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½ March 15, 2012
Really enjoyed this breezy look at the life of the man who originated the 'splatter' film, old HGL himself.

There's a lot of history at play here, and you get some fun peeks into the behind the scenes moments and what turned the man on the path that he took, which was largely out of a desire to make money, not a larger artistic vision, which I guess is a little depressing on some levels, but is a very pragmatic way of looking at things as well.

Worth a look for sure, especially for fans of no budget film-making and the men behind the camera.
½ February 2, 2013
He has often been called offensive, untalented, degenerate, and utterly reprehensible, but to Horror fans, he is best known as Herschell Gordon Lewis, the Godfather of Gore! With BLOOD FEAST, Lewis and producer David F. Friedman introduced the world to the very first gore film, which changed the cinematic landscape forever. Now, director Frank Henenlotter (BASKET CASE) takes a look back at Lewis' remarkable career in the new documentary HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, THE GODFATHER OF GORE. From his early beginnings in the 'Nudie Cutie' films to the advent of gore and on through to his later entries like THE WIZARD OF GORE and THE GORE GORE GIRLS, we are given the complete and definitive history for one of Horror's most influential filmmakers as told by his cast and crew along with many other special guests. In addition to both David F. Friedman and H.G. Lewis, notable critics and directors like Joe Bob Briggs, John Waters, and even Frank Henenlotter, himself, pop in with insightful commentary and hilarious stories surrounding the films. GODFATHER is sharply edited with a wonderful integration of film clips that enhance each conversation on screen. Henenlotter has chosen only the most interesting and engaging stories to include in the documentary, along with over an hour of additional scenes that did not quite make the cut. Viewers are also given the very first look at Lewis' never-before-seen AN EYE FOR AN EYE, which remains unedited and unreleased to this very day. While the documentary will certainly only appeal to hardcore exploitation and gore fans, admirers of Herschell Gordon Lewis will admit that this is a fitting tribute and an excellent book end to a wild and crazy career.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
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