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March 24, 2015
Sequels are never good, this appears to continue the franchise for the sake of trying to be shocking.
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September 2, 2013
three stars
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½ February 2, 2012
Hostel 3 is a pretty decent horror yarn that is actually better than the lacking part 2, which only relied on the first film for its ideas. At least this third film by Intruder director Scott Spiegel offers something refreshing and interesting for fans of the original Hostel. With an entirely different setting, and new ideas at hand, the filmmakers were able to craft a respectable third chapter in this series of torture porn horror flicks. The film has plenty of flaws, such as questionable dialogue and performances, but it delivers in its ideas that director Spiegel tries to convey. There are some good ideas at work, but most of the time, it leaves a lot to be desired, and it could have been done a bit better. Despite the flaws, there's lots of thing to please gorehonds, as this is first and foremost, a splatter, torture flick, which has lots of juicy kill scenes and it does that very well. The script has its limitations, but most of the time, the film just relies on its concept to deliver its entertainment, and sometimes, that's all that is necessary to create the memorable, disturbing moments. If you were disappointed by part 2, then this third film should definitely appeal to you. I really liked the fact that it was set in Las Vegas and that clients could place bets on how the executioners would kill off the victim. I felt it was very twisted and it was what made the film overcome its flaws and be amusing. Nonetheless, Hostel 3 is not a perfect film, and it so much potential of being a better film, however there's still plenty of effective gore elements to make this a film worth seeing.
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August 9, 2012
I actually liked it. I like all the Hostel movies, so shut up.

This Hostel movie kind of deviated from the plot of the last 2 movies. The last two movies were more gory and violent. Hostel 3 was not at all as gory as I expected. The last two movies started out as college kids or people from out of town being abducted and taken to the Hostel where they were slowly tortured for money. Hostel 3 is a bit of a twist and I actually really liked it. *SPOILER* In Hostel 3 the casino is like the Hostel and the people in the casino get to bet on how they think the guy is going to kill the victim and they can bet on what the victim is going to say/do. I thought it was kind of creative....but different. I didn't really like that it was different from the rest of the movies, but it was a nice twist. I also liked the many, many twists in the film. Every time you thought the film was over, it wasn't. And every time you thought something bad was going to happen, it didn't. It was well thought out. It wasn't like a shitty plot. There were actual plot points that made the movie go in a bunch of different directions. There were actually A LOT of plot points. In my screenwriting class my teacher was always like "where's the twist in your story? where are your plot points?" well I bet if I had as many plot points as this film I would've gotten a better grade in that class.

There was even a deeper story to this one. It was like a bachelor party/revenge scheme it was pretty interesting. I'm not saying this movie was super amazing- it definitely was not. The SFX were definitely the worst of the 3 films, and the script needed some work for sure. Those awful one liners were definitely not as frequent in the last 2 movies. I just like how the director put a creative twist onto the Hostel movies. It was a daring move making a sequel to and not sticking to the same formula as the previous Hostels. I liked it though.
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June 2, 2012
The fantasy in this series is that the idle rich amuse themselves by killing the not rich in inventive, gruesome ways = torture porn. This installment differs from the first two by dint of fact that someone wrote a script and someone else tried following it. Doesn't necessarily make a good film but its in a whole nuther neighborhood, a better neighborhood than the first two.
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February 18, 2012
Next new outing for this torture porn series and there isn't much really I need to say about it, I'm sure most will know the premise by now.

Bunch of young guys and some sexy skirts get abducted by a few big meat heads and dragged off to be slaughtered for the entertainment of ultra rich folk, just your usual Saturday night out round these parts.

Much like 'Saw' the first film was good and original, the second also just got by but after number two they should stop. The idea has been used and the novelty is over, from here on its just the same thing but with new sick ways to murder people and this third film is just that. The only difference that the 'Saw' franchise has is the reasonable story throughout which contains reasonable twists n turns, this Hostel flick is just a stand alone story with nothing new to offer.
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March 21, 2012
The Hostel franchise has done a great job of making a name for itself since the relatively low budget original hit us 7 years ago. Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Thanksgiving) helmed both the original, as well as its sequel. Scott Spiegel (Attack of the Helping Hand, Intruder, The Nutt House, From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money) now has the reins. So I'm sure we're all very keen to find out what he's done with the series.

And honestly; it's not a lot. He's managed to spin the franchise in a new (but still thematic) direction, without really giving us anything new or even unexpected. There's extra costumes, new (as Jigsaw would put it) "games" and a different cast, but it is essentially the same set up and (no pun intended) execution. The "misdirects" are painfully obvious, and the characters are two-dimensional at best.

The couple of new things brought to the table are intriguing to be fair. The change of setting to America doesn't necessarily improve the film, but at least it freshens the thing a tiny amount. It also implies that the Elite Hunters (who run the seedy murderous underworld of the Hostel franchise) reach much further than we're originally shown, which, once again doesn't technically make the film better, at least it's a mildly interesting point to jump from.

No actor stands out, no "game" stuck in my mind. What we have here is a moderately intriguing, but not strictly speaking "good" addition to the old horror series, that may have scraped up just enough points to not completely kill the franchise.


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½ January 14, 2012
I was surprised by this, I really enjoyed it. There are two big twists in the movie, one in the very beginning and one at the very end and they're awesome. They're probably the best twists in the entire trilogy. The gore is arguably more creative in this one: there's one scene where a guy slices off another guy's face and then puts it on a mannequin. It's pretty crazy. The problem with this direct-to-DVD movie is you can really tell it's one just by looking at it and the final act just isn't creative (apart from the last scene). Other than that, I was shocked they were smart enough to put the two twists in and I really liked them. The gore is great too. Hotsel: Part III is a perfect movie for fans of the genre and people who love great twists.
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May 9, 2012
has some decent moments, but its totally lost its touch, somebody has quit working with the writers that makes it less horrific and dramatic as the last two. This is something that should have been a 30 minute cheap TV show remake.. Yet I still enjoyed it, just wish it had the same feel as the others.
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July 13, 2012
It took three films, but finally the new Hostel film initiated a marketable franchise. The first two films were about a bunch of travelers who got kidnapped and killed by millionaires, who were part of some human hunting club, but they didn't go any further than that. Finally, in Hostel III, we see inside the elite hunting club and learn it's purpose. Also unlike the first two films, this Hostel has a plot, that's interesting and apathetic. Featured in Hostel III is Kip Pardue, a veteran b-movie actor, and newcomer Brian Hallisay. They were humorous, likeable, and perfect for this type of film. After two insane gorefests, Hostel finally grew up and learned to combine the shocking violence with a good story, and a likeable cast. This was the by far the best Hostel film so far and one of the best horror movies I've seen all year. If you like horror, don't miss this one. Even if you didn't like the first two films, give this one a shot!
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May 27, 2012
Stupid to an insulting degree, this is a cheaply made, boring and badly written straight to video sequel. It makes Eli Roth's first two films look like masterpieces by comparison.
August Seria
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December 15, 2011
It steps down on good gores, but steps up with a good story and cool surprises. I could say that I enjoyed this film, in a different way as the first two did. If compared to other direct to DVD, this one truly strays from the typical bad horror unlike the other good horror films who've been demoralized by its direct to DVD sequels. However, there's another thing actually. The ending--I don't know what the heck just happened there--it's a little confusing but maybe I'm just the stupidest man on earth.
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½ January 3, 2014
I have not seen the first two installments and I only came across this on TV (meaning there were lots and lots of cuts) but it was pretty entertaining and engrossing. Not that bad.
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January 16, 2012
Although a fan of this latest horro franchise i was a little dissapointed to the gore down however was refreshed by the storyline as this had loads of plot twists. Really would love to see one more done by Eli Roth however Scott Spiegel did a half decent job here...
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October 30, 2011
In this latest installment feels different due to the change of director, but the change is somewhat good, the movie does not have much brutality at first but finally recovered, it turns the story that are very good and make the movie more interesting, although the change of place where they kill people is bad to do a show and lost the touch on that aspect.
At the end is an interesting and enjoyable movie but a little bad for those not so fans of such movies.
August 15, 2013
Very Violent, People of a club called "Elite Hunting Club" pay to see others get tortured and place bets on it on how they will die, Not as good as the first or second hostel movie, the plot was a little stupid and it wasn't even half as good as the first or second movie.
½ September 22, 2012
I was actually surprised that it wasn't horrifically bad, but it is definitely toned-down and a tad boring.
July 19, 2012
I really can't call this a sequel, because it has nothing to do with the original film. But it IS a better movie overall than the second installment was, and there is a fairly interesting plot, and I really like Kip Pardue, even when he's playing the worst possible character. The gore is completely over the top and disgusting, but since I've seen the first two films I expected as much. With less of that, this probably actually would have been a very good suspense film. As is, it's nothing but another splatter flick, but one that I did find myself more or less interested in throughout.
June 27, 2012
Not as gross as I was expecting...definitely not as violent as the first. Although I didn't really feel like watching it, it was slightly better than I was expecting so that's nice.
½ June 21, 2012
Had more twists and turns than either of the two originals combined, and I really enjoyed the ending.
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