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August 27, 2013
It was very boring.... frankly it feels 40 minutes to long.
September 8, 2012
I stopped watching it... It wasnt that interesting
May 19, 2012
By the numbers kidnap story that for 'being based on a true story' was no excuse for such a plainly over dramatized bore. Benz is a fine actress in supporting roles but having to carry the movies minuscule plot, that's pretty old hat, and bring something new is an impossible ask.
½ April 14, 2011
Oops, what a waste of time. [i]Held Hostage[/i] is based on the true story of Michelle Renee, a bank executive who is kidnapped, held prisoner (along with her daughter) and terrorized for 14 hours, then forced to steal a large amount of cash per the demands of three masked men. The movie covers too much of what happened afterward and hurriedly at that. It morphs from thriller to sentimental and courtroom mush within the first 15 minutes. Too much damn crying for my taste.
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