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½ May 24, 2015
Retrato de las historias de "aquellos que vemos en el periódico". Lenta y profunda historia cimentada en un sombrío transcurrir, bien efectuado al contar uno de los tantos por qués de la suciedad en la que muchas famlias viven frente al factor narco que asecha a los más vulnerables (aquellos olvidados por la Ley y coaccionados por ella).
½ April 10, 2015
A lovely shot film with some gruesome scenes. We follw a young man in Mexico who takes care of his 12 year old sister. She is in a realtionship with an older guy that get's mixed up in some druggy business. Things get tight and things get's ugly.

Lovely paced, interesting and slowly grinding. The one song featured is super cool. It let me off my toes after a while and flattens out a bit. That's sad since this is really a great story beneath all the grimmness. The atmosphere reminds me a lot of the Chilean film "To Kill A Man". This film is grittier but just as good.

7 out of 10 girl curls.
February 1, 2015
The performances are hard to come, but director Amat Escalante achieves to portray quite good a sad reality in the country, that affects almost every zone, overcoat zones like Heli's one.
December 8, 2014
YA quiero verla, no vino aca al cine asi q ni modo, toco pirata.
July 6, 2014
A pesar de tener una buena primicia, Heli propone muchas cosas que al final no cumple y aunque tenga escenas crudas no sirven para rescatar un pobre guión.
July 3, 2014
An independent Mexican crime-drama. It was chosen to represent the country in the 86th academy awards. The story of a brother and sister. The responsibility of the brother was showcased when his family was torn by outraged men belong to the drug trafficking. Just another side story of the movie 'Trade' between a family, law and brutal world.

In a small desert town, Heli, in his 20s lives with his dad and a teen sister Estela. He's married and has a little baby. He and his dad work for the same automobile factory while his sister is at school. An army camp is held for nearby their village. Estela's secret relationship and army's raid on drug dealers, all these lead to get involved in an affair for this little family. The corrupted law is not an option to rely so Heli must stand his own and fight. The world he's after is not for a person like him, he had left no choice other than going for it.

It was a good movie in the aspect of exhibiting the contests. The synopsis says, it is a heroic movie. Heli won't just go into the underworld and smack everyone down. The presentation was in realistic approach. A very well told story with limited characters and dialogues. Yes the movie talks less and displays more, but not completely. Leaves many unsolved mysteries, though it makes you sure you understand without showing the other side of the narration. It's better as now than revealing everything because it could have been lots of violence. A couple of scenes were raw and violent. A bit disturbing as well.

The problem with this movie was the rest of the world received it well, but the natives did not. The reason is the country was portrayed in the bad shade. Like the one we always see in the Hollywood movies which denoted how dangerous is their neighbor. The flaw and the misuse in the law enforcement, especially people from isolated place had to face their problem by themselves. So Mexico's not the only one to have issues like this, but many other parts of the world do. The filmmaker hailed from there so he did this. Remember this movie is better compared to 'Trade' which was more disturbing. In the end, both these movies were not neglectable, because of the plot it showcase was one of the actual crimes that happens everywhere.
June 14, 2014
A masterpiece. The score above is a joke.
April 20, 2014
Last week in this column, I reviewed Jia Zhangke's A Touch of Sin, a bleakly violent state-of-the-nation portrait of modern China that earned Jia a best screenplay award at the 2013 Cannes film festival. At the same awards ceremony, the prize for best director went to Amat Escalante for his blacker-still account of life in Mexico, which earned instant notoriety for its deadpan depiction of torture, kidnapping and hellish corruption.

With its quasi-documentary air of "realism", exhausted palette, and trademark extended shots (cinematographer Lorenzo Hagerman taking full advantage of the flexibility of digital shooting), Heli paints a harrowing and often unbearably grim picture of a lawless bandit country, the indignities of which are made all the more powerful by Escalante's evident compassion for the struggling characters at the sharp end of all this escalating chaos.

Opening with an image of mortifyingly mundane violence (a body hung from a bridge) to which the film will later loop back, Heli centres on the titular young man, played with winning ease by Armando Espitia, who lives with his wife, baby, father and young sister in a ramshackle home in the provinces. Heli and his father both work at the vast car plant around which their home town appears to have sprung up, while 12-year-old Estela (Andrea Vergara) divides her time between attending school and secretly meeting 17-year-old cadet Beto (Juan Eduardo Palacios) with whom she plans to run away.
When Beto stashes two bags of cocaine in the water tank of Estela's home, the protective Heli is outraged and disposes of the drugs, thereby provoking a descent into a violent underworld from which few return intact.

