denzel dating all the way back to when I saw Glory in the 7th grade. That being said, Denzel is in Inside Man, so case closed. I should say that I don't play basketball or too many sports for that matter, but I enjoys films about them for sure. Friday Night Lights, Eddie, etc. this film takes sports films and flips it on the ear. It is Sports-Drama which has been done before but not like Spike Lee can do it. I won't tell the whole story but Denzel has to get his son, Ray Allen to go to this one school for college so he can get out of prison early, and yeah. The cast is solid, Denzel, Ray Allen, Rick Fox, Rosario Dawson, Harper Hill, etc. I know its a serious film that has some laughs when needed and plenty of heart all the time. Most films can't pull off the frequent flash back film style but this is one that can. I don't know how to explain other than, you need to see this if you look good movies and sports, this is a perfect combination of the two.
June 12, 2013
Spike Lee at his finest here. My one gripe is the time; it's a little too long and could've been cut. However, the one-on-one scene concluding 'He Got Game' ranks up there with the best in the business.
August 17, 2013
I got game
She got game
We got game
They got game
He got game
It might feel good
It might sound a lil' somethin
But the fuck the game if it ain't saying nothin'
August 6, 2013
I have to admit that I watched this movie nearly 15 years after it first came out. However that probably means that I appreciate it more now considering how the film still manages to maintain it's message all these years later. Denzel Washington proves that he has 'got game' once again. He seems to have a knack for taking on roles where the audience is able to not only identify but also sympathise with his characters, and this is no exception. Considering he is not an actor, Ray Allen proved to hold his own on-screen and this was refreshing to see. Not sure there are many other basketball players out there that could have held there own on the same stage as an actor like Denzel Washington.
½ August 4, 2013
Typical Spike Lee: bizarre and interesting. Ray Allen's acting chops are the highlight of the film.
July 25, 2013
"Jesus" and "Booger" are two of the best character names ever.
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