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February 24, 2010
Foreshadowing. Most Chris Rock-lead movies are terrible, this one is his best.
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January 4, 2009
Five years ago this movie might sound ridiculous and unreal maybe unreal. But now if you watch it it could be a glimpse to the future with a very funny and ironic view. The movie have some really funny moments. It is directed by Chris Rock and from the beginning we can see his typical kind of humor with a lot of social criticism and political satire. The cast is good. Chris Rock is great and Bernie Mac hilarious, together they make an excellent couple of comedians. Robin Givens, James Redhorn and Lynn Whitfield complete the cast and add a very good support to the movie.
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September 19, 2006
I'm so glad the studios ended up trusting Chris Rock to direct a movie. Man, he should run for President. Although he crosses the surrealism line a little too often for my tastes, this movie was a hilarious indictment of phoniness in American politicians. I have a little souvenir "Crib Malt Liquor" bottle in my room.
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March 23, 2006
I know what your thinking, Chris Rock in a bad movie?
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March 7, 2011
This is a very funny satire of our political system and of black culture with the general premise being a black man is chosen to run for president by a white establishment that assumes he'll lose. Chris Rock plays Mays Gilliam, an alderman who finds himself running for President of The United States after the original presidential candidate dies in a plane crash two months before the election. Obviously, he is being set up to lose, but (of course) begins winning over the people and ultimately taking control of his fixed campaign with his street smart unorthodox methods. Bernie Mac plays Alderman's bail bondsman brother turned vice president running mate providing laughter with his rough and rumble ways. Robin Givens plays Gilliam's stalker ex-girlfriend.
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June 28, 2010
Hey, what can I say, from beggining to end, I enjoyed this movie.
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June 27, 2007
I saw it a long time ago. I didn't like it very much.
½ June 13, 2013
Although it's forgettable and a little bit incoherent, Head of State has enough humor from Chris Rock and Bernie Mac to keeps itself from sinking.
June 27, 2007
It has some funny parts but overall there is not enough meat to make a full movie out of. Chris Rock is very good; I cringe to think what this would have been with anyone else in the lead. His timing and ability to satire the political system with keen remarks and cutting delivery keep this from failing. As a satire the movie works pretty well but I wish they had exaggerated more and dug in deeper in a more while making their points. Chris Rock carries the whole movie on his back and it is a shame that there were not better support characters to bolster this movie and push it to the next level. Bernie Mac's character was unfortunately undeveloped and underutilized as the Vice President candidate. The overly simple plot did not do any favors either. If Rock had more help this could have been really good but there are too many things that do not work and it settles for middle of the road.
½ April 6, 2013
It tries hard, but it tries a bit too hard. However if the whole movie was like the last 20-25 minutes where Mays Gilliam gives his surprisingly well scripted speech, it would've been a lot better.
January 22, 2013
Pretty solid comedy, but it tries a bit too hard. However, the repeated line of "God bless America, and no place else" is pretty damn funny.
½ January 22, 2013
Strangely prophetic, but it's just so badly made that the fact it's overlooked is a GOOD thing. Chris Rock, you could've done so much better.
½ August 19, 2012
YO mam's butt's so big, that when she sits down, she's 2 inches taller!!!! YO MAM"S GOT A REALLY BIG ASSSSS!!!!!! hilarious. I love chris rock. Very cliche, but hilarious.
½ March 28, 2012
Review #492 Comedy, Satire, Chris Rock becomes president

While it certianly could of been better, for what it was, it was still a funny movie from opening credits(or the fake opening credits) to the very end.
April 26, 2011
Expect the expected, and the weak slapstick but at times you really get tuned in with the movie...only o.k
½ July 9, 2010
I cant really remember this one. Me and my mom watched this and that was the only time in my life that i have seen it but from what i remember it had alot of good laughs.
January 12, 2010
a more darker and comedic way to look at politics. chris rock and bernie mac are hilarious from start to finish. although this film is extremely unrealistic(not because the president is black, but because of the way he campaigns and the speeches he gives), its a new fun way to look at politics it is just enjoyable throughout. and what do you know we have a black president now.
December 5, 2009
Pretty unfunny. I just don't find Chris Rock that funny. His annoying voice and humor just isn't my style.
September 8, 2009
While the concept is good and the speeches are a teensy weensy bit inspiring, Head of State just makes me feel uncomfortable with terrible jokes and crappy performances.
½ July 18, 2009
A real missed opportunity from Chtis Rock. What could have been a real comedy with a real message is just a sometimes funny formulaic film. And since we now have elected an African American President...a good version of this movie will never be made and most of what was funny about this one if dated and pointless. Chris Rock the director has a ways to go judging by the movies I've seen thus far.
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