Drawing upon real-life accounts of everyday atrocities, Escalante (director of the similarly controversial Sangre and Los Bastardos) and co-writer Gabriel Reyes conspire to drag Heli and his family through an ordeal that is apparently far from uncommon. Told that they will "get to know God in the land of the damned", the central characters find themselves at the mercy of affectless thugs whose relationship with the law is deliberately obtuse. Are the armed police who arrive at Heli's home gangsters in disguise, crooks dressed as cops? Are they rogue officials, in league with the drug lords? Or are they in fact bona fide law enforcement officials, randomly terrorising the community whom they are supposed to protect?

An early sequence of a huge stash of marijuana, cocaine and pirated DVDs (ha!) being burned by uniformed officials to generate public confidence rings with hollow laughter, a farcical fiery gesture amid a wasteland of ever-expanding tragedy and corruption.

What gives Heli its edge is the stark juxtaposition of almost surreal horror and tangible domesticity, a combination that lies at the dark heart of Escalante's vision. Scenes of Heli's home-life are convincingly etched, with non-professional performers (only the actor playing his father has previous screen experience) lending an air of relaxed naturalism.

Later, this domesticity will become the film's most disturbing element, as home-grown torture is enacted in the presence of children, their attention divided between the flickering images on the TV screen and the real-life beating of a man in whose violation and humiliation they are invited/forced to participate. While the genital mutilation of one of the characters has become Heli's notorious talking point, the digital effects involved in this shot are, if anything, a distraction from the greater horror of a world in which childhood itself appears to have been incinerated.

This is of central concern to Escalante, whose narrative is driven (albeit circuitously) by the relationship between a soldier who is more boy than man and a young girl whose childish dreams of marriage seem destined to be overshadowed by premature motherhood. In this God-fearing land, teenage pregnancy is rife and abortion outlawed, creating a world in which the divide between parents and children is all but indistinguishable. Yet there is none of the leering quality of Larry Clark in Escalante's portrayal of children old before their age; a sequence in which Beto proves his strength to Estela by lifting her like a dumbbell is arresting and affecting more for its pathos than for any creepy shock value.

Similarly, the poster shot of a bare-chested Heli facing an armoured vehicle that looms larger than his house has become emblematic of the film's underlying air of defiance, of people in impossible circumstances enduring the unendurable.

Ultimately, it is this resilience that gives Heli its heart, and perhaps even lends this occasionally intolerable picture a hint of something approaching redemption. Writing and thinking about the film now, I find that I like it more than I did while watching it, an experience that was by turns uncomfortable, alarming and deeply depressing.

