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Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2) Reviews

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Super Reviewer

December 22, 2007
The infernal superhero and his team reunite to stop an elfin prince from reawakening a dormant robotic army to wage war on mankind. One thing that you can take for granted when it comes to films by Del Toro is that it IS going to look absolutely fantastic, and so it does. The wonderful art design shares the look of some of his earlier gothic fairytales such as Pan's Labyrinth, as well as the combination of fantasy and eco-message that is the trademark of Myazaki (the most visually extraordinary example being the stunning death of the forest elemental.) The troll's market is also worth a mention, which is akin to a Tim Burton reinvention of Mos Eisley, but as I said, we always knew that the imagery was never going to be in question. The story has a combination of fantastic creatures, epic battles and Men In Black style visual gags that comes across as The Return Of The King with a sense of humour. The jokes aren't top drawer, but it's always amusing and the frenetic action sequences are exciting and fun. Perlman is as reliable as always and Luke Goss once more is a charismatic and multi-layered bad guy, the only real weaknesses being the corn infested love interests; in fact I couldn't help thinking that the darker edges of Del Toro's vision were probably tempered in an attempt to appeal to the Harry Potter market. As a whole though, it's a lot of fun and as always seems to be the way with superhero movies is rather better than the first one.
Eugene B

Super Reviewer

May 6, 2013
Guillermo del Toro's sequel to his 2004 comic-book-success is humorous, exciting and majestic as it explores a whole different realm of the Dark-Horse-adaptation. Ron Perlman once again gives a smart and distinct performance with laughable dialogue and action all around. 4.5/5
Phil H

Super Reviewer

July 23, 2008
Monster mash springs to mind with this sequel hehe its good, plain and simple. With a better story line and more action this Hellboy is a better animal than the first. The film looks really good, its dark, gloomy and goth and at the same time bright, full of imagination and kinda mythical. Everyone looks great..'old Red', 'Abe', 'Liz' and newcomer/leader of the team the 'Professor Krauss'. The effects and makeup are really nice on all characters and some monsters yet lacking on others.

Some creatures do look a little plastic or rubbery (in the troll market) and kinda basic really. Yet the bean monster and tooth fairies look smooth and sexy haha.
Other ideas are clearly from Del Toro, maybe too much so as it reminds you of 'Pans Labyrinth' abit. Another little gripe is the troll market which to be honest is a slight take on the 'Star Wars' cantina/Mos Eisley scenes and [I]Diagon alley[/I] from 'Harry Potter', and it doesn't look as good as either mentioned.

Its a cracking film overall which looks so much nicer than the first and is much more easy to take after the weird Rasputin based baddie plot last time, this seems much more fluid. I just wish they would make it abit darker for the adult audience, this film yearns for a slightly edgey feel, the humor is great but its still alittle childish. A touch of blood and gore, just a hint of nastyness or grim goth violence haha.

Nothing extreme like 'Robocop' but along the lines of 'Blade' maybe, but not as serious as 'Blade'. Maybe for Hellboy 3, lets just hope we dont have a Hellboy and his kids plotline or we will be in for a family based plot *groan*

Super Reviewer

November 30, 2011
Considering, I'm not that that big a fan of Hellboy, I thought this sequel was pretty good. I very much preferred this film over the first, and I thought it was much more engaging than the first. I usually have mixed feelings about Ron Perlman, but he was pretty good here. This is a pretty good action film. I enjoyed the visuals and effective action scenes, though I thought that the first Hellboy was borderline decent, this one is far better, and I'm saying this as a guy who really doesn't like Ron Perlman. But I'm a film buff that recognizes a good performance when I see one, and Perlman gave one here. This sequel is not perfect (like so many others) but for what it is, it's a fun action film that does deliver a good, entertaining two hours. Sure there's lots of room for improvement, but for the most part, this sequel is good for what it is. The film is a good action film that is visually appealing and with a good cast, it makes this a worthwhile and better film than the first. Although I consider Pan's Labyrinth to be director Guillermo del Toro's best film, this is still a good film that comic book fans will enjoy. I for one am surprised I liked this film, as I really think that the first wasn't anything memorable. The first was decent, but something lacked in the film to really make it something good. This is what del Toro fixed with this sequel, though at times uneven, this sequel is better than the first and is a lot more entertaining. If you were disappointed by the first, this film may be the perfect sequel for you.
Shawn E

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2011
HellBoy II does improve from the first film, but it's still just a popcorn flick.
Alexander D

Super Reviewer

June 15, 2011

Super Reviewer

June 5, 2011
Hellboy 2 is a great sequel. Guillermo del Toro did something really cool with his Hellboy movies. With The Golden Army he matches the success of the first and it's equally entertaining and a lot funnier. I love Ron Perlman as Hellboy. It is a role he was born to play. This movie is high on action and thrills, but it also has a great sense of humor. The scene where Hellboy and Abe sing "Can't Smile Without You," is fantastic.
Kristijonas F

Super Reviewer

March 28, 2011
I swear Ron Perlman was born to play Hellboy. A fantastic comic-book entry by Guillermo del Toro, with spell-binding visuals, a quirky script and memorable characters.

