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October 24, 2014
If you are a fan of classic horror films, this will certainly be a treat! It has Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, John Carradine, and Peter Cushing. Plus there several twists and turns throughout the film that keep you guessing until the end... The Force of Destiny resides in the House of pure nostalgia--A fun, non-pretentious reunion for horror's elder statesmen... Ooh what strange things happen in the night!!
June 27, 2014
With unique and historically important casting, "House of the Long Shadows" wasn't a film trying to be hip and failing dismally, it was a film knowingly 'out of time' and thus became an exception to the common rule of 80's Horror, and should be viewed as such.
½ May 27, 2014
The most poorly lit movie I have ever seen
January 23, 2013
A wonderful, underrated horror gem that perfectly plays to the strengths of every actor: the hammy, melodramatic Vincent Price; the haunting and sinister Christopher Lee; the subtly spooky John Carradine; and my personal favorite, the creepy, yet sympathetic, Peter Cushing. A perfect last hurrah for these horror legends.
½ September 23, 2012
6 greats but not that great. "piano wire, he must have heard her singing." the vitriol is a nice touch
July 10, 2012
One of the best classic horror films of all time. With all the great horror actors in this superb eerie movie..
½ June 2, 2012
Vincent Price was one of the only reason why I enjoyed this film. I don't think it was a horrible movie, it had some good parts.

Desi Arnaz Jr. (The son of the late Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.) is in this film. Peter Cushing also stars in this film. Many people will remember him as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)
May 29, 2012
While not the unsung classic you might expect with this cast: Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Richard Todd and John is modestly enjoyable on its own terms. Desi Arnaz, once voted the Most Promising Newcomer - Male at the 1972 Golden Globe Awards, is not a great actor. However, he is likable as a writer attempting to bang out a great novel on his type-writer by candlelight in the old Baldpate Manor. He keeps getting interrupted by the eerie appearances of the former owners who gradually reveal the horrible past of events that occurred long ago there. Hard to find, and apparently not widely available on DVD, but worth checking out if you get the chance.
April 30, 2012
In 1983 four of the aging icons of horror films appeared in a horror-comedy film that had absolutely nothing to do with a guy wearing a goalie's mask killing horny teenagers. John Carradine's roots in the genre went back to the 1940s and Universal's House of Frankenstein. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were both huge stars in the genre thanks to their work at England's Hammer studios on films like The Curse Of Frankenstein and The Horror Of Dracula starting in the late 1950s, and Vincent Price had been AIP's answer to Cushing and Lee in The Fall Of The House Of Usher and other gothic horrors. The careers of all these men had declined in the post-Night Of The Living Dead horror cinema but director Pete Walker decided to bring them all together in this rather old-fashioned "old dark house" horror film. Long unavailable on VHS, the film was released as part of MGM's "Special Limited Edition" DVD series. You ordered the copy from Amazon.Com and MGM printed up one for you. Now the film is very predictable, variations of this movie's plot have shown up in countless movies and TV shows and sometimes I half expected Scooby, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang to show up in the Mystery Machine. Though Carradine, Cushing, Lee, Price and veteran character actress Sheila Keith do a stand-up job (granted, Price was playing himself but no one else could do that as well as he could) the younger members of the cast are less convincing. Its not surprising that Desi Arnaz Jr.'s acting career was short-lived. Still, it was a fun movie if you are a genre fan.
March 20, 2012
Well it was not all that good but I do like the older movie mystery movies with twists but this was not like those it was close but it was very predictable but what can you do and to see 3 of the leading horror actors together you just have to watch it
February 8, 2011
So tedious... I cant believe with this amazing cast the movie still bored me silly. Ok, DArnazJr is the writer & VPrice's brother is the lunatic who has been locked up in the house for 40 years, now you guess the plot...
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January 31, 2011
This could have been a good movie if it weren't so predictable. First of all, Price, Lee, and Cushing are the only actors who get any interesting lines throughout the whole movie. The rest of the cast can hardly act, and their lame dialogue isn't helping any. You may think today that the plot is old, but even in 1984 it was an overly used plot. The only thing that this film had going for it when it came out was its cast of famous horror film actors, which is the reason I wanted to see the movie too. In fact, this movie wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't have a predictable twist at the end.
½ November 30, 2009
an amazing book,an amazing cast,and.. amazingly boring.
it has its up moments,but they are far inbetween and few. i still cant believe that even with Vincent Price,Peter Cushing,Christopher Lee,and Thee John Carradine,all under one roof,this film still manages to fail..dont get me wrong,they did superb performances,its just that the screenplay is lacking..
i think. i dont know,dont listen to still should be required viewing for all horror enthusiasts...but be forewarned,be fall asleep!
November 27, 2009
This may not be the best film ever but this doesn't matter and the reason for that is because it has the master of horror in it all together

- Vincent Price
- Sir Christopher Lee
- John Carradine
- Peter Cushing

Who could ask for more- its a good strong funny film and well worth a watch even just to see the masters
August 15, 2009
House of the Long Shadows. A movie that has it's strengths and it's weaknesses. Strength: The Cast. The "Masters of Horror" Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and John Carradine. Vincent Price gives it his dramtic best as usual. Christopher lee is great as the unasuming bad guy. Peter Cushing has a rememberal proformance as sympithetic character with a lisp. Weakness: We don't see enough of Carradine. He may have been old, but this is the kind of movie where I thought he would shine. Stength: The polt twists keep coming. Some may be easy to tell, but some, especially the last are amazing. Stength: The blend of diffrent genres. Especially the unexpected slasher genre incorperating itself in the story was good. Weakness: Desi Arnaz Jr. In my opinion, the makers of the film were trying to promote him as some big star, big mistake. Acting may have worked for his parents, but not for him. Maybe because he was pitted against some of the screens most legendary actors. But if I was envolved in this movie, I would have noticed that in the very beginning, and gotten someone who could hold their own and stand out. Not just a name. Strength; The filming of shadows. The films name being House of the Long Shadows, they would of course have to feature shots of shadows. These particular shots are very eiree and atmospherical, and add to the feeling of the movie overall. Weakness: The Ending. I should say the ending after the final twist. It is very confusing, and really doesnt make a whole lot of sense (the girl is what I am referring to; dont won't to give anything away.) Weakness: The Score. In my opinion, the score could have been a little more dramatic, or pay homage to the scores of old horror movies. That would have added a lot to the film, a prehaps made it a little more memorable. It mor or less sounds like they were trying to give the score an old horror movie treatment, but give it an Eighties spin. All in all, I would definatley recomend it any horror movie fan (especially on a rainy night. Watching it during the day, it is hard to see due to the darkness of the movie). But for someone who could care less who Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, or John Carradine are, then they should pass. A little trivia: Elsa Lanchester was supposed to play Victoria Grisbane, but ws to ill to make the film. I wonder if she had been cast, would they have called her a master of horror (being the bride of Frankenstein and all).
April 16, 2009
not often seen on tv this is a spooky who dunnit in a big scary house
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March 17, 2009
Out of fucking print for ages. Does anyone really think a film starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, John Carradine and Vincent Price wouldn't be a minor sales hit in the cult circuit?
December 31, 2008
the last hurrah of my heroes...a sad movie, for me. Weird murders in a Old dark house: i cried...
December 7, 2008
no thanks not my kinda thing
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