And while I remain uneasy about individual elements that seem more designed to startle than to reveal, it is the fortitude of the core characters that lingers in the mind. Mexico as a country may not come out of Escalante's film well, but there is a dignity in Heli and his fractured family that outlasts the torments of their catastrophic environment.
January 18, 2014
Heli is one hell of a movie. It hits you hard when you see an innocent man being castigated by a drug cartel in Mexico.
February 15, 2014
A movie about the very particular and personal collateral damage to one family the Mexican drug wars brush against. The characters sometimes seem to react rather dispassionately to the horrors inflicted on them, but this is more likely numbness and resignation combined with the belief that being placid and unresponsive is safer and will more likely lead to survival than any other response would. There are a few gasp-inducing moments but, peculiarly, there are also times when punches seem to be pulled; both metaphorically in leaving some events off-screen, and literally in beatings where impacts have no cinematic credibility.
½ February 2, 2014
Latin America is the land of New Cinema...
January 20, 2014
A simple yet gritty low budget Mexican film that depicts the struggles of a small town dealing with drug cartels and government corruptness. Warning: disturbing torture scene included.
December 29, 2013
Complete RUBBISH.
It amazes me to read reviews for this movie along the lines of:
"Raw" "Extraordinary" "Sleek" etc etc etc...
Is this a foreign film that makes you think about the consequences of the (fake) drug war in Mexico, reflect upon the countries idiosyncrasy, and have you develop insight as to why it all became such a blood bath?
No. The movie is senseless. It shows nothing. Means nothing. Evokes nothing.
This was a slow, pointless movie that sought to exploit the reality of rural Mexico. The poverty, lack of proper schooling, culture and education. The acting is terrible. More so, the "actors" do not act at all! Just empty, 3 word sentences as dialogues, no creativity whatsoever. Sexuality is crude and tasteless, with no meaning or purpose for the film.
Violence is just a circumstance. You don't see any before or after, the how's and why's of it all.
I'm glad didn't pay to see this (had free tickets) piece of garbage.
December 26, 2013
otra pelicula tan cruda del mexico actual
½ December 26, 2013
Heli es interesante y algo profunda; bella en ocasiones y violenta en otras; es lenta la mayoría del tiempo y pensativa también. Cuenta con muchos puntos que la vuelven, naturalmente, disfrutable.
Se puede notar la especial atención que pusieron tanto Escalante como Hagerman a la iluminación y el encuadre que presenta cada escena de la película, en la que abundan tomas estáticas.
También se puede notar claramente la participación de actores sin experiencia, algo que sigue sin gustarme, pues le resta credibilidad a la trama y profesionalismo a la cinta en sí. Otro punto en contra es que, a pesar de que es casi en todo momento interesante, la historia parece de pronto divagar sin un objetivo suficientemente sólido, además de que existen varias escenas que pueden ser un poco confusas y/o situaciones no muy bien explicadas que podrían llegar a ser interpretadas de distinta manera, y que de no escuchar los comentarios del director, el espectador podría quedarse con una idea que difiere de la que quisiera plasmar Amat.
Es verdaderamente triste pensar que esta película está basada en situaciones que suceden todos los días en México y que muchas veces son mucho peores. Heli es en ocasiones bastante cruda, pero es que la realidad es así o más cruda. Tal vez la cantidad de gente que vea este filme no será tanta, pues no es tan atractiva o realizada con el objetivo de obtener un increíble éxito comercial, pero aquellos que si logren verla, seguro reflexionarán.
½ December 20, 2013
Ganadora de la palma de oro para el director Amat Escalante; Heli nos presenta una dura historia de una familia disfuncional que son partícipes de la aterradora realidad del narcotráfico en México, lo que te lleva a un roce de lo que puede ocurrir en un contexto tan bien representado. Las actuaciones son naturales y convincentes. En conclusión, Heli, es una pequeña pieza bien lograda que representa una verdad perpleja y aterradora.
November 30, 2013
Difícil de ver por lo brutal, crudo y el estilo de narración, pero al final me parece una gran pelicula.
Me gustaría decir que es surrealista, pero es hiperrealista para nuestra mala suerte.
November 21, 2013
A young girl gets her whole family into trouble after she lets her boyfriend hide a stash of drugs he stole in her house. After that, brutal scenes of unspeakable violence take place unravel as we discover that the drugs belonged to a group of federal policemen, now extremely angered, who secretly stole them from a cache the army confiscated and burned at a public event. Heli, quite simply paints a worrying and violent picture of Mexico?s violence and drug trafficking. Director Amay Escalante reveals the darker side of mexico by employing an immediate shocking style that is made of graphic brutality and scenes of torture as well as flashes of bizarre humour that make the viewing experience all the more unsettling. Yet, despite the outrageousness of the approach, Escalante shows great skill with his original exploration of the emotional and physical toll taken by such a tense and criminal atmosphere that feels very compelling and most of all frighteningly genuine.
October 6, 2013
En terminos generales considero que la pelicula esta muy bien lograda, aun cuando la premisa no es muy inovadora. El desarrollo de los personajes esta bien logrado y el desarrollo de la historia esta muy bien llevado. La pelicula muestra la crudeza de un mundo de violencia en el cual accidentalmente se involucran Heli y el resto de su familia; pero logra mostrar esto sin necesidad de recurrir a efectos especiales demasiado trabajados o a excesos graficos. La historia esta bien trabajada y bien plasmada con un ritmo muy particular del director y adecuado para la pelicula.
½ August 28, 2013
Heli may be a crude movie but the simple story and bad acting, lower the experience.
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