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May 11, 2007
Wonderfully cast and played out.
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January 26, 2010
This is the film that had everyone aflutter because here we have Ally Sheedy coming out of the woodwork years after the Breakfast Club and she is a les-bion. She does a wonderful job but what happened to her co-star Radha Mitchell?
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½ February 2, 2013
Absorbing psychological tug-of-war ensues for the attentions of fragile, reclusive photographer Lucy (Ally Sheedy) between her current girlfriend, junkie German former actress Greta (Patricia Clarkson) and her newly introduced downstairs neighbor, assistant magazine layout editor Syd (Radha Mitchell) who can get her vocation back on the fast track. The title has a double meaning as Lucy is torn, she can choose to remain in her current situation of privacy locked in a world of drug-fueled parties and a debilitatingly dependent Greta, or gain the strength to get clean and join Syd which also means facing the pressures that drove her away from the photography business in the first place. This trio of actresses is equally excellent in showing each character's vulnerabilities and makes the film worth watching, even if it seems to end with a chapter missing.
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½ December 5, 2008
Cholodenko's debut brims with luscious cinematography.Literally!!The trio is demanding in every frame,projecting the pessimism of life,abnormalities in relationships,a Queer film without the cliches of this genre (I refuse to call it that way).Clarkson is so fuckin' underrated I swear she could play an animated freak and still play as gorgeous as ever.Gloomy atmosphere during the sex scenes.
September 21, 2013
This is a romantic drama featuring a love triangle with 3 women. It ably shows the dissolution of one relationship built on drug-addition and co-dependency and the building of a new relationship built on burgeoning feelings of awakening love. The acting is top notch. The story is interesting but moves very slowly and depicts too much of the spaced-out results of heroin abuse. Many scenes are focused on characters sitting around staring into space.
July 5, 2007
all i can say is, poor bf (mann). for an allegedly "high" arty show (I could almost smell the fumes), this was mostly a downer. i can't decide if this is a moral tale against the gradual allure & dangers of heroin, or something else. either way, the pacing was way too slow and the movie's understated style felt ok for a few minutes but just becomes unbearable soon after. one hopes for an ending that would tie it all together, but it turns out disappointingly cliche.
January 12, 2011
Ahhh I'll always remember this one and where & what I was doing when i saw this... fucking love Gretta!!!!
½ July 2, 2010
reminds me why i don't hang out with hipsters... but overall, it's a pretty subtle film. worth a watch but nothing really fantastic. the ending is kinda perfect though...
½ April 28, 2008
A talented woman falls victim to feelings hidden in her. The resulting unbriddled passion proves fatal to the second woman, who was the strongest of the two.
½ June 18, 2007
Sucky lesbian movie. There isn't a single thing interesting... wonder why Radha accepted this part @_@
½ November 12, 2007
Excellent performances by Ally Sheedy, Patricia Clarkson & Radha Mitchell in this Sundance award winning drama. Not for everyone, but open your mind & decide for yourself.
½ July 15, 2007
This is a wonderful movie. I don't know what it is about movies about lesbians but they just draw me in. There love scenes are more intense I think plus, Radha Mitchell is hot, plain and simple. I loved Ally Sheedy in this movie, it was a nice break from seeing her in the rat pack movies. Which don't get me wrong I love all of those movies but her character Lucy was great, she played the heroin addicted photgrapher part well. But my favorite character was Greta played by Patricia Clarkson, she is so beautiful and I love her in any movie she's in. The end was depressing for me, which it probably was for many who watched this movie. There were also some beautiful photgraphs, very erotic.
June 26, 2007
An artsy movie to be appreciated! Definitely heavy and dark. Not your average kind of romance. Ally Sheedy and Radha Mitchell are actually pretty hot together... I had trouble seeing it before watching the film. Now... I can see it over and over again when I shut my eyes...
½ May 27, 2007
I loved it. This movie was extremely artistic in more ways than one, and I can't say too much without spoiling it. I don't like to read the back of DVD covers because I don't want anything to be spoiled, so I'm not about to write one of my own, but I loved this movie. I rented it simply because the cover intrigued me. Well, actually, I have been walking past it in Family Video and finally just grabbed it. I sat down tonight and watched it alone, and it was amazing. I would watch it again in a heart beat. In fact, I may end up owning this one. I'll add it to the list. It was a tad predictable, but incredible all the same.
April 16, 2007
I'm sorry but this movie is hot.. I don't know why I got into it..(aside from a crush on Ally Sheedy I had from like 3rd grade.. ).. I'm not into the drug scene, nor the world of photographers.. but damn.. this movie caught me.. *shrug*
April 6, 2007
being a artist of any type always seems to come with some sort of extra art of its own example drugs ,,,sex ,,,reality of how life really is and not just made up in a movie this movie def express that nature
½ March 19, 2007
This is also another gay/ lesbian, friendly movie.
It has a very good story line, about one girl who never thought that she would ever fall in love with another woman, and how the other one, who is a lesbien, is in need of a friend, who can help her to get off of drugs, and get her life back together before it is too late...
½ March 11, 2007
Sheedy is amazing in this film, very sexy. The poignant element for me was the theme of loving an addict. All the while your rooting on this new clean relationship, but like anyone who's been there knows, it never works out. All that said, there's really not much to move the story forward, not to mention that Mitchell's acting is second rate. Here's an idea: Give the part to a dyke. Duh.
½ September 18, 2006
wonderful movie, about a beautiful but tragic love story between Syd and Lucy. Rahda Mitchell and Ally Sheedy both do a wonderful job in this movie.
½ June 20, 2006
Overblown artistic bs. God, it was so depressing. Anorexia, anorexia, coke, drugs, sex, oh and I'm so pretentious and cool cause I take pictures! All I can say is that the ending suited the damn film.
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