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Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story Reviews

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July 17, 2014
great true story. Thora Birch is always great.
½ September 18, 2014
A real sleeper of a truly moving story...one of the closest to real life that I've seen. Solid performances and compelling plot. Likely viewers will see situations and relationships they have witnessed in their own lives, and with which they'll empathize and/or identify. This is a don't miss movie.
November 8, 2009
Solid made for tv movie to bad very little Ellen page
September 25, 2013
September 17, 2013
This was a very slow movie and the story was definitely one that I could have missed.
January 29, 2012
What a beautiful story. One of the best movies I've ever watched. Powerful, emotional... simply inspirational. Words cannot describe the intensity of this tough, life changing story. It brings a new perspective to life, and gives you the chance to see that life isn't so bad... and even when it is, you can still conquer anything you put your mind to. Liz Murray, her will to survive and her desire to become a better person, redefine the word "strong". A great movie for anyone who has ever felt like life can't get any worse.
November 17, 2012
Scott Malcolm's top ten list.
July 16, 2012
Hope, determination and strength are the 3 main components that the movie thrives on, the movie projects a positive message. It's worth the watch.

Thora Birch can do no wrong, in this Lifetime Made for TV movie based on the life of Liz Murray who spent the majority of her youth on the streets becomes an inspiration to everyone when she's accepted to Harvard. The movie proves that rags to riches is possible, we've all heard numerous times of 'The American Dream' this is the perfect example. The movie takes you on a journey of discovery where ones dreams and passions can be possible if you believe in yourself.
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June 24, 2012
Inspiring story. It's amazing how she overcame so many odds and became successful.
½ March 11, 2012
Inspirational story!
December 10, 2011
Would like to see this sometime soon.
June 9, 2010
Interesting seeing the actress from Juno starring in something so different. At times I found it hard to believe I was looking at the same person.
December 20, 2009
Exactly as the title suggests- homeless girl-brilliant one at that who strives to make something of her life. Eventually ends up attending harvard. A lovely movie because it has a positive meaning that will always appy to any situation-teens especially must come to know that determination and hard work can get you places. And it helps if you go through hell for it, cause then people will notice and the right person will just lend a helping hand.
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½ January 19, 2008
Above average for a Lifetime movie. Leaves a few things very unanswered at the end, but is a good film about overcoming a bad upbringing. Very bleak and acting good. Wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but definitely one of the better TV movies of it's kind.
September 6, 2010
Scott Malcolm's top ten list.
July 9, 2010
This movie is based on a true story and one of the most inspirational stories ever. It is also the best lifetime movie Ive ever seen. The actual movie isn't anything extraordinary but the story is so engrossing I had to give it 80. Surprised I was the first to rate this. I recommend it and I'm sure you could watch it online somewhere.
March 4, 2010

January 9, 2010
A soaring masterpiece.
October 9, 2009
Enough said.Cried watching it.
½ September 3, 2009
A powerful and inspiring about one young woman's struggle to find herself. Raised by drug addicted parents, with no one to guide her, Liz always thought she was nothing, until she was given a chance and became everything she could ever dream of. Liz's story makes me want to do more than I am doing, to truly be the best at everything I do.
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