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Heartburn Reviews

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Super Reviewer

July 26, 2012
The marriage between a columnist and his wife degrades when she discovers his infidelity.
Nora Ephron makes me hate white people. These two privileges, upper-class, yuppie white people smack of the kind of white sense of entitlement that would make me turn into Malcolm X. Thinking about Ephron's films, I can't remember a single non-white character who isn't carrying a tray or, as is the case in this film, saying, "Meesus Forman" in a caricature of a Hispanic maid; her main complaint about Rachel nemesis in the film is that she's "messy," as though the only way this woman can evaluate one's character is through her work.
Now, I suppose you're saying that since race isn't a concern for Ephron, it's unfair to bring it up, or you're saying that Woody Allen has only one African American character in his entire oeuvre (Cookie from Deconstructing Harry) who merely serves to set up a racist joke. It's true that Ephron isn't writing about race, but it's nonetheless inappropriate to have the only depiction of nonwhites in subservient roles; if race isn't one of Ephron's concerns, then don't include any nonwhites in any role; have a white maid. Eliding nonwhites seems less offensive to me than confining nonwhites. And I admit one of Woody Allen's weaknesses is his single-color pallet, but in his entire film collection, there is only one instance where a nonwhite is confined to a subservient role, and this a non-speaking maid in Hannah and Her Sisters. As racist depictions go, Allen's not good, but Ephron is horrid.
The detestable depiction of race in Heartburn isn't the only thing that bothered me about the film. The conflict literally doesn't start until the film is forty-seven minutes old. For an eternity, we have to watch these yuppies be unpardonably happy with their courtship, their child, and their seemingly insouciant ability to get over their fears of marriage and commitment - serious fears that are glossed over and defeated with some simple spooning. It's so boring in a way that only the overly saccharine Ephron can bore one.
The half-star bonus point is for Jack Nicholson who has some good moments and for one scene with a jewelry salesman that was well-written.
Overall, after Julie and Julia and Bewitched, one would think that I'd learn my lesson.

Super Reviewer

August 6, 2007
Bittersweet comic drama that knowing the actual background inspiration is at times uncomfortable to watch. Nicholson is fine but Meryl's is the performance that really stands out. A high quality supporting cast however isn't really put to good enough use.
Nicki M

Super Reviewer

October 16, 2008
I think I would rather cut my ear off than watch this movie ever again. While technically a good film, it has been a long time since I loathed two characters in a movie so much.
The plot is basically smug, whingey, whiney 30 something (who dresses more like 40 something. Sooo frumpy all the way through this) marries womaniser, thinking of course that she is different and can change him. Oddly enough, he is soon cheating again (what a shocker). I found Meryl Streep's Rachel so unpleasant I really felt very little sympathy for her. Ditto Jack Nicholson's Mark - I don't think he was even meant to be likeable. It was just little things like her complete lack of manners anytime she was being served in a shop (right down to final scene with obnoxious child who looks like a female Chucky. Yes, that's just what I would hope to be stuck next to on a plane). Just the most self observed character ever. And this is supposedly a true story. Heaven forbid.
Mike T

Super Reviewer

October 9, 2006
Another fantastic film from Mike Nichols. This darker than dark comedy is powered by marvelous performances from Nicholson and Streep and signature directorial flair. Although Ephron's script is slightly lacking in clarity as to what it wants to say, it's a funny and involving story overall. Highly recommended.
Sunil J

Super Reviewer

August 10, 2007
Nice chemistry but just an okay movie.
Sarah P

Super Reviewer

September 13, 2008
I enjoyed the comedic aspects of this film much more than the dramatic. I also really enjoyed Catherine O'Hara, she added some spunk.
June 26, 2012
Regardless of the back story, I thought this was a rather good movie. Very sad and very true. Real life doesn't follow a plot line. Love isn't black and white. Besides, it's Meryl Streep. She could do a monologue for 4 hours and I would love it!
November 21, 2011
With the talent in this, surprised this turned out to be a really bad Lifetime movie, which I guess is an oxymoron. Was hoping to see something about Nora Ephron (in career I mean her one good movie) and Carl Bernstein's careers, but in fictionalizing their story, it takes out anything interesting in their lives. Probably the worst Mike Nichols film I've seen so far.

Also, Kevin Spacey as a younger, sweaty and balding street tough is just disconcerting.

Another thought: In this movie Jack Nicolson's character has a baby daughter, and he makes cutesy baby faces to her - it is fucking terrifying. Seriously, I bet the baby used is still going through the therapy needed to cope with such a traumatic event in her life.
September 14, 2008
This Film is for anyone who has ever given their heart away only to have it smashed repeatedly by the man or woman you had chosen for "life". Your heart will break with Meryl Streep's charactor's. But when you see the beginning of her newfound strength, you will rejoice equally as much! I highly recommend this timeless piece!
August 16, 2007
I will watch anything Jack does! But, this movie I think was just an excuse for he and streep to act together. Not much meat to the story...had seen this story line other places.
March 9, 2007
If you are a female and you've ever been cheated on, you will be able to relate to Meryl Streep in this movie. It's sad and shows just how some men can be!
April 14, 2006
Where could one go wrong... Nichols, Nicholson, Streep. It could of been so good, but it wasn't... So sad.
January 19, 2014
With Streep and Nicholson, you are left wondering how much better Heartburn could have been, and they do their best to save it from an uninspired script.
November 26, 2013
I loved everything about this movie. It captures the time perfectly an is smart and engaging! I will watch it again.
January 15, 2012
From Ephron's script to the performances of Streep and Nicholson - it gives you exactly what it said: "Heartburn."
October 3, 2008
Great Performances By Nicholson and Streep Featuring Carly Simon's Perfect Coming Around Again!
October 21, 2012
How is this getting bad reviews? It's wonderful!
July 26, 2012
Meryl is wonderful --let me get that out of the way. But the movie is boring and sort of pointless. Jack is a cad (but of course) . So? Glad Nora moved past this.
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