• PG, 2 hr.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Stephen Herek
    In Theaters:
    Oct 9, 1998 Wide
    On DVD:
    May 18, 1999
  • Disney


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Holy Man Reviews

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Anthony L

Super Reviewer

November 4, 2013
If you put the awful editing, the fact that the story makes no sense and the fact it isn't very funny to one side, It's actually pretty average. They had an idea but did nothing with it, there was no writing and it was dreadfully dull as a result. I don't blame the actors for this one. The director/editor/writer/producer are all to blame.

Super Reviewer

July 2, 2012
Holy Man is one of the worst films that Eddie Murphy has done. This is the type of film that is void of effective humor and has a bad script to rely on. This is one of many bad films that Eddie Murphy has starred in, and it is a painful laugh free comedy that really doesn't have anything interesting going for it. The film is poorly directed, and has stale jokes that just aren't funny. The film never succeeds at being funny, and the only thing that it succeeds is being a bad film. Holy Man just doesn't have that special ingredient which made Eddie Murphy such a funny guy in previous films. Luckily he would redeem himself with Bowfinger, but that would be short lived because he would continue making bad, laugh free and uninspired garbage. Holy Man just relies on a poorly written script and the story could have used a lot more development. Stephen Herek fails to direct something consistent here and he ultimately doesn't have what it takes to create a good comedy. Holy Man simply doesn't deliver anything good; it's an underdeveloped film, one that was destined to fail right from the start. If you're expecting a good film with this one, you'll be sadly disappointed. This is one of many bad films starring Eddie Murphy, and he really doesn't make you laugh in this one. Simply a bad film that could have been much better than what it turned out to be. I thought that this film was quite awful and is one of those films that aren't memorable whatsoever. Avoid this one; it definitely isn't worth your time.
Nicki M

Super Reviewer

January 19, 2008
One of Eddie Murphy's better ones. (I know that is not saying a whole lot). It's not overly funny, but it does have quite a nice message to it. Sweet.
Lucas M

Super Reviewer

May 27, 2011
Holy Shit! God forgiven this filmmakes, they don't know that they are doing!

Super Reviewer

August 10, 2008
This comedy misfire is an unfocused assortment of half-based ideas without the benefit of a star to hold it all together, since Eddie Murphy's participation is as vapid as the concept itself.

Super Reviewer

January 1, 2007
Reasonable well-meaning but preachy comedy, that seemed more than a little hypocritical to me. Nice to see Murphy doing something different to his usual mugging and foul-mouthed schtick.
Jason S

Super Reviewer

July 11, 2007
It had funny parts. The cast was ok but this was during the period when Eddie just wasn't making any good movies. I don't think he's gotten over that slump.

Super Reviewer

January 23, 2007
decent flick

Super Reviewer

December 21, 2007
Sunil J

Super Reviewer

October 5, 2007
Eddie Murphy has rarely been this charming.
May 16, 2008
It is a feel-good movie, but it is only moderately funny. Eddie Murphy's character is quite likable, but the story does not do enough with him. At first, the home shopping network setting is a funny place for Murphy's philosophy and spiritual guidance, but it becomes confining. The best part of the movie is the funny product pitches on the shopping network, but they are just a small tangent and do not keep things moving. Jeff Goldblum is an adequate setup man for Eddie Murphy, but he is capable of more than this. The romance side of the sorry between Goldblum and Kelly Preston is typical and uninspired. Eddie Murphy is a very funny actor, but he cannot transcend ho-hum writing. This movie tries to get away with nothing more Eddie Murphy playing than a restrained character with an upbeat likable demeanor. For all of its shortcomings, it still amounts to some lightweight fun, but it is will not make any lasting impressions.
July 17, 2010
A laugh-out-loud film with amazing acting, great character chemistry, and a positive story. Would recommend to anyone that wants to laugh their butt off for a few hours.
July 26, 2012
Life is short, people. Life is short. We spend so much of our lives focused on materialism, our religious differences, and personal advancement. We‚(TM)re so focused on these distractions, that we lose sight of what‚(TM)s really important. What‚(TM)s really important is the people and the world around us. That‚(TM)s the message behind the 1998 movie, ‚Holy Man.‚? That message makes ‚Holy Man‚? stand out in the comedy genre. Sadly, it also may be why it didn‚(TM)t d too well at the box office. Maybe people simply didn‚(TM)t get this message, and simply saw it as just another forgettable buddy comedy, thanks to Eddie Murphy and Jeff Goldblum.

It is true that one of the biggest plot holes to this story is that there‚(TM)s no explanation behind where G came from or where his journey. But maybe that‚(TM)s beside the point. Where one is going in life or where one came from isn‚(TM)t nearly as important as the impact that one has one those around oneself at each stage of one‚(TM)s life. Given his standard character type, Jeff Goldblum was a good choice for the role of Ricky. Sure, casting Goldblum was typecasting. But somehow, his chemistry with Eddie Murphy worked. It could be argued that this was actual a sort of take on A Christmas Carol, if one delved deep enough into the relationship between G and Ricky. Instead of having three ghosts visit him, Ricky was visited by a single ‚spirit‚? who made him realize the path on which his life was moving. As G and Ricky grow, audiences see Ricky change as a person. They are reminded without being preached at too much about what‚(TM)s really important in life.

Ricky isn‚(TM)t the only person changed by G. A number of religious leaders try to claim connection to G at one point in the story. The absurdity of them trying to claim a link to him is another message that writer Tom Schulman makes. Each leader thought his religion was G‚(TM)s. But did it really matter? No. This over emphasis on religion happens every day in real life. Who is to say which religion is THE right one? Maybe G is all of them in one. Again, therein lays the message of our being distracted too much by this difference.

Through G, audiences realize how distracted we are by our materialism, as well as our religious differences. G never once told anyone to buy anything from the Good Buy Shopping Network. It was the people themselves who made the choice to buy products. People suddenly buying stuff from GBSN drives Ricky to care too much about his own personal advancement until he too realized what was really important. He came to that realization after losing (albeit temporarily) someone close to him. Once again, the message of removing distractions comes into play.

There is no denying that the story behind ‚Holy Man‚? is not the most believable ever written. But neither can one deny the powerful messages tied in to the story. They serve as reminders that every once in a while, we need to just take a step back, breathe, and appreciate each other and the world, instead of getting wrapped up in our fast paced, constantly on the go lifestyles. It may not be the most memorable movie. But thanks to the messages incorporated into it, ‚Holy Man‚? becomes a movie that is worth at least a single watch.
February 2, 2012
With Eddie and Jeff, you'd think this was on the right track. Unfortunately, the restrictive rating hurts Eddie more than any other actor out there.
October 26, 2008
I liked this one. I thought it was funny and cute, due to Jeff Goldblum and Eddie Murphy's characters. This movie was fun to watch. The whole concept of a holy man type guru for spiritual enlightenment mixed up with a shopping channel was comical and entertaining.
May 17, 2007
With Eddie and Jeff, you'd think this was on the right track. Unfortunately, the restrictive rating hurts Eddie more than any other actor out there.
April 26, 2007
I f God wlked the Earth, would you throw fruit at him...or would you feed Him,Wash His wounds, and most importantly, stop to walk barefoot in the grass?
April 25, 2007
hey hes here to solve our problems, or do we want our problems fixed. well let the holy man decide and see what might just happen a good comedy movie to watch
January 2, 2007
Has to be one of the worst movies I had ever seen with two wonderful actors Eddie Murphy and Jeff Goldblum. All I could ask is, why?
July 28, 2006
I loved this movie to me it was more then just the humor it was actually deep in a simple sort of way. very good I need to see it again.
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