Box Office Guru Wrapup: "13" Hits #1 But With Worst "Ocean"'s Opening


Hollywood served up more of the same dishes and moviegoers said enough is enough and found their weekend entertainment elsewhere. The latest star-studded heist sequel "Ocean's Thirteen" managed to open at number one, but with the weakest debut of the franchise. Back to Article



Mick Smith

Give me legit porn anyday, instead of the deprieved kind the sick f*ck Eli Roth churns out. I'm glad people have finally realized they were watching snuff films and NOT true horror like "The Shining" or "The Exorcist" etc..

Jun 11 - 08:41 AM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

I saw Knocked Up which I didn't like as much as The 40 Year Old Virgin but I still enjoyed it alot, one of the best films of the year so far, and the best comedy. And Roth sucks, I'm glad Hostel II did worse than expected.

Jun 11 - 09:23 AM


Sam Leardi

[b]Why are you laughing?? you didn't even say a joke[/b]
Umm hostel 2 was a good movie.. you probably haven't even seen it. I can understand you don't like torture, but jeez there are people who worked ahrd on this movie and your just laughing at its bad box office

Jun 11 - 10:36 AM


Sam Leardi

Grudge wasn't all hostel 2 was wohhooo long live HOSTEL, man hahahahahahaha

Jun 11 - 10:38 AM

Vitamin M

Matthew Haynes

Knocked up is a great film on at least the same level as the 40 Year old virgin. a comedy for adults with some intelligence and real insight.
but on to the horror discussion.
I want to see Hostel 2 even though I wasn't a fan of Hostel. The idea and parts of Hostel were good but I really don't enjoy watching people get tortured. I also really liked Cabin Fevor. I think Roth is a good director even if he has a bit of an over infalted ego. but either way I'll be looking forward to whatever he does and decide for myself.
Descent was awesome. Feast is the best horror film in the last 10 years but no one saw it. horror films do not have to be R rated. they just have to be scary. no amount of gore would have made the Grude 2 better. where as a ton of gore wouldn't have made the 6th sense better, it was damn scary as it was.

Jun 11 - 11:40 AM

Ten Ton Alien

ffdsd fdsafsafd

Hostel II is a thriller movie, stop calling it "horror".

Jun 11 - 02:33 PM


Nic Markham

37 38 and 39 are all pretty close. 37 may not be as high, but don't use the word Worst. It's decieving. It performed quite well considering Oceans Twelve and all those bullshit sequels we've already had. Spidey was milding entertaining. Almost worth the ticket price. Almost. Shrek 3 had some laughs but it took too much from it Shrek and Shrek 2. And Pirates 3? Well i fell asleep. Nothing can make up for 2 hours of talking. Nothing. I'm putting all hope of Transformers.

Jun 11 - 02:42 PM


Jane Holt

[b]You "torture-porn" lovers are unbelievable![/b]
Why do all of the Hostel fans assume that we hate "torture-porn" because it is not rated PG-13? I can't find a member here who has said anything close to that. Just look at The Exorcist, widely considered to be the greatest horror film of all time. That's rated R, and has tons of stomach-turning moments, but most people love it. Why? Because it can actually back up its horror with an actual storyline and thematic content!

By the way, Gimy, you're right. I did not see Hostel: Part II. I don't find that crap worthwhile. I didn't, and won't, spend $8.50 and 93 minutes watching a bunch of women get tortured and humiliated. Now maybe you get some sort of sick, misogynistic pleasure from that, but not me. I need more from a film... like a plot. The Descent is a very good example. I find it funny that you accuse that film of being a "chick flick" SIMPLY because it has strong female characters. Not everyone has the same hatred of women as you, Gimy, and not everyone wants to see them tortured just for the hell of it.

Jun 11 - 02:54 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

I think hostel 2 is good movie but it's not scary at all

that takes real talent, so roth knows he doesn't have it to he tries to replace scares with gore, at least he knows his limitations and doesn't aim too high (I'm looking at you RR)

Jun 11 - 05:27 PM

Mr. Kong

Sam jacobs

Never saw Hostel (it looks pretty stupid), but I agree that The Grudge was shit. And I'm fuckin' tired of movies that take theirselves SO seriously because they have lots and lots and lots of gore. Bring back The Shining.

Jun 11 - 05:50 PM


jeremy d

I don't know why, but I generally find myself hating, or just feeling nothing towards horror films. They seem like training grounds for aspiring filmakers, who simply use these low-budget films to perfect their techniques, then ultimately move onto bigger and better things.

Horror films of recent years have been especially terrible:

"The Descent" is nothing amazing in my opinion. It's just combination of things we've seen a thousands times before. Films like Alien and Pitch Black for example. You can change the setting all you want (i.e. a jungle, cave, spaceship, cruiseliner, spooky house), and you can change the creature design all you want too.. but essentially it's the same damn movie with the exact same premise. Horror movies like this are increasingly predictable, and I found myself guessing what would happen next throughout the film, 99% of the time I was right.

"Hostel" was two movies in one, the first being a porno, but therefore a disappointing and short one - you might as well hire the real friggen' thing if that's what you're after. I actually think the reason the movie did well was due to all those horny kids out there who find it easier to convince their parents to let them hire a horror movie, rather than a movie obviously about sex. The second half of the film, the "horror" part, again, is too short to really tell any story and it basically relies on the shock value of people we know or care little about, being tortured. The movie ends and you fit into one of two categories: those saying what the hell was that all about... and those saying "Wow, how cool was that sex/tortue scene". The latter group will probably buy the dvd and simply fast forward to these graphic scenes, then hit slow motion, and watch then over and over again.

Jun 12 - 08:24 AM


Ken Tsoi

[b]what a bold prediction[/b]
While most in the industry are thinking that SPIDER MAN 3 will end up being the highest grossing May threequels, here comes a bold prediction that SHREK 3 will be the highest one. Regardless if this might be true, I still think that SPIDERMAN 3 is going to record the least percentage dropoff from its predecessor when final gross is tabulated, which is only going to be about 10% less, whereas SHREK 3 is going to at least record a 15% reduction, while PIRATES AWE is going to be down a horrible 25% from PIRATES DMC.

Jun 12 - 12:12 PM


malissa johnson

[b]Oceans 13 performed well[/b]
The guy who wrote this is an idiot, oceans 13 performed solidly and within expectations and you make it seem like to bombed. The film was good, and c'mon Oceans 11 had a 38 mil opening, oceans 12 had a 39 million dollar opening-it was only off by 1 or 2 million. The movie did well and it is a forth week in a row in which a new movie debuted with at 30 million or more.

Jun 12 - 10:27 PM


Ken Tsoi

[b]rationale behind 13's disappointing opening[/b]
I agree that some of the media, including boxofficeguru himself, jump into the conclusion way prematurely. With this kind of bias, these analyst seems to be having the mission of killing any chance of this franchise redeeming effort. I finally saw the movie yesterday, and it was solid entertainment, almost as good as the first movie OCEAN's 11. It remains to be seen whether the sophormore weekend decline will be significant enough to blow 13's chance of at least eclipsing 12's total box office, so fans of the OCEAN franchise now need to try very hard to push this movie to all your friends, in order for OCEAN's 14 to be alive!!

Jun 13 - 09:24 AM

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