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Chicago Cab (Hellcab) Reviews

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Nicki M

Super Reviewer

April 25, 2011
Though not the most enthralling premise for a movie - day in the life of a Chicago cab driver, I kind of liked this slight film.
I have to admit, 30 minutes in, I was really not feeling it, and had started to write a so-so review as I watched, but slowly but surely this one grew on me.
The 90's setting and soundtrack fit and the quality of the passengers improve as the movie goes on. John C Reilly particularly is a real douche here and, as I only know him from newer movies, it was strange to see him so much younger. I also found the brief Laurie Metcalf scene amusing and the cougar lawyer as pitiful as it was amusing.
The Gillian Anderson scene is underwhelming and John Cusack strangely menacing. I really don't think I would like this guys job!
As it is set around Christmas time, not a bad movie for that time of year. Worth a look.
July 30, 2011
If you're into "day in the life" movies like CLERKS, then you'd probably get a kick out of this one. It's a "day in the life of a Chicago cabbie." There are some interesting characters he meets along his shift. Very quirky and worth checking out.
January 22, 2011
pretty good. more theatrical than cinematic, if that means anything.
Alejandro R.
December 30, 2009
The film have a good premise with funny moments and hilarious situations, but the incomplete end and poor execution ruined the good premise to the point of unsatisfying and overwhelming.
November 21, 1999
I have to admit, the first thing that drew me to the film was John Cusack's cameo, as I am and always will be a huge fan of his (read: fanatic). I never thought I would actually fall in love with the film, but that's just what I did!

As an aspiring indie filmmaker, this film really gets to me in many ways: more obviously, the acting is superb, in all cases. that Paul Dillon really is awesome (as are his eyes, they're killer!), as were all the cameos. I honestly could not find one bad actor among them (the shortness of some screen times may account for that, but let's not get negative here ;)). The story was very interesting and original, and although I've heard of people criticising the film's lack of interesting plot, I really tend to disagree. I've always enjoy "a day in the life of" type movies, especially those that give a perspective on real people, and give you the opportunity to get to know the characters, identify with them very well, unlike most "action-packed" cheesy Hollywood movies filled with little perfect phonies. Instead, to me, this movie had many small plots, and however small they were, they gave you enough to, if you use your imagination god forbid, to really know some characters, and connect with some. The number of real emotions I experienced while watching this movie -- and continue to, no matter how many times I see it -- is staggering. To me this film represents independent filmmaking of the people genre at its best: real and honest, for better or for worst. I also really admire the direction, production, camera work, music, etc. The genius of these elements together gave you a real feel for the topic, the city, the driver, and the drivees. The ending was also superb, for although the movie often showed how much life can suck, the ending gave me some hope for the future of humanity (of which I have very little), or, at least for certain individuals who can think clearly. ;) It really touched me and I identified greatly with it, and it gave a real sense of closure to the film, although I was whining for more when the credits started a-rollin'. :)

I now own this film (yay me!), as I purchased it literally the moment after the video store in which I work released a previously viewed copy for sale, and have watched it in full half a dozen times (and counting) and in parts a countness number. I have also shown it to (read: forced to watch) some friends and family, and although the numbers are pretty equal as to who likes it and who doesn't, the ones who dig it really dig it, and to me that's more than worth it! I want to show it to the world, wooo!
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