Super Reviewer

April 20, 2011
Not only as good as the first, maybe even better. The effects and makeup are gorcious. The acting and humor were very well done. The story was much better than the original, and more exciting. Overall I think its safe to say the Hellboy movies are much better than most comic book remakes.

Super Reviewer

November 12, 2008
a vissionary film from del toro. a solid fantasy film with awesome effects, great characters, and another witty performance by pearlman. a little too detached from the human world for me and could have benefitted from a slightly more serious tone, but in all one of the funnest films of the year.
michael e.
michael e.

Super Reviewer

November 27, 2010
there are many fantastic effects in this film with great acting and characters, not to mention great action sequences to look at my favorite scene being when hellboy fights the giant plant monster.
Movie Monster
Movie Monster

Super Reviewer

November 23, 2010
Very different from the original. The first Hellboy was a total comic book movie. This one was more like a fantasy movie like Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. However, the action was cool and so was the story. Good but not the best.

♫I can't smile without you...♫
Richard C

Super Reviewer

July 23, 2010

Super Reviewer

August 16, 2008
Everyone's favourite, cigar smoking, horned. giant red monkey is back!


Im a big Guilmero Del Toro fan, and after the huge success and the painstaking effort of Pan's Labyrinth, its good to see him kick back and make something more enjoyable to the masses....

I firmly believed the original Hellboy movie to be one of the best comic to movie adaptations ever. As far as sequels go, tits more looser, funnier and enjoyable. I guess because of its outlandish idea and the great background story makes this work... plus the fact its enjoyable and it comes through the performances of the stars and the overall movie itself. Its not as great as the first... but its a definite keeper.

I mean come on, Hellboy and Sabian getting drunk and singing "Can't Live without you" together... this is purely entertainment value and it doesn't fail... it has its dramatic bits, while serving up some traditional whoop ass.

Of course, Del Toro's costumes and graphic designs are the key players... and its awesome. Jim Henson has nothing on him when it comes to the abnormal.

Anyways, for me, the movie works. The right amount of thrills, kills and monster costumes... some were laughable, but they looked real good. The music was good, atmospheric and worked well. The stunts and action were top notch.... see it for yourself.

Anyways, the only thing was the story did drag in a few places, but thats the way it is. And I'm glad that Del Toro left the movie open for a possible sequel.... the destiny of Hellboy is still in doubt, plus that other "little" surprises. XD

Anyways, what made me give it four stars? Pretty much I dont mind watching this again. Its got good rewatch value, its definitely not boring for 90% of the time.

Conner R

Super Reviewer

January 11, 2010
It isn't as flawless as the first, but it's still a great movie. This was a lot more of a visual movie than the previous and it is enormously breath-taking to look at. The characters are just as fun and I loved that the obscure love story continued on. It has a very nice message and is a near perfect popcorn flick.
James A

Super Reviewer

July 13, 2008
After watching this a second time through I realized that I loved it. Its just a fun movie visually and characters wise.

Super Reviewer

January 13, 2010
Much better than the first and I said that the first was fantastic! This movie was truely incredible!
Al S

Super Reviewer

September 28, 2007
It's better, funnier, cooler and more exciting than the original. A work of a superb perfectionist. Director, Guillermo Del Toro has crafted another visually stunning, artistically made and well-crafted film filled with amazing action, great humor, dazzling creatures and superb special effects. It stays true to it's strong story and it's charismatic characters. It's action-packed and terrifically funny. Absolutely spectacular and adrenaline-pumping from start to finish. An incredible, unforgettable and tremendously entertaining movie. Ron Pearlman, Selma Blair and Doug Jones are excellent once again as the trio of superheroes that you cant help but love. Perlman gives plenty of strength to his role, showing dedication and love for his character crafting another amazing performance. It has great character interactions that shows they have brilliant chemistry. A stunning, riveting and visionary instant classic. A roller-coaster of extraordinary power and endless fun.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

December 7, 2009
There was something not quite right with Hellboy 2. I can't put my finger on it, I can't seem to find any fault, it just didn't feel right, a little disjointed perhaps. That said, I loved the end scene and the creatures etc. Having been a fan of the comics for many years, I can say that it's a brilliant adaptation, I guess I just didn't enjoy it as much as the first!
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