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August 12, 2005 | Comments (10)


Andrew W.

Andrew Williams

Why didn't you like it? Please explain.

Jan 7 - 04:42 PM

Graeme C.

Graeme Campbell

Well i always enjoy reading EL's reviews and they are nearly always accurate, but to give this a smashed tomato? Why?

Aug 31 - 01:14 PM

Cat H.

Cat Hazels

I am disappointed in you.

Sep 12 - 09:01 PM

Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabidu

Larry David

I hate it when RT counts ratings NOT accompanied by a review. These should not count.

Oct 25 - 11:36 PM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

I hate it when Eduardo L. spams quick ratings saying that they should not count. He doesn't even do a review.

Jun 5 - 03:59 AM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

Geez, did he have to give this rating to EVERYTHING he saw back in 2005? All he rated movies back then were 2/5 or 3/5. This is just one of those moments where he goes too far.

Dec 9 - 05:18 AM

Mike B.

Mike Barnes

I find it very hard to believe that a man as good of a reviewer as EL disliked this movie. Of course in some ways its all about taste, but the technical aspect of what a story requires and what this movie delivers, I really feel he wouldn't give it a negative review.

Apr 1 - 09:48 PM


Aaron Yovanovits

I looked through his website and there is no review of this movie. In the alphabetical index, it goes right from Grapes of Wrath to Gray's Anatomy. I have a hard time believing he would give it a negative review, sounds like bs to me.

Apr 20 - 10:41 PM

Sebastian R.


I am truely sick of going through great movies, and seeing you as one of the only ones that give it a rotten review. That doesn't piss me off, but not only do you not give your reasons... IT'S ALWAYS 2/5!!!!

Honestly, it's repetive and if I knew you in life I'd slap you. However, you are a good critic, and over the years you have finally grown a taste in movies, so eh? I guess you played your cards right for me not to primarly slam you.

Sep 24 - 01:39 AM

David Z.

David Zhang

Yes! Levy updated it to a fresh rating! Although, I wish for your insight on the movie, I approve of your change thought. You sir, are the man.

Oct 7 - 04:26 AM

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