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½ December 29, 2010
Infuriating movie full of clichés and stupid characters who are there only to be slaughtered in juicy, gruesome deaths - the only effective thing in this idiotic mess, I must add. But we have to go through a lot of nothing to get to the good part.
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½ February 18, 2011
I was kind of looking forward to this remake. Obviously the main reason was because Paris Hilton was going to get killed on screen. Everyone was talking about it; unfortunately this remake of the Vincent Price classic is a terrible film. The film is plagued by a terrible cast; I mean they got Paris Hilton in the film. Right off the bat, it should give you a hint that this film wouldn't be great, right? Her other cast mates are very bad as well, Elisha Cuthburt though very attractive, can't act. Brian Van Holt here as the villain is fairly good, but unfortunately, his acting doesn't redeem this piece of garbage. House of Wax suffers from the usual remake formula, a star studded teen cast, that teenagers can relate to with cheap scares and gore. Don't get me wrong, I love gore and cheap scares. But when there well done, not when they're done in a way that demands it, like if it's the only trick the filmmaker can generate out of his film, then it doesn't work. House of Wax lacks anything that can make a good horror film appealing to its audience, and when it's finally over, you're left irritated by how stupid this film truly was. A very disappointing film and one that could have been good. Instead, House of Wax is nearly 2 hours of wasted potential on screen, something that could have been great, but is ultimately sunk by its terrible cast. Luckily Director Jaume Collet-Serra made a much better film in Orphan, which incorporated old school horror elements with thrills. However he clearly missed the mark with this film. Not even Paris' on screen death makes up for the film.
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½ October 2, 2011
The best part of this film was probably Paris Hilton, and that's not even saying alot.
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June 23, 2011
Really great horror film. Chad Michael Murray was amazing. Scared me quite a lot - extremely spooky!
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½ September 24, 2006
A remake of the classic Vincent Price B-movie is really frightened, creepy, gore and very waxy. The murders were genuine and realistic looking while the cinematography was great!
Elisha Cuthbert delivers a raw and emotional performance that put the viewer right there with her. Chad Michael Murray exudes charisma and a hard edge, as well as some impressive athleticism on top of it. Murray and Cuthbert gel perfectly, and have tangible, familial chemistry. And Paris Hilton is fine in her debut acting role but she is far from the focal point.
Horror remake of 1953's House of Wax.
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April 29, 2009
Why oh why does anyone in their right mind put Paris Hilton in their movie.. Ugh is what I thought when I heard she was going to be in this film.. This chick can not act.. The best part was when she was killed off.. Cause then it started actually feeling like a scary film and not a waste of my time..
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½ November 23, 2009
Definitely a bad movie, but it's still enjoyable. It is nothing but up and coming WB stars and Elisha Cuthbert, but it's surprisingly not the acting that is the stinker of the movie (BTW, Huge Chad Michael Murray & Jared Padalecki fan). The story is just such a knock off idea and nowhere close to being a remake.
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October 16, 2009
The movie wasn't boring. The story was good. The ending was mysterious.
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½ August 15, 2009
Wow, loved this movie! I'd love to see the original now, and will definitely own this one day!
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½ June 9, 2006
Most everything about this movie is very run of the mill and doesn't break any new ground...with a few exceptions: Paris Hilton not showing much skin = surprising and uncommon for a film like this, the violence and gore are quite decent and inventive, and, the best part of this movie: the production values/design, visual effects, and art direction. The finale is amazing. They did an excellent job pulling it off, getting a maximum effect out of it all. Overall, this is just an alright movie-good to watch while eating some popcorn on a night when nothing else is going on.
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May 6, 2007
Gotta say, I kinda liked it. I mean, yes I hated most everyone on the cast, but the wax house was really neat. Maybe it's because I played with melting candles so much as a kid, but watching the house melt at the end made me giggle with glee.
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June 13, 2006
The usual "teenagers end up in backwater town" beginning with the regular flat characters is not as bothersome as it just sounded but not very original either, but then again when has it ever been in horror flicks?
Soon after the horror strikes with a few worryingly sadistic mutilation and death scenes. That's not entirely new either but rather well filmed and entertaining, sometimes even exciting. Elisha Cuthbert as one of the leaders of the new wave of scream queens is convincing enough and even Paris Hilton isn't any worse than most other actresses in roles like hers. At least the showdown in the burning, melting house of wax is pretty damn original and something you've never seen like that before. Not bad.
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April 24, 2007
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February 2, 2008
a good example to cite if you were trying to ban remakes
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½ August 26, 2007
3 things - Elisha Cuthbert is hot, Paris Hilton is dumb, and this movie is lame.
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June 23, 2007
Nothing like the classic Vincent Price 1950 version, which is a good thing actually. It's cool how they made an entirely new story with the "House of Wax" name. I was surprised when I saw the House for the first time. It's a Texas-Chainsaw Massacre style movie, with a wax museum theme and a hot young star cast. I like the innovative setting, the demented killer and interesting death scenes. It was great to see Paris Hilton getting hole-punched. Neat finale which leaves the door open for a sequel.
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½ June 5, 2007
First off Paris Hilton isn't that bad in this, mainly because the script doens't ask much from her or any of the cast for that matter. The wax visuals are brilliant, and there are some nice set pieces presented through this film. Although obviously not brilliant, it's enjoyable and gives you what you're after.
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March 30, 2007
A top quality horror film, one of the best in recent years.
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March 26, 2007
I like this film, but for all the wrong reasons. It's reasonably engaging as slasher movies go (Paris Hilton dies, of course it'll be enjoyable) - but don't confuse this with the earlier version. Aside from the wax museum aspect (and the killer's related M.O) the two have very little in common.
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February 19, 2007
I didn't think this would be any good, but it was. Even if you hated every other part of the film, the Paris Hilton death scene just brings a smile to your face. She gets a pole through the head, just like in real life! Seriously though, it was really rather impressive. Movies with disappointing climaxes run rampant these days, but this cannot be counted among their number. This one is a gem.
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