Hellboy Animated: Iron Shoes Reviews

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½ February 1, 2009
Coming as an extra on the Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron DVD, this 3 minute short with a Mike Mignola introduction is typical Hellboy animation.The story comes from the "Red Cap" tale, except it is "Iron Shoes" instead of a "Red Cap". Hence, Hellboy Animated: Iron Shoes. There isn't anything much to this, except for it being an action sequence, which isn't anything spectacular. It's more funny than anything else.There are only two voices that appear in here and that is Ron Perlman and Dan Castellaneta. Enough said.There isn't much to this. It just a 3 minute watch for Hellboy fans.
June 14, 2008
Great little short based on the equally short comic story. But why is it on here when it's an extra on the Blood and Iron DVD?
March 10, 2013
Very short, not entirely sure what the point was other than to capture a fun little story through animation, It makes a nice little DVD extra, and it's not long enough to waste your time. Plus it's funny. .
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