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Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabidu

Larry David

Way to ruin the 100%.

I hate it when Rotten Tomatoes counts ratings not accompanied by a review. I think those shouldn't even count, positive or negative.

Sep 16 - 06:57 PM

Daniel H.

Daniel Huntington

How dare you give a rotten review to an astounding achievement.

Sep 23 - 07:02 PM

patrick b.

patrick bailey

Wow, way to go. You didn't even put a review to go along with your absolutely incredible opinion. What didn't you like about this film? What could you have possibly not liked? Seriously, I need to know.
Did your fingers slip on the keyboard, causing you to accidentally give this film a bad score?

Oct 13 - 06:23 PM

Jacks Crossing

Jack Moult


Jan 18 - 11:08 PM


Aaron Yovanovits

This should be grounds for firing and this review could be cited in a hearing as a reason to justify the firing and deny this man unemployment compensation.

May 16 - 09:45 PM

Chris D.

Chris Ducat

Well I did some of the work, and found an October 20, 1994 from this paper: I can't see the author's name since they charge $2 per article (!!!), but this has to be it:
"BOSTON - Arthur Agee and William Gates wanted to play in the NBA, but first, they had to survive life's relentless full-court press.

Director Steve James captured it all in an amazing documentary called "Hoop Dreams."This is a story about life, adversity, inner-city realities and, of course, basketball.

If it were a fictional piece, people might walk out of the theater shaking their heads, saying these things could never happen."
Just a snippet, but I think it's clear this was NOT a rotten review. Fix it, rotten tomatoes!

Jun 26 - 10:51 PM

Chris D.

Chris Ducat

This "review" should be marked as N/R, at the very least. More logically, it needs to be removed entirely: without a link to the article there's no way to determine what the critic thought, so how did RT figure it out?

Jun 26 - 10:53 PM

Punky Buhr

Punky Buhr

What a clown...

Aug 12 - 11:57 PM

Tim Ochoa

Tim Ochoa

You should be fired.

Sep 5 - 11:42 AM


Jonathan Earley

Why is this rating even here? There is no review to back up the rotten score. This should be taken off, unless RT doesn't give a crap.

Oct 1 - 07:54 PM

Critique Threatt

Brian R

I don't care what anyone says. Hoop Dreams is the greatest docu picture I have ever seen.

Jan 4 - 07:22 PM


Daniel Kimmel

This was not a review but a quick rating. Nonetheless I stand by it. I found this overrated movie boring and endless. This was a 20 minute news magazine segment bloated to nearly three hours. "Yawn" is right.

Mar 15 - 05:49 PM

Kyle Conover

Kyle Conover

Mr. Kimmel -

You don't find it odd that every other person that's seen this movie has given it a positive review, with some saying it's the best documentary ever made, while still others say it was the best movie of a very deep 1994?

Boring? Perhaps you're just boring.

Jun 3 - 12:15 AM

Ohimai Ojeikere

Ohimai Ojeikere

You piece of crap... remove your rating.

Aug 1 - 05:36 PM

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