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September 25, 2010
Fun, adventurous, albeit a little creepy at times, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" is exactly the type of live action film that Disney knew how to do right in the 80's. It is a real shame that Rick Moranis never had that wide of a career, because his films are so much fun to watch. After accidentally being shrunk by their father's invention (the shrink ray) along with the neighbour kids whom they despise, they must trek their way across the lawn to get back to their house. Although you see the end coming from a mile away, this well-written family flick will hold you until the very end, smiling, laughing, cheering, and sending chills down your spine due to it's creepy practical effects. I loved every second of this film, even though it does helm it's fair share of cheesy moments. This cast works great together and the quirky score really elevates it. In the end, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" is a blast from the past that has rewatch-ability written all over it!
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½ June 9, 2006
This is the story of a kooky suburban inventor who is absent minded and makes some wonderfully nutty and ridiculous inventions, his latest being a shrink ray. Things get going when his two kids and two neighbor kids accidentally get shrunk down to an approximate height of 1/4" tall and tossed out into the back yard with the garbage. From there, it becomes an adventure of epic proportions as the kids have to deal with things that normally wouldn't seem so hazardous in order to try to get their parents' attention and get brought back to normal size. Parallel to all of this is the story of the adults trying to find the kids once they realize what has happened.

I first saw this as a kid and it really blew me away. It still blows me away every time I see it. Sure, it's cheesy, improbable, and really silly at times, but it's a lot of fun, has some great special effects and sets, and is rather witty and creative. It's a tad dated, and some of the jokes get played out and overdone a little much, but overall, this is a rather harmless fantasy adventure.

The film isn't perfect, and nostalgia weighs heavily on my grade, but I can't help it. This is just a fine example of taking an old concept, playing around with it, and doing it in a really fun, entertaining, and funny way.
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½ October 29, 2011
An interesting classic with a unique concept.
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½ August 15, 2011
Juwst another cheesy Disney movie that is on TV all the time, really boring.
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½ May 13, 2011
One of my all time favorites. Such a fun family film and it helps that the neighbor boy is a babe.
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½ June 24, 2011
I remember seeing this as a kid, and I remember it being a lot of fun. But watching it today, the film looks dated and fairly silly. I know the film is supposed to be silly and fun, and yes, the film is still fun, but theres something clearly missing fro this film to clearly make it a memorable classic. The special effects kinda look cheap and the acting is so-so. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is still an entertaining film to watch. The film has plenty of faults, and doesn't quite succeed at being a memorable family comedy film. I thought the film was borderline good with a decent enough story. But as far as comedy is concerned, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids doesn't really work. I barely laughed. However I thought the film was entertaining to kill an hour and a half, and it was fun. But I just didn't see anything funny in this film. Entertaining sure, but funny, no. Rick Moranis is obviously the best actor in this film and he is amusing on screen. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is entertaining fun, but I can't say that it belongs on the list of classic family comedies because it misses something to truly make it special. Joe Johnson would go on to helm far superior films to this one, and luckily for us, he would succeed at delivering a wonderful family comedy with Jumanji. But Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is a decent effort with potential, but that potential is not fully realised on screen.
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June 24, 2011
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September 6, 2010
A fun-filled family film from Disney. I loved this movie when I was a kid. As the title says, the kids in the movie get shrunk smaller than ants. It's really cool, and I recommend it.
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July 21, 2010
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½ June 18, 2010
Who can't get into a good shrinking movie? While the effects now look crazy and it's a product of its time, this is still extremely funny and downright weird. Wayne Szalinski is about as close to a mad scientist that you can get, aside from the father bit. Shrinking your kids must be on the list of worst things to do with technology (or blow them up like the sequel).
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½ May 23, 2010
Very creative. Rick Moranis is a brilliant short Canadian. Those glasses are classic. That giant cookie looked delicious.
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May 24, 2009
Another childhood movie! Loved it!!! Rick Moranis is fabulous! Whatever happened to him?
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November 29, 2009
Great Classic.
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½ September 24, 2009
A family oriented Disney version of the classic Incredible shrinking man. Sacrilege but quite good fun.
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½ August 15, 2009
I remember when I was a kid, sometimes I would imagine what it would be like to be as little as an ant and how everything would look. When I first watched "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," it pretty much proved to me exactly what it would be like in a way. An inventor of a new machine that can supposedly shrink people, accidentally shrinks his kids. His kids are trapped somewhere in the lawn, and that's when the adventure begins. The special effects in the movie are what makes the movie so good. You'll see the kids witness such phenomena as riding a bee and almost getting eaten as cereal. To the kids, raindrops are like huge water explosions, and the grass is like towering redwoods. They must find a way to deshrink themselves before they get squashed, eaten, etc.
The special effects aren't the only good thing about this movie. Parts of it are hilarious, and it has a good plot. I recommend anybody to get "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. I always liked this series a lot.
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September 14, 2008
A classic movie that was the stepping stone for a full out trilogy. The effects were amazing for the 80s. As a kid and even now the movie has great potential to spark ones imagination unlike many movies can.

This movie always makes me wonder what it would be like to be those ants that I once magnified with the sun and squirted with my water pistol when I was a little kid. It's fun to watch, a bit predictable, but a great idea and a great movie in general. This movie is diseny creative at it's best.
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September 23, 2007
I haven't seen this since it was released but it was okay.
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August 31, 2007
I love Rick Moranis. Period.
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July 15, 2007
Funny comedy about an inventor who shrinks his kids.
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½ July 7, 2007
I remember seeing this at the cinema as a kid! Had good effects for the time. A good story for the whole family to enjoy. Much better than the sequels from what I have heard